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  1. Nine killed in Baghdad suicide bomb
  2. Iranians harassed U.S. ships, Navy confirms
  3. Universal flu jab works in people
  4. Miami Police Detective Found Shot In Car
  5. TV star attempts suicide after sacking
  6. Dad Threw 4 kids off Bridge--This is so sad
  7. Fed Chief Signals Further Rate Cut
  8. States Will Get More Time for Secure ID Plan
  9. Parted-at-birth twins 'married'
  10. Police pelted with bottles at teen party
  11. Plot to kill Queen in Uganda foiled
  12. Suicide attack on luxury hotel kills six
  13. Foot fault sparks bowser blaze
  14. Abbas: Israeli raid 'a massacre'
  15. 2 Police Officers Slain In Georgia
  16. First Irish 3D town
  17. Whalers 'may take captives back to Japan'
  18. Massive winery explosion kills two
  19. Teacher suspended after pupils find raunchy clip
  20. Jet misses London runway, six hurt
  21. Croc therapy could heal Britney: Terri Irwin
  22. Woman kills herself, niece and nephew
  23. Brady Bunch actor Melvin dies aged 84
  24. Chilean man comes to life at own wake
  25. Poker player robbed of winnings on way to McDonalds
  26. Whiteout causes 100-vehicle pile-up near Toronto
  27. Teacher forced girl to have sex: court
  28. Heath Ledger Found Dead
  29. New Bond Film's Name Revealed
  30. Italian priest holds service with corpse on floor
  31. Victoria police face another abuse allegation
  32. Perth killers smile during sentencing
  33. Vegas casino catches fire
  34. Canada puts United States on torture list with Syria & Iran
  35. Phelps to Protest Heath Ledger's Funeral
  36. Cell Porn Scandal Hits Pa. High School
  37. US Economic Stimulus Plan
  38. Canada threatens to pull troops from Afghanistan
  39. Online Group Delcares War On Scientology
  40. Fatal crossing was due for upgrading
  41. State of the Union Address January 28, 2008
  42. Gangs Try To Avenge Kenya Lawmaker Death
  43. Barbaro's ashes to be interred at Churchill Downs
  44. Cop Killed with her own Gun
  45. Large spy satellite could hit North America
  46. HIV sex worker may have infected 250
  47. Driver drops bid to sue family of boy he killed
  48. Giuliani drops out of GOP race, backs McCain
  49. Vic train service claims new fatality
  50. Huge list of demands made for Aboriginal apology
  51. More black-focused schools?
  52. Separatists gain ground in Quebec, poll shows
  53. Katrina levee lawsuit dismissed
  54. Pirate Bay Operators Arrested, Charged - Site Still Up and Running
  55. Report: Military not ready for WMD strike
  56. Police officer gunned down in Sydney park
  57. Jetstar passengers stranded at airport
  58. U.S. senators raise alarms about Afghanistan; thank Canada for its efforts
  59. 14 Year Old Leeds Teenager Stabbed At School
  60. Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo (Do you think the deal will happen?)
  61. China advises millions to abandon travel plans
  62. Pay-before-you-pump comes into effect at B.C. gas stations
  63. Nun, 79, jailed for abusing boys
  64. Police Probe Man's Bizarre Death
  65. Uganda Child Soldiers
  66. Spice Girls cancel world tour including Australia
  67. Bill would make it illegal to feed the obese
  68. Slapfest hits Melbourne's elite schools
  69. Breakthrough' in writers' strike
  70. Convicted criminals allowed to teach
  71. Albertans likely to get earful on long Conservative tenure
  72. Bush sends Congress $3.1 trillion budget plan
  73. EBay to ban negative seller views
  74. BBC to shut gates on Grange Hill
  75. Romney suspends presidential campaign
  76. Woman saw lover's 'mutilation murder'
  77. Bill Clinton says He's Learned a Lesson
  78. Man lived with corpse for at least eight years
  79. Catholic schools shun Valentine's Day
  80. Anonymous vs. Scientology
  81. A week of really bad news
  82. OPEC could ditch dollars for euros: chief
  83. Students' reading, maths skills 'down'
  84. Bride dies during first dance at wedding
  85. Schoolgirls saved from flash flood
  86. Rudd commits more troops to E Timor
  87. British teens losing grip on reality
  88. U.S. Official, Others, Face Spying Charges
  89. Identities stolen with a click in online trend
  90. Illegal downloaders face UK ban
  91. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says sorry
  92. No sex on Valentine's, Thai police warn teens
  93. Hizbullah commander killed in Damascus
  94. Russian threats toward Ukraine unacceptable: Rice
  95. 14-year-old Boy Killed At School
  96. Gunman kills 5 and then himself at Illinois college
  97. Text scams warning to youngsters
  98. Woman Applying for ID Says She's 120
  99. Violinist: Fall fractures $1M fiddle
  100. Kosovo Declares Its Independence From Serbia
  101. USDA recalls 143 million pounds of frozen beef
  102. Sources: Navy to shoot down failed satellite Thursday
  103. When the Magic Fades
  104. Weather May Delay Shootdown of Satellite
  105. Toronto downtown Blaze
  106. Cardboard Kevin disrupts parliament
  107. An Article about Iraq I found Interesting...
  108. Faulty American Airlines jet lands safely in Miami
  109. A 5 Million Dollar Mistake
  110. Songwriters seek $1.5 billion a year tax on Canadians
  111. Nader Back In The Race
  112. Jets claim A-League championship
  113. Oscars
  114. Sex education lacking in Qld: forum
  115. Teenager admits fiery attack on boy
  116. Plane diverted after co-pilot dies
  117. Gay
  118. Boy claims Orkopoulos targeted him
  119. Hammond struggles to park after crash
  120. Storm sweeps hail, flooding across Sydney
  121. Passengers hurt as trams collide on St Kilda Rd
  122. Father stabs daughter, kills baby
  123. Heathrow protesters
  124. Ford Is Pushing Buyouts to Workers
  125. Schoolgirl attacked on CBD tram
  126. Termite hunters find 200-year-old mummy
  127. Earthquake felt across much of UK
  128. Fed Chief Signals He’s Open to More Rate Cuts
  129. German Court Opposes Spyware Use
  130. Jail for pushing woman onto train track
  131. Illegal tollgates hit Chinese motorists: report
  132. Jail looms for jealous internet lover
  133. Yarra Trams denies Number 6 screaming run
  134. Teacher Caught Verbally Abusing Kids
  135. Exchange Student Starved While in Egypt
  136. Aussie mag leaks Harry's secret Afghan mission
  137. Man who cut penis jailed for murder
  138. Newborn slips through train toilet
  139. Security and the Falling Dollar
  140. Extinction Trade
  141. Boy wants to return to school as a girl
  142. Were student crucifixes gang-related? 'Gang-related behavior' or religious symbolism?
  143. Voter turnout in Alberta reaches ‘abysmal' low
  144. Green light for TTC's 11,000 cameras
  145. Jeff Healey dies at age 41
  146. Tram driver praised after boy trapped
  147. Man charged over grooming teen for sex
  148. Star Swayze diagnosed with cancer
  149. Nobel laureate estimates wars' cost at more than $3 trillion
  150. 'Merchant of Death' Captured
  151. Hostages describe their ordeal
  152. Near collision at Hamburg Airport in 200km/h winds
  153. Another Terrorist Attack ----At a Yeshivah*
  154. Wheelie bin killer women sentenced to life
  155. At Charter School, Higher Teacher Pay
  156. NDP to try to topple government over climate change policies
  157. New York City gets bomb
  158. Rare White Killer Whale Spotted in Alaskan Waters From NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
  159. Bush vetoes waterboarding ban
  160. Obama wins Wyoming leaving Clinton in the Dust
  161. Garrett rules out plastic bag tax
  162. Memphis shooter released from prison and charged with fatally shooting his brother
  163. Senate Committee Seeks Audit of Iraq Oil Money
  164. Soccer brawl in Colombia leaves 78 injured, 18 with stab wounds
  165. Meds lurk in drinking water
  166. Father hopes crash driver will be freed
  167. Vatican Increases Number Of Mortal Sins
  168. Si se Puerto Rico
  169. Canada says 275,000 seals can be killed this year
  170. Cemetery offers carbon neutral funerals
  171. World's fattest man misses out on date
  172. Adelaide swelters through record heat
  173. New York Govenor...Gone Bad!!
  174. Boeing to challenge Air Force decision on tanker contract
  175. Chicago links school cameras to 911 center
  176. 1 in 4 Teen Girls Has At Least One STD
  177. Madonna joins rock's Hall of Fame
  178. Conn. Student Suspended for Buying Candy
  179. Sexy e-mail revealed
  180. Man arrested over Heathrow alert
  181. Bebo as Rescue Plan for AIM
  182. Gay Iranian Is Denied Asylum in Netherlands
  183. Sally Kern Has a Gay Son?
  184. People are confused why Easter is coming two weeks early
  185. Spam 'King' Facing up to 26 years in Jail
  186. Bus rolled 150m, just missing trains
  187. Airbus A380 makes UK debut
  188. Kentucky is UNDERWATER!!!
  189. Actess Halle Barry names newborn daughter
  190. Petrol price hikes justified: ACCC
  191. 'Bullet' found in hot cross bun
  192. 11-year-old marries 10-year-old cousin
  193. Turn off lights, benefit the Earth
  194. Quebec boy dies after being buried in snow
  195. Pearson disputes unflattering report
  196. Clinton lies about Bosnia landing
  197. Teen guilty in schoolgirl stabbing case
  198. Dead schoolgirl 'refused to eat because of dentists'
  199. Woman 'too drunk' to fend off footballer
  200. Docking Tails Make A Dog Mean