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  1. New Contract Increases the Chance of Exporting Gas to Europe from Iran
  2. Lafayette Louisiana Theater Shooting
  3. Scientists discover 113-million-year-old snake fossil with four legs
  4. CMP Releases Fourth Planned Parenthood Video
  5. Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Making Show For Amazon
  6. Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Stabbing Victim Dies
  7. Terrorists 'chanting for Jihad' shot dead by Chinese police.
  8. Croatia MPs vote to quit Slovenia border row arbitration
  9. Fourteen Dead As Storm Hits China
  10. Serbia pounds Croatia to win world water polo championship
  11. Policemen injure black teenager shooting at them during Ferguson protests
  12. EPA: how do I clean spill?! hurr
  13. -migrant crisis EU_1
  14. Life After Presidency
  15. Laibach to play as first foreign band in North Korea
  16. Iran looks for peace with rivals
  17. Current Korean Border Hostilities Round Up
  18. Russia helps Serbia with EU-bound migrants influx
  19. Man Given Eight-Inch Bionic Penis After Losing Use Of Genitals In An Accident
  20. Lebanon on the Brink of Collapse
  21. Serbian police to ban planned anti-migrant rallies
  22. Egypt Plans Elections
  23. Girlfriend Convinces Boyfriend to Commit Suicide [TRIGGER WARNING]
  24. Slovenia Hosts Tourism Summit of Central, Eastern Europe, China
  25. Migrant crisis EU_2
  26. Any Anonymous here?
  27. Two Children Paralyzed In First European Outbreak Of Polio For Five Years
  28. Defiant Kentucky Clerk Jailed for Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
  29. Hungary passes new laws to stem inflow of migrants
  30. The recall referendum in Venezuela: A crushing blow to the counterrevolution
  31. New neighbor for Stonehenge
  32. Russian Man Will Become Subject Of First Human Head Transplant Ever Performed
  33. Bike hurtles down dam in death-defying stunt
  34. Muslim man petitions for a ban of Oktoberfest
  35. Tiny Slovenia Prepares for an Influx of Refugees
  36. Hungary, Slovenia start to allow some migrants to pass through from Croatia
  37. Migrants trapped at Croatia-Slovenia border
  38. Outrage after Saudi Arabia 'chosen to head key UN human rights panel'
  39. Moderate Muslim vilified by leftist groups
  40. Croatia bans Serbian citizens from entering its territory after Belgrade blocked Croa
  41. There Were More Selfie-Related Fatalities Than Shark Attack Deaths This Year
  42. Total Lunar Eclipse: 28/9/2015
  43. A Free Catalonia?
  44. Border Arbitration to Continue
  45. 13 Killed in Oregon college mass shooting
  46. NSW Police headquarters gunman identified as Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad
  47. Hawthorn Hawks claim 2015 AFL premiership against West Coast Eagles
  48. Serbia spoil Albania's big night
  49. EU to Help Slovenia with Second Rail Project, Commissioner Says
  50. Ankara Explosions Leave More Than 80 Dead
  51. Russian Jet Shot Down By Turkey according to unconfirmed reports.
  52. Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast
  53. American Dad allows his Son to be Disney Princess Elsa for Halloween
  54. Refugee crisis: Slovenia calls in army to help patrol borders
  55. Sweden sword attack: Two killed by masked attacker
  56. Russian Airline Crash In Egypt
  57. No expense spared: Slovenia builds temporary railway, lays on extra trains to get mig
  58. Serbian church leader threatens 'force' if Kosovo joins UN agency
  59. Keystone XL Pipeline - Canada to USA
  60. So did you hear about this?
  61. Sexting Scandal story (Mods; this appropriate for multiple threads to discuss?)
  62. Jake Bailey's Speech
  63. Rouhani says U.S.-Iran ties could be restored but U.S. must apologise
  64. Austria to build border fence to manage migrant flow
  65. Paris attacks: Shootings kill 18, hostage-taking at Bataclan arts centre
  66. Multiple state governors on Monday opposed the relocation of Syrian refugees...(US)
  67. China declares war on ISIS for executing a Chinese citizen
  68. Slovenia to call in army reservists to help control migrant flow
  69. Turkey shoots down Russian military jet !
  70. Gang of teens broke a dog's neck after drugging him and burning
  71. Another shooting tragedy
  72. Bud Weisser Arrested for Trespassing at Budweiser
  73. Jail for Gollum?
  74. Are These Your Jumbo Jets? Airport Advertises to Find Owner
  75. Bribing a police officer by singing to them...?
  76. Homeless Man Arrested for Living Underground
  77. Slovenians reject same-sex marriages in a referendum
  78. Slovenia rejects same-sex marriage by large margin in referendum
  79. Family 'Humiliated' After US Holiday Ban
  80. Black Lives Matter protest snarls Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and Mall of America
  81. Off-duty cop shoots, kills gunman in Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC
  82. UK Floods
  83. Concussion
  84. IS group leaders linked to Paris attacks reportedly killed
  85. Erdogan going after rivals
  86. Smoking on the Rise
  87. Mein Kampf ist frei!
  88. Park Occupied by Militiamen
  89. Migrants arrive in Slovenia despite snow and cold conditions
  90. Slovenia to celebrate 25 years of statehood in 2016
  91. Slovenian ski jumper Peter Prevc wins 4 Hills Tour
  92. Man shot dead after running to a police station shouting "Allahu akbar!"
  93. Serbia PM to Attend Disputed Bosnian Serb Celebration
  94. German police report describes ‘chaotic and shameful’ night of attacks on women
  95. Arms Race to Start Between Croatia and Serbia?
  96. Pro and anti Brexit camps step up efforts to woo business
  97. David Bowie has passed away
  98. Swedish police accused of sex crimes 'cover up'
  99. Russia Preps to Arm Serbia
  100. Steven Seagal is now a Serbian citizen
  101. Spirit of Tasmania breaks moorings as dust cloud and damaging winds lash Melbourne
  102. Secretary of State announces he is gay
  103. 10 U.S. sailors detained by Iran freed
  104. Refugee Program announced
  105. Serbia-Russia Helicopter Deal Divides Experts
  106. Taharrush now spreads to Europe !
  107. More Serbs Back Alliance With Russia as Support for EU Entry Falters Read more: http
  108. Out of NATO? Thousands call for membership referendum in Montenegro, opposition says
  109. Slovenia's biggest supermarket chain takes Israeli products off shelves
  110. Scientists: Good evidence for 9th planet in solar system
  111. Nokia may have just leaked its new smartphone
  112. REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants.......
  113. Calais: migrants and anarchist protesters storm British ferry
  114. American woman brutally raped and murdered
  115. Hungary, Slovenia urge fencing off of Greece to keep migrants out
  116. EU referendum: UK renegotiations 'not top of EU agenda'
  117. 3rd wawe feminism strikes new countries!
  118. Peter Prevc and Slovenia dominate in Japan
  119. Five dead in 50 car pile-up
  120. Pres. Candidate Bernie Sanders Questions Rival Hillary Clinton's electability
  121. Scientists get 'gene editing' go-ahead
  122. Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Republican Vote
  123. Slovenia might legakize marijuana (10g/person)
  124. [Irish] Election to take place on 26 February
  125. U.N. panel: WikiLeaks' Assange 'arbitrarily detained'
  126. Hoping for a Batch of Baby ‘Dragons’
  127. National news use outdated map
  128. Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning
  129. People are going crazy after the win
  130. Serbia ‘not cooperating’ in arrests: UN war crimes tribunal
  131. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Deadlocked in Nevada Poll
  132. BREAKING: Antonin Scalia Found Dead
  133. Pope meets Russian Orthodox head after 962 years
  134. US-Cuba flights to resume after more than 50 years
  135. So Viral it made the news!
  136. The FCC Fights for a Free Market
  137. Cape Breton If Trump Wins
  138. 4 year old sentenced to life imprisonment
  139. Mass Anti-NATO Protest Held in Serbia
  140. Trump takes SC, Hillary takes Nevada, Jeb drops out
  141. In other news: Turkey is in Trouble
  142. Charging for water - Ireland Fights Back
  143. Obama's Nomination for SCOTUS
  144. 10th Republican Debate
  145. Leonardo DiCaprio Wins His First Oscar for 'The Revenant'
  146. World's most powerful passports revealed
  147. Florida passes bill revamping its death penalty.
  148. Israeli Man Pulls Knife Out Of His Own Stab Wound, Kills Assailant
  149. The Constitution Has Had 11,000 Proposed Ammendments
  150. Progressive Rock Legend Emerson Dies
  151. Judge allowing some 17 year olds to participate in primary
  152. Israeli Breaks Record for Oldest Man in World
  153. President Putin Ordered Partial Pullout of Troops From Syria.
  154. Right wing Parties Gaining in DE
  155. Anti-terrorist raid in Brussels: 4 officers wounded, 2 terrorist dead
  156. Happy St Patricks Day!
  157. Vasco de Gama Shipwreck Discovered
  158. BREAKING: 11 dead and several injured in Brussels airport 'bomb' horror
  159. Serbia marks anniversary of start of NATO bombing
  160. Pakistan Bombings in Lahore
  161. Serb nationalist Vojislav Šešelj acquitted of war crimes at The Hague
  162. World Leaders Implicated in Scandal
  163. Supreme Court Rejects Challenge on ‘One Person One Vote’
  164. Norwegian politician felt 'guilt & responsibility' after being raped refugee
  165. New US Currency
  166. Pop Artist Prince Passed Away at 57
  167. Gunman Dead After Injuring 2 Students at High School Prom in Wisconsin
  168. 1/2 a million plan to boycott Target for transgender bathroom policy
  169. Leicester City win Premier League title after Tottenham draw at Chelsea
  170. Transit of Mercury: 09/5/2016
  171. Alberta Canada Wildfires
  172. Collapse of the Rule of Law in Serbia: the "Savamala" Case
  173. When fools get even more foolish
  174. NRA endorses Trump...
  175. Canada's George Bush is Retiring
  176. [UPDATED] Gorilla killed after 4-year-old falls into zoo enclosure
  177. Djokovic beats Andy Murray to win the French Open
  178. French Citizen Arested For Plotting Terrorist Attack
  179. 'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after being shot at Orlando concert
  180. Gunman at Gay Night Club Kills 20 People, Injures 40+ others (Orlando, FL)
  181. Norway pledges to become climate neutral by 2030
  182. The United Kingdom votes via referendum to leave the European Union
  183. Major Chinese Dissident Killed in Car Accident
  184. Hostages Taken in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  185. US Marines denounce 'crazy political correctness' after order to remove the word 'man
  186. Totalitarianism is back?
  187. Snipers shoot people in Dalas...
  188. Blair 'sorry' for Iraq war,but insists he would take the same decision again
  189. Theresa May to become British PM
  190. Serbia recieves to ex-Guantanamo prisoners who will be free in Serbia
  191. Theresa May becomes new British PM, makes Boris Johnson foreign secretary
  192. At least 84 dead after truck rams into crowd in Nice, France
  193. Tennis balls don't hit people, people with tennis balls hit people
  194. Pacific Islands Nations Consider World's First Treaty To Ban Fossil Fuels
  195. Turkish military claims control over country through coup under attempt
  196. 3 Baton Rouge police officers feared dead in shooting
  197. Riding horse to school
  198. Republican 2016 Platform Approved
  199. Huge lost for free speech
  200. Shooting at Munich