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  1. Reset clock = Root acces
  2. Youth Strategic Forum takes place in Bled
  3. Djokovic opposes Syria military action
  4. Croatia could soon export natural gas
  5. LG's G Pad and Acer's Liquid S2 phone revealed before Ifa!
  6. Pentagon: Evengelicals, Mormons, and Catholics are "extremists".
  7. Ljubljana to Host Grand Opening of EuroBasket 2013
  8. Mircosoft buys Nokia for 5.4bn euros ($7.2bn; £4.6bn)
  9. Android KitKat unveiled in Google surprise move!
  10. Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged in cell!
  11. Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine!
  12. EuroBasket 2013 Opened
  13. Are we going to war?
  14. The us could be going to war!!!!
  15. Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch!
  16. 100 car pile up !
  17. G20 dinner fails to heal rift on Syria
  18. Sensational Victory
  19. Toys R Us to drop 'boys' and 'girls' labelling
  20. Georgia Beat
  21. NSA can acces your smartphone
  22. Tamu Massif: The Biggest Volcano On Earth?
  23. BeoTech and Pentagon hacked (again)
  24. US police kill 107-year-old suspect in home shootout!
  25. Cyber-thieves blamed for leap in Tor dark net use!
  26. Apple's bid to outflank Android!
  27. Child bride in Yemen dies of internal bleeding on wedding night: activist
  28. Catalan chain aims to break Spanish bonds!
  29. Madrid mayor's 'café con leche' goes viral!
  30. The probability puzzle that makes your head melt!
  31. Samsung backs Apple's 64-bit chip!
  32. Any Harry Potter fans out there?
  33. Al-Qaeda want us economic damage!
  34. Microsoft offers $200 token for used iPads!
  35. New iPhones
  36. Police kill unarmed former football player
  37. Active Shooter in DC Navy Yard
  38. New iPhones went on sale at 8am local time in countries around the world!
  39. NASA says there is NO life on Mars!
  40. Radio Royal hoax 'broke law'!
  41. The Amplituhedron: A new way to interpret the quantum world
  42. House votes to defund all of Gov't except ObamaCare
  43. STUDY: Threat of Global Warming Greatly Exagerrated, Anatarctic Sea Ice is Increasing
  44. Ever wanted an excuse to look down on everyone?
  45. Kenya Shopping centre shootings
  46. US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina!
  47. N.Korean Coast Guard Opens Fire on Russian Vessel
  48. Masturbation laws around the world!
  49. Ancient Forest Thaws From Melting Glacial Tomb
  50. Apple fingerprint tech raises 'privacy questions'!
  51. The Southward Equinox Is Here
  52. Jerusalem's beauty captured in the most detail EVER:
  53. NYPD asks users to update iPads and iPhones to iOS 7
  54. Linux based SteamOS
  55. One Family's ObamaCare Nightmare
  56. Is 25 the new cut-off point for adulthood?
  57. New Possible Element for the Periodic Table!
  58. American Jailed for Practicing Christianity in Iran Approaches Sentence Anniversary
  59. National Geographic celebrates anniversary!
  60. Bill Gates admits that Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake !
  61. EuroBasket Success, Praise Fans
  62. Class Enemy to Vie for Oscar Nomination
  63. No global warming in the past 15 years
  64. Now EU ‘crackpots’ demand gypsy MPs!
  65. The Faces of Facebook!
  66. Happy Birthday Yosemite!
  67. How Gaudi's Barcelona cathedral will finally look!
  68. Tom Clancy dead at 66
  69. Bloodied juvenile lion suffers two-hour savaging!
  70. Horrific moment a monster truck driver lost control!
  71. The Civil War in COLOR!
  72. Blackhole Exploit Kit's creator arrested.
  73. US commando raids: Kerry defends al-Liby capture
  74. Nebraska Supreme Court rules 16-year-old ‘not mature enough’ for abortion
  75. Scott Carpenter, Second American in Orbit, Dies at 88
  76. iPhone 5s users report 'Blue Screen Of Death' crashes!
  77. Windows Phone 8 launches Update 3!
  78. Science: Cancer Research
  79. EU List of Priority Energy Projects Without Aqulinia Terminal
  80. Think cannabis is harmless?
  81. NSW braced for loss of homes, if not life
  82. The ‘Holy Spirit’ made her do it: Stenographer Dianne Reidy offers Godly excuse
  83. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  84. President Joins Corporate Volunteering Campaign
  85. Serbia and Slovenia rank highest for their legal framework of the Right to Informatio
  86. Jovanka Broz dies
  87. NSW faces biggest fire test yet
  88. Marathon to Attract More Than 14,000 Runners
  89. Apple's got it wrapped for Christmas rush!
  90. New fire threatens homes west of Newcastle
  91. Nevada School Shooting
  92. Mourning, mystery after teen accused of killing beloved Massachusetts teacher
  93. US boy carrying replica gun shot dead by California police!
  94. Pilot dies battling New South Wales fires!
  95. Seb Vettel wins 4th World title
  96. The most distant galaxy yet confirmed
  97. Facebook giraffe riddle:why are your friends changing their profile pictures?
  98. vice video
  99. Is Apple deliberately slowing your iPhone?
  100. Nazi looted art 'found in Munich'
  101. Rare solar eclipse in America, Europe and Africa!
  102. Comet ISON is getting brighter!
  103. Londoners through a (very old) lens!
  104. What a lot of jobbledygook!
  105. Nigeria U17 3-0 Mexico U17: Golden Eaglets are world champions
  106. Biggest storm in history: 1,200 dead!
  107. A nation pays tribute!
  108. Holiday of Wine Marked
  109. Border Dispute Responded To
  110. You Tube joke leads to 10 years in prison
  111. Apple's iPad surprise: New mini tablet!
  112. First Class Political Scandal Envolving EPP
  113. The world explained!
  114. Oxford Dictionaries name 'selfie' as 2013's word of the year!
  115. Joseph Franklin, white supremacist serial killer, executed!
  116. Fourth Slovenian Cheese To Get EU Protected Status
  117. Serbia and Croatia before Court of Justice in March 2014
  118. TorrentFreak Home About Archives Categories News Bits Contact The place where breakin
  119. President John F Kennedy was shot 50 years ago today
  120. Tina Maze's Helmet Sold for Record Breaking EUR 7,000
  121. Society, 24 Nov 2013 / By STA, T. M. Jadran Lenarčič, the director of the Jožef St
  122. 'Mine's bigger': Gun-toting robbers outsized
  123. 'Gravity' Déjà vu: Videoed Skydivers Survive Mid-air Plane Collision
  124. Animateka Festival
  125. UK jails killer of disabled Iranian
  126. Kopitar decided NHL game in Vancouver
  127. Paul Walker has died
  128. Bazaar Celebrates 20 Years of Charitable Activity
  129. "Teenage British Diving Star Tom Daley Comes Out in YouTube Video"
  130. Conservatives won the referendum in Croatia
  131. I made a forum to discuss my film projects!
  132. riots in kiev
  133. Fmr Yugoslav Residence in Rome Taken Over
  134. Nelson Mandela dies aged 95!
  135. Serbia to ban cultivation, importation of GMO products
  136. Serbia to ban cultivation, importation of GMO products
  137. Top modern Christmas cracker jokes revealed!
  138. Cops called over incorrect Maccas order
  139. Boys leave elite school over sex acts
  140. Scientists Create Magnetic Liquid Crystal for the First Time
  141. Kim Jong-Un kills Uncle
  142. Dead Colorado school shooter wanted to confront teacher, sheriff says
  143. The most distant planet from its host star yet discovered
  144. Peter O'Toole dies at the age of 81!
  145. The most distant full moon of this year (and the last)
  146. Protest Movements Establish Solidarity Party
  147. US does not expect Serbia to join NATO
  148. Almost 75% of Americans believe in Virgin Birth of Jesus
  149. The most influential Spaniard ever!
  150. Two States. Two Days.
  151. New Idrija Lace Book Published
  152. 4,000 Euro fine suggested for selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors
  153. DIRTY THIRTY - Fake Euro Note Warning By Cops
  154. What do you think of this news story from Alabama
  155. Slovenia Observes Independence and Unity Day
  156. BOFF: Extreme Sports in focus
  157. British retailer regrets Muslim worker exemption.
  158. cinnamon pastries and large amounts of cinnamon to be banned in europe ?
  159. This story seems to good to be true...
  160. Arbitration on Border with Croatia Entering Next Phase
  161. A & E caves to public pressure; brings Duck Dynasty personality back.
  162. Saudi Clerics: Women Will Turn Gay If They Drive
  163. Michael Schumacher critical after ski fall
  164. 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' actor James Avery dies
  165. Crisis in South Africa: The shocking practice of 'corrective rape' - aimed at 'curing
  166. Number of Newborns Drops below 21,000
  167. Disgusted beyond words
  168. Ski Jumping: Prevc Second on Final Four Hills Tournament Event
  169. Venezuelan beauty queen and actress Monica Spear killed
  170. Boy of 12 hauled out of class by anti-teropolice over David Cameron Facebook protest
  171. Russia Negotiate Oil-For-Goods Deal With Iran
  172. Ski Jumping: Prevc Wins First Gold in World Cup Event
  173. The most distant full moon of this year (and the first)
  174. Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Environment Chapter
  175. China surpasses US as world's largest trading nation
  176. US Ambassador Must Explain Controversial Statements
  177. Serbia and Mongolia finalize agreement to abolish visas for their citizens
  178. MIT study of Ghouta chemical attack challenges US intelligence
  179. 50 Years of Golden Fox Celebrated with Exhibition
  180. Leader of Russian anti-gay extremists who target LGBT youth arrested in Cuba
  181. 1D Liam Payne in hot water after homophobic tweet
  182. Slovenia Sending 66 Athletes to Sochi
  183. US Extradition Request for Romanian Hacker Rejected
  184. Oldest Facebook user turns 106 years old.
  185. Justin Bieber arrested with DUI, other charges
  186. National Western Stock Show
  187. Trifecta for Slovenia in Sapporo
  188. Japanese Princess Writes Poem About Traditional Slovenian Lace
  189. Same sex couples wed during Grammy's
  190. Ukraine riot police stand guard in snow in Zaporizhya
  191. Supreme Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham debates Arch Evolutionist Bill Nye
  192. Žito Marks Fifty Years of Its Tea Brands
  193. Mega burgers are a hit in Zagreb
  194. Young man (23) dies after reported 'neck nomination'
  195. Blast from the past: Woody Allen's assault accusations brought up again.
  196. Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Stirs Controversy With Multilingual Singing
  197. Ukraine crisis: Opposition MPs seek to curb president's powers
  198. PM, President Cruising Arround Checking Ice Storm Damage
  199. The Most Intense Cat Fight Ever (Cat's Eye View)
  200. Sochi: Slovenian Hockey Team Making History