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  1. Cop Sorry They Shot Wrong Unarmed Man
  2. Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany
  3. FL Night Club Shooting: 2 confirmed dead 15+ injured
  4. Priest killed in Church attack in France
  5. At least 19 killed in Sagamihara, Japan, from stabbing attack
  6. Good Mews Thead
  7. Another cringey Trump moment!
  8. Emirates 777 crash lands in Dubai
  9. I am honestly devastated over this
  10. BLM Annouces Official Demands
  11. Two female cops attacked with a machete by man yelling ‘allahu akbar’ in Charleroi
  12. Syrian Rebels Break the Seige of Aleppo
  13. Referendum in Thailand! Win for Military!
  14. Unconfirmed reports of a terror attack in Belgrade
  15. Canadiens Can Now Grow Their Own Medical Marijuana
  16. Milwaukee riots
  17. Human sacrifice ritual staged at the CERN particle physics laboratory
  18. Another police story
  19. Itally earthquake
  20. Police Force Muslim Woman To Strip At Beach
  21. Authorities Threaten To Sue Over Burkini Pics
  22. Obama Proposes Immigration for Entrepreneurs
  23. Creepy Clowns try to lure kids into woods
  24. Anti-gay Pastor Charged With Child Molesting
  25. Brazilian President Impeached!
  26. Charlie Hebdo Italy earthquake cartoon sparks anger
  27. Tupac Shakur Assassinated 20 Years Ago Today
  28. North Korea Nuclear Weapons test
  29. Photo of overdosed parents with child illuminates drug problem in U.S.
  30. U.S. Household Income Grew 5.2 Percent in 2015, Breaking Pattern of Stagnation
  31. Unrest in Jammu and Kashmir
  32. Arnold Palmer, the Magnetic Face of Golf in the ’60s, Dies at 87
  33. SA storms: Entire state of South Australia loses power
  34. Hilary Clinton's Transcripts Leaked
  35. Trump the next Bill Cosby?
  36. Massive Telecommunications Merger
  37. Dreamworld emergency: Police confirm four dead in Gold Coast theme park accident
  38. Trump on ISIS and Assad
  39. Wildlife Declining Massively As a Whole
  40. UK government must consult parliament before commencing Brexit process
  41. Aussie's urged to plan exit strategy from US
  42. Immigration Debate Changing
  43. Elections: Trump beating Hillary
  44. Republican Candidate Donald Trump - Winner of the 2016 US Presidential Race
  45. Trump U Case: What Happens Now?
  46. Magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes New Zealand
  47. Trump University Case Settle For 25 million
  48. Syria Update: ~1 Million People Under Seige
  49. Fidel Castro dead at 90, Cuban state TV announces
  50. François Fillon to be right-wing candidate in crucial French Presidential election
  51. President-Elect Trump Phone Call With Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen.
  52. Thousands Pay Tribute at Pearl Harbor, 75 Years After Attack
  53. New Footage From Cologne Sex Attacks Shows Overwhelmed Police Force
  54. Congressional Briefing On Alleged Russian Election 'Hacking' Canceled
  55. Illegal Immigrant Marries For Citizenship, Murders New Wife With Help Of His 'Real'
  56. Laos-China Railway Construction to Begin
  57. Assange On Alleged Russian 'Hacking': "Our Source Is Not The Russian Government"
  58. Two-Thirds Of Registered Voters Do Not Want President Obama To Pardon Hillary Clinton
  59. 12-year Old Muslim Boy Tried To Detonate Bomb At German Christmas Market
  60. Obama Family Travel, Vacations, Cross $85 Million Mark
  61. 10 Separate Cyberattacks Perpetrated In Georgia Traced Back To DHS, Says Georgia SoS
  62. FBI New York Field Office Told To Continue Clinton Foundation Probe
  63. Bulgarian Migrant Brutally Kicks German Woman Down Stairs In Berlin Subway
  64. Muslim Teen Makes Up Story About Anti-Muslim Harrassment On NYC Subway, Charged
  65. LA County Considers $1 Million in Taxpayer Funds To Help Illegals Fight Deportation
  66. US Sends 1,600 Tanks To The Netherlands As NATO's Presence In Europe Hits Record High
  67. Berlin's New Secretary of State Says 'Sharia Law Is Compatible German Society'
  68. Egyptian Archaeologists Discover A 7,000-Year-Old Lost City Along The Nile
  69. Daughter Of EU Official ‘Raped And Murdered By Afghan Asylum Seeker’ In Freiburg
  70. US Treasure Hunter Kept In Jail Until He Tells Police Where He Hid 3 Tons Of Gold
  71. Fed Raises Interest Rates For The Second Time In A Decade
  72. Big Storm Hits California, Chopper Saves Homeless And Dogs
  73. Some ~1500 Migrants Riot In Bulgaria's Largest Refugee Center
  74. Migrant Mob Savagely Beats Two Landscapers At St Kilda Life Saving Club, Melbourne
  75. Indian Tycoon Builds 90 Homes For Homeless To Celebrate Daughter’s Wedding
  76. Polish Prime Minister Evacuated During ‘Coup’ Crisis
  77. Migrants Linked To 69,000 Would-Be Or Actual Crimes In Germany In Q1 of 2016
  78. Russian Ambassador To Turkey Shot In Assassination Attempt
  79. Truck runs into Christmas market in Berlin
  80. Donald Trump Surpassed 270 Votes In The Electoral College, Formally Wins Presidency
  81. Zurich Police Search For Gunman After Shooting At Mosque; At Least 3 Injured
  82. Head Of Russian Foreign Ministry Department Found Murdered By Gunshot
  83. Teenager Walks Free After Assaulting Vulnerable Teammate with Coat Hanger
  84. Om Telolet Om
  85. Harvard: 95% Of All New Jobs Created During Obama Reign Were Part-Time, Or Contract
  86. Man Has Convinced 200 Racists To Abandon The KKK By Making Friends With Them
  87. Rural British Primary School Denied Top Ofsted Grade Because It Lacks 'Diversity'
  88. Man Accused Of Desecrating Church In Name Of Trump Was Part Of Congregation
  89. Melbourne terrorist plot: Seven held over alleged 'explosive' Christmas Day attack pl
  90. Opinion-NC No Longer Classified as Democracy
  91. Man Parading An ISIS Flag Films Himself 'Walking Straight Across The German Border'
  92. Climate Change Expert Sentenced To 32 Months For Fraud, Says Lying Was A 'Rush'
  93. French Banks Refuse Loan To Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen
  94. Fake News Story Almost Starts Nuclear War
  95. Renewable Energy Is Now Cheaper Than Fossil Fuel
  96. Beloved Actor and Advocate Carrie Fisher Dies at 60 of Heart Attack
  97. Bigger Problem Than ISIS: Mosul Dam
  98. Jordan sentences 5 ISIS members to death
  99. Creator of the iconic Red Solo Cup dies at 84
  100. Hollywood Sign is Vandalized to say "Hollyweed"
  101. China Issues Full Ivory Ban
  102. GOP votes to gut Office of Congressional Ethics
  103. Trade War and Globalization
  104. Chelsea Manning 35 Year Sentence Commuted By Pres. Obama
  105. Three dead in Melbourne carnage
  106. Defiant Voices Flood U.S. Cities as Women Rally for Rights (Gallery included)
  107. The exciting adventures of the inauguration cake
  108. Alternative Facts
  109. Trump's Global Gag Rule
  110. 6 dead in terrorist attack at Quebec City Mosque
  111. In search of the truth?
  112. Tornado
  113. Ireland votes to stop investing public money in fossil fuels
  114. Melbourne plane crash: Timeline of Victoria's 'worst civil aviation accident in 30 ye
  115. Indians Shot in Kansas
  116. Fox News defending CNN?
  117. China's Top Diplomat to Visit USA
  118. Pope Said Better Be Atheist Than Hypocritical Catholic
  119. SpaceX To Fly 2 People To Orbit The Moon by Next Year
  120. Texas lawmakers illegally drew three voting districts on racial lines, court rules
  121. GOP Health Care - Huge Tax Cut For Rich, 24 Million Uninsured
  122. The BMW Tupac was murdered in is selling for $1.5 million
  123. 'Transwoman' wins Female International Weightlifting Competition
  124. London terror attack
  125. Cyclone Debbie: Thousands flee as winds intensify on Queensland approach
  126. Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal in Canada by July 2018
  127. Senate Republicans Threaten "Nuclear Option"
  128. Terror act in St. Petersburg subway
  129. Massive protests in Serbia regarding the presidential elections
  130. WW1 Centennial for USA
  131. U.S Launches Missiles Into Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack
  132. Trump makes it legal to kill hibernating bears in Alaska
  133. Liberals Table Bills To Legalize Marijuana
  134. Heavy Rain and Floods Warning In Eastern Canada
  135. Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and Audioslave Frontman, Dies at 52
  136. Sydney girl lured to US for sex home again
  137. Explosion Inside Manchester Arena 19 Dead 50 Injured
  138. "Hand over £1bn more, EU chiefs tell Britain"
  139. 'Van hits pedestrians' on London Bridge in 'major incident'
  140. isis are loosing.
  141. Comey
  142. Armed suspect robs convenience store, gets shot by every customer inside
  143. Antifa Protestor attacks Police Horse during protest
  144. Fire in London apartment building
  145. Vehicle Hits Pedestrians in London
  146. Supreme Court win for Free Speech!
  147. Officers Shoot Pregnant Woman Dead After Police Say She Brandished a Knife
  148. Death of American student that was accused of espionage
  149. Yanez found "not guilty" after being charged with manslaughter
  150. Children Smartphone Ban?
  151. HBO's John Oliver Being Sued by Coal Company
  152. CNN threatens to reveal private citizen’s identity over Trump meme gif
  153. Antifa Blocks Gay Muslims from Participating in Pride Parade
  154. Russia and US Reach Deal On Syria Cease-Fire
  155. Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica
  156. Calif. Democrat Launches Longshot Bid to Impeach Trump
  157. The feel good news story of the year
  158. Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington found dead, cause to be suicide
  159. Elon Musk's Plan To Convert Entire US To Solar Power
  160. Poland Shakes Up Judiciary
  161. Trump to reinstate US military ban on transgender people
  162. Couple More Climate Change News.
  163. SC Racist Crime Spree
  164. Hamburg Stabbing - Possible Muslim Terrorism
  165. Trump to Approve Russian Sanctions
  166. Pentagon Wastes Millions On Afghan Army
  167. Texas teen faces 10 years in jail after lying about being raped
  168. President to Reform Immigration
  169. BC Wildfires
  170. The Stars become the first Texas team to oppose bathroom bill
  171. It's getting so bad even Greenland is on fire now
  172. Chaos in Charlottesville, VA
  173. American tourist gives Nazi salute in Germany, is beaten up
  174. North Korea backs down on Guam Missile Threat
  175. Woman Forced to Pay 8.4 Million Dollars to Soldier She Accused of Rape
  176. Democrats in Congress to explore creating an expert panel on Trump’s mental health
  177. July 2017 Ties July and August 2017 as Hottest Month On Record
  178. Van Crashes Into Crowd in Barcelona
  179. Louisville Black Lives Matter leader delivers 10 requests for white people
  180. India’s ‘guru of bling’ is convicted of raping two followers, causing deadly riots
  181. ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Shiite Mosque in Afghanistan
  182. Trump gives permission to law enforcement for racial-descrimination
  183. Trump's response to Harvey praised by presidential historian
  184. Heavy rain destroys hundreds of houses in Niger
  185. Suicide bomber kills two police officers in Algeria
  186. Charlie Hebdo Hurricane Harvey Cartoon
  187. Trump Name a Climate Change Denier Asshole to Run NASA
  188. Trump to end DACA with 6-month delay, faces massive backlash
  189. Hawaii Considering Becoming First US State to End Poverty
  190. Norway Expect 100% of New Cars Will be Electric by 2025
  191. Mexico hit by 'strongest earthquake in a century' at magnitude 8.2
  192. Trudeau's Precious Pipelines Not Doing Well
  193. Sen. Ted Cruz likes porn video on Twitter
  194. White House Wants ESPN Host Fired For Saying the Truth
  195. ICE obtains guest-lists from Motel 6's
  196. Terror attack on London tube hospitalises 29
  197. Racists are Attacking Superman Now
  198. 'Mad Pooper' Terrorizes Colorado Town
  199. 134 Dead Following Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake In Mexico
  200. San Francisco and Oakland Suing Major Oil Companies Over Climate Change