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  1. Virgin python gives birth to clone babies
  2. Army Eyes 3-D Printed Food for Soldiers
  3. Conviction thrown out for alleged cop killer
  4. Gay Marriage bans upheld in 4 states
  5. 90-year-old Arrested For Feeding Homeless
  6. Heartbroken mum speaks out after mentally ill daughter takes her own life in prison.
  7. How to handle the homeless masses, a G20 guide.
  8. Two reasons why to fall in love with Microsoft
  9. Bizarre Deformed "Unicorn" Found In Slovenia
  10. Milwaukee police chief goes off on reporters.
  11. A ton of fight: Phillip Hughes was a 'fiercely determined' cricketing prodigy
  12. Man arrested after pointing banana at police
  13. Evangelicals with gay children challenging church
  14. Thai Protesters Are Detained After Using ‘Hunger Games’ Salute
  15. N.Y. cop not indicted in choke hold death
  16. Did you know the festival of light of Lyon ?
  17. BREAKING NEWS: At least 10 hostages taken in Sydney cafe siege
  18. Sydney Terror Siege Continues
  19. 132 children dead and 9 children in school
  20. Two NYPD Officers Killed In Patrol Car Ambush
  21. Qatar Airways Takes Delivery of the First Ever A350 Today, December 22nd
  22. Allahu Akbar attacker shot and killed by French police
  23. Seven girls ‘knocked up’ on school excursion
  24. Black Teen Shot Dead By Police
  25. Vodka prices: Putin calls for cap
  26. US soldier jailed after joining French Foreign Legion
  27. Hundred's turn their backs on de blasio at NYPD officer's funeral
  28. Contact Lost With AirAsia Flight To Singapore
  29. U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan ends combat role; thousands of foreign troops remain
  30. Wreckage from QZ8501 FOUND
  31. Idaho woman accidentally shot and killed by 2-year-old in Wal-Mart
  32. 'Miracle' survivor: Girl walks away from plane crash
  33. Barack Obama To Offer Lethal Aid To The Ukrainian Government
  34. Two More Officers Shot in the Bronx
  35. At least 10 dead in Paris shooting: French media
  36. Sisters: 11 & 15, Killing 16 Year Old Brother
  37. After Charlie Hebdo: Armed man kills two hostages in Paris Jewish shop
  38. Ferguson Prosecutor Accused of Lying in Old Case
  39. Anti-police protester undergoes use of force training
  40. New Russian Driving Laws
  41. Arrested teen helps save cop's life
  42. WWIII? US Intelligence Agencies prepare for it.
  43. Yemen President and PM resign
  44. Parents of uni student who jumped to her death share suicide note one year later
  45. King of Saudi Arabia dies
  46. Chris Kyle's killer set to go on trial
  47. Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age
  48. Pope says it's OK to spank children if you don't demean them
  49. Family Charged In Fake Kidnap To Scare "Too Nice" Child
  50. Gay Marriage in Alabama
  51. Iranians marks 36th anniversary of their revolution
  52. NASA gives us an amazing look at the ‘dark’ side of the moon
  53. City council of Paris votes to sue Fox News
  54. Shooting at Copenhagen blasphemy seminar
  55. Copenhagen Shootings: Police kill gunman
  56. Egyptians Held in Libya Killed
  57. U.S., Turkey soon to sign Syrian opposition train-and-equip deal
  58. Lawmakers in Oklahoma (might) ban AP History
  59. ISIS Parade in Libya
  60. Tropical Cyclone Marcia's growth 'more rapid' than usual
  61. Too late to evacuate as 'harrowing and terrifying' Cyclone Marcia crosses Queensland
  62. Obama Insults Christians
  63. Illinois Governor Seeking To Raid Higher Education Budget
  64. Ukrainian Military Pulling Out of Debaltseve
  65. 'Accessories' To Terrorism: Obama and Hillary OFFICIALLY Charged
  66. Shopping mall terror threat 'serious'
  67. Republicans propose declaring Idaho a 'Christian state'
  68. Students in Savannah interact with peers in Jordan
  69. With sledgehammer, Islamic State smashes Iraqi history
  70. Obama threatens consequences for obeying court order
  71. US-Bangladesh Blogger Hacked to Death
  72. Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr. Spock, Dies at 83
  73. Vladimir Putin critic Boris Nemtsov killed
  74. House fails to pass bill for Homeland Security
  75. Snowboard World Cup
  76. Young Conservative Calls Out Obama & Gets Locked Out Of Facebook
  77. ISIS Threatens Twitter Founder And Employees
  78. Westboro Baptist Church Cancels Plans To Picket Leonard Nimoy's Funeral
  79. Man killed by LAPD on skid row was convicted bank robber
  80. Chile Volcano Villarrica Eruption Spews Ash and Lava
  81. Feds Raid Chinese "Birth Tourism" Rings in California
  82. Target To Cut Thousands Of Jobs
  83. Regular Coffee Drinkers Have Cleaner Arteries
  84. Alabama Orders Halt To Same-Sex Marriages
  85. ISIS Brags Of American Suicide Bomber
  86. C.J. Pearson Banned From Facebook
  87. Slovenia legalizes gay marriage
  88. Ljubljana Among Top Five Cities in Central, Eastern Europe
  89. DoJ Report on Ferguson Released.
  90. Digital Dark Age
  91. Police: Slain Officer a Hero in 'Fierce' Gunbattle With 2
  92. U.S. aircraft carrier and part of its escort “sunk” by French submarine during drills
  93. 56 Hackers Arrested
  94. 'Emailgate' Shows Hillary What Lies Ahead
  95. Wine in NYC
  96. NATO and Russia trade "hybrid warfare" accusations
  97. Saudi and Israel Iran anxieties align
  98. Islamic State 'demolishes' ancient Hatra site in Iraq
  99. Nemtsov Killing: Russia Court Charges Two Men With Murder
  100. Warning: Evidence Is Mounting, Obama's Third Term Is On The Horizon
  101. Ecstasy and loads of other drugs are now legal, in Ireland thanks to a Loophole
  102. Ambush of policemen triggers manhunt in racially tense Ferguson
  103. Report: Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war
  104. Serbia and Russia to conduct air force drills
  105. Officer Fired For Stopping Beating Gets Her Job Back
  106. video of cops shooting dead mentally ill man
  107. U.S. Presbyterian Church Approves Same-Sex Marriage Amendment
  108. Netanyahu Win Dashes Prospect For A Thaw With Obama
  109. One Killed, Five Wounded In Shooting Spree In Phoenix Suburb
  110. Missouri Lieutenant Governor: "There Is More Racism In The Justice Department"
  111. Israeli Military to Investigate Deadly Attack on Gaza UN School
  112. Colorado Girl Tried to poison Mom
  113. U.S. Troops Withdraw From Yemen
  114. Knife-Wielding New Orleans Airport Attacker Dies
  115. Schools Plan Massive Layoffs After Scott Walker Guts Funding
  116. 104 Year Old Woman Who Enjoys Dr. Pepper!
  117. Germanwings Airbus A320 crashes in French Alps with 150 people on board
  118. White House warns Netanyahu that 'occupation must end'
  119. Officer Charged With Killing Unarmed Driver Laying Face Down
  120. Detroit Mother Detained Over Childrens Bodies In Freezer
  121. Congratulations to Crimea!
  122. Jeremy Clarkson Dropped From Top Gear
  123. US Orders Air Strikes in Tikrit
  124. Saudi Arabia Begins Airstrikes Against Houthi Rebels in Yemen
  125. Gamers Threaten To Pull $50 Million Convention If Indiana Gov. Signs Anti-Gay Bill
  126. Top Gear: Who Will Replace Jeremy Clarkson
  127. Germanwings Plane Crash: Co-Pilot "Wanted to destroy plane"
  128. 3 Cops Caught On Tape Brutally Beating Unarmed Michigan Man
  129. US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program
  130. Watch: Obama Is Out Of Control
  131. Zayn Malik leaves One Direction
  132. Seven People Shot At Florida Spring Break Party
  133. French socialists take a beating in local elections
  134. NSA Shooting: One Dead After Car Rams Security Gate
  135. Eleven Atlanta Teachers In Mass Cheating Scandal
  136. Cop who berated Uber driver is stripped of badge and gun
  137. 2 New York Women Accused Of ISIS Inspired Bomb Plot
  138. Iran Nuclear Talks: 'Frame work' Deal Agreed
  139. Kenya Attack: Garissa University Assault 'Killed 147'
  140. Group Of Teens Arrested After Posting Sex Tape Online
  141. CDC: Imported Drug-Resistant Stomach Bug Spreading In US
  142. Election 2015: Thousands attend anti-Trident rally in Glasgow
  143. Dutchman Sjaak Rijke freed in Mali by French special forces
  144. Boston Bombing Suspect 'Wanted To Punish America'
  145. White Police Officer Charged Over Unarmed Black Man's Death
  146. South Carolina Police Release Walter Scott Dash Cam Video
  147. Jail For Cheating Atlanta Teachers
  148. Fun nordic away to protest to the politicians
  149. Italy rescues nearly 6,000 migrants in a single weekend
  150. Tehran, Kabul to share intel. on fighting drug trafficking
  151. School bus washed off road in NSW Hunter as wild weather lashes coast
  152. Three dead as wild weather lashes Australian state
  153. Military OPS On U.S. soil Raise Martial Law Fears
  154. AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Pleads Guilty
  155. James May 'Will Not Return To Top Gear'
  156. Clinton Cash Questions Over Russian Deal
  157. Hungarian leader says EU's handling of migration is a failure
  158. Iran Def. Min. slams French counterpart remarks
  159. Nepal Earthquake: Death Toll Passes 1,000
  160. Florida Man Gets Arrested While wearing Funny Shirt
  161. Rioting in Baltimore
  162. Luxury Porsche’s reversal in Tehran!
  163. The Nepal Earthquake; Death Toll Rises above 4,000
  164. The Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a baby girl :)
  165. Persian Gulf States Demand More Military Equipments From US
  166. British Election Results
  167. UK : Why is no-one talking about defence cuts?
  168. Potential EMP Attack could kill 90% of US population
  169. Airbus A400M Military Aircraft Crashes on Test Flight in Sevilla, Spain
  170. Gulf Leaders Back Out Of Camp David Summit
  171. George Zimmerman gets injured in an altercation
  172. Second major earthquake strikes Nepal
  173. Hillary Clinton Aides Blocked The Release Of Public Records
  174. 4 U.S. Charities Accused Of Fraud By Bilking 187m From Consumers
  175. So Much For Obama's Insane Iranian Deal
  176. Luna Park kicked out a Muslim woman who asked not to sit by a man
  177. Should Josh Duggar be held accountable for his "crime?"
  178. Flying faeces end sweet 16th
  179. Ireland says yes to same-sex marriage
  180. Ferguson Protesters Want Their Money
  181. Heat Wave Kills More Than 1,100 In India
  182. L.A. Labor Leaders seek Minimum Wage Exemption
  183. Barack Obama signs the USA Freedom Act into Law(H.R. 2048)
  184. Cyber attack hits 4 million current, former U.S. federal workers
  185. Texas cop on leave after video shows him pushing 14-year-old girl to the ground...
  186. Charleston Church Shooting: KKK, White Supremacists Operate in South Carolina
  187. Supreme Court rules states must allow same-sex marriage
  188. Jeremy Clarkson "So Sorry" After His Last Top Gear
  189. Solar Impulse Begins Second Bid To Cross Pacific Ocean
  190. Second NY Prison Escapee Caught
  191. Son of Adelaide Crows coach remanded in custody, accused of father's murder
  192. Greece votes no on bailout
  193. F-16 Collides Mid-Air With Small Plane Killing Two
  194. Greece Debt Crisis: Eurozone Sets Deadline For New Plan
  195. Charleston "Church Gunman" Dylann Roof Given More Charges
  196. Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata, dead at age 55.
  197. Iran deal reached, Obama hails step towards "more hopeful world"
  198. Pentagon finalizing plan to lift transgender ban in the military
  199. Cruel Trolls Attacked Guy & Now His Girlfriend Has Hit Back In The Best Way
  200. Gunman kills 4 Marines in attack in Chattanooga Shooting