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  1. Ants smoking hashish in India...
  2. Girl, 6, is youngest ever in National Spelling Bee[
  3. Japanese Mao Sugiyama serves his penis & testicle to 5 diners
  4. Man eats another man's face: gruesome pictures released in zombie like attack
  5. NJ man cuts open stomach and throws intestines at police officers - another zombie?
  6. Ban on 16 OZ Soda Drinks
  7. Student accused of killing housemate admits to eating victim's heart, authorities say
  8. Boy, 12, rapes girl, 9, after viewing porn
  9. Lagos, Nigeria air crash claims all 150 passengers - BBC
  10. Man dies in threesome, wife gets $3m
  11. Family sues after dog mauls boy
  12. Canadian Killer Bagged in Germany
  13. Mall shooting leaves 1 dead, 7 injured
  14. Eduard Khil, ‘Mr. Trololo,’ Dies at 77
  15. 'Billy the Exterminator' faces La. drug charges
  16. "Canada should leave the UN", says Conservative backbencher
  17. Korean war veteran fined for flying flag
  18. BART service disrupted Monday night after death at Bayfair station
  19. Swear in public...Get a Fine?
  20. Israel deporting African migrants
  21. Man Calls 911 Upset About His Sammich
  22. Orange quickly gone from the Rijnwijk after Euro2012 loss
  23. Father who beat daughter’s alleged attacker to death won’t be charged
  24. 68 year old Bus monitor bullied to tears
  25. Jerry Sandusky found guilty of child sex abuse
  26. Two girls killed another girl and ripped her heart
  27. Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry
  28. N.J Woman Sues 11 year old Little League Catcher
  29. You Are Not Special Speech
  30. Police Rescue Malnourished Girl From Closet in Kansas City
  31. Loch Ness Monster used to debunk evolution in state-funded school
  32. Facebook changes your email address!
  33. Mysteriously submerged "UFO" cripples nearby electronics and impersonates the Millenn
  34. Bill Gates spot-on!
  35. Bullies of Karen Klein suspended 1 year
  36. Michael Marin, Ex-Wall Street Trader, Dies In Courtroom After Conviction
  37. 12-Year-Old Boy Badly Injured After Dangerous Game Burns Cross On His Back
  38. Long Day Yesterday!
  39. Anderson Cooper confirms he's gay.
  40. 'God' particle found!
  41. A China city in Africa!
  42. Aj & cm
  43. Internet blackout looms for thousands: What you need to know
  44. The illuminati and a false flag attack at London Olympics 2012
  45. Man dressed as a ninja robs hotel
  46. Rosewall
  47. Google faces fine for snooping!
  48. X-Box Live!
  49. Judge continues to block Mississippi abortion law
  50. Woman watched NASCAR with deceased man for over a year
  51. The old and the new logos
  52. Jurassic Park bacteria brought back to life!
  53. 14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Armed Intruder in Home
  54. Mom Disarms Son to Thwart Armed Robbery
  55. Olympics Road Signs that Run Rings around Drivers
  56. Tragic portrait of a city!
  57. Seeing red on eBay!
  58. Facebook Timeline revolt!
  59. Taiwanese Teen Dies Following Diablo III Binge
  60. Panetta orders Pentagon to monitor media for information leaks
  61. 12 shot dead at 'Dark Knight Rises' screening in Aurora, Colorado
  62. Dying man ignored by people who really needed to catch a bus
  63. Scarborough shooting started as a children's BBQ.
  64. Senior Citizen Shoots Armed Robbers at Internet Cafe
  65. Usher's stepson has died.
  66. "Big Boobs" banished from Linux kernel
  67. Head bans transgender pupil from exam
  68. Sally Ride, first American woman astronaut, dies at 61-
  69. Tragedy in Catalunya
  70. Christian Bale visits shooting victims in Aurora.
  71. Stowaway on board.
  72. Tobacco in New Zealand
  73. London 2012
  74. Science Proves Your Grandma Right About Pop Music
  75. Wil Wheaton Announces "Don't Be a Dick Day"
  76. Kingda Ka Bird Accident
  77. Secrets behind the opening ceremony London 2012
  78. Accused Colorado movie theater gunman charged with multiple counts of murder
  79. Russian punk band remain in custody
  80. Forging of the Mandarin mermaid
  81. Top 10 Scientific Facts TN Schools Will No Longer Teach
  82. Chick Fil A kiss in protest
  83. "Free plastic surgery for bullied teen stirs controversy"
  84. Real-life Jurassic Park!
  85. Ghost Town New Mexico
  86. US missile defense staff told to stop watching porn
  87. Sexual Orientation: Eyes Reveal Who's Straight & Who's Gay, Study Suggests
  88. Vermont farmer in tractor crushes seven police cars
  89. More mass shootings?
  90. NBC 'misses' 100m metre final
  91. Touch down for Curiosity
  92. Stambolova stumbles over!
  93. Mars
  94. Week-end drownings in Ontario
  95. Europe's latest weather satellite captures its first picture of the Earth
  96. Chevron Refinery Fire: Health Impact
  97. The Olympics as seen in different World's press
  98. A kidney for an iPad
  99. A Heart Warming Story!
  100. Ryan Dunn Lawsuit: 'Jackass' Star's Estate Sued By Parents Of Dead Passenger
  101. Tia Sharp
  102. Incredible photos of heroic mother dog!
  103. London 2012 Closing Ceremony
  104. Puppy learns to walk like a human!
  105. And yet another shooting, this one in TX
  106. Shitterton in Piddle Valley!
  107. Facebook wants to put ads in Newsfeed!
  108. Will Michael Phelps lose medals?
  109. Final days of Apple - Samsung trial!
  110. General Chat
  111. eBay Bans Spells, Potions, and Curses
  112. US Army Issues Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray
  113. Hollywood director Tony Scott jumps to death from bridge
  114. Earhart Plane Debris May Have Been Found On Ocean Floor
  115. USADA to ban Lance Armstrong for life and strip Tour de France titles
  116. New Facebook messages service unveiled!
  117. New Microsoft Logo
  118. Apple v Samsung - South Korea court ruling
  119. Two dead, nine wounded in shooting near the Empire State Building
  120. Man bites snake in revenge
  121. Samsung ordered to pay Apple over $1 billion
  122. Neil Armstrong dead at 82
  123. NYPD Releases Video of shooting suspect taken down by police.
  124. Destroying the Galaxy?
  125. Power Fabric that could charge your phone!
  126. Kim Dotcom taunts investigators!
  127. Facebook security!
  128. Samsung fights back!
  129. Tokyo court gives win to Samsung
  130. Assange up to year in Embassy!
  131. Fatal shooting at New Jersey supermarket
  132. Putin he will use Zombie Gun
  133. Teen killed by overpass while on party bus
  134. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Dead; Unification Church Founder Dies At 92
  135. Washington Teacher Accused of Bullying Student Put on Leave
  136. Is this the iPhone 5?
  137. 19 yr old hostage killed while trying to escape captor
  138. iPhone 5 release date?
  139. Careful what you 'tweet'!
  140. Teen denied boarding on flight because he has Down syndrome, family says
  141. New SIM card for iPhone 5?
  142. Hilarious response from footballer to bigoted politician
  143. Printable gun
  144. Apple or Braun?
  145. Spam virus emails!
  146. Google Ground Truth Poject
  147. Protests erupt outside American embassies/consulates in the Middle East
  148. Here it is! Apple unveils TALLER and THINNER iPhone 5
  149. ABC News sued by "pink slime" maker for $1.2 billion
  150. iPhone 5 already sold out on line?
  151. Its confirmed Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj join American Idol
  152. iPhone 5 is a hit!
  153. Halliburton's Misplaced Radioactive Cylinder
  154. Catalan Independence
  155. Motorola's Intel-powered handset
  156. Space Shuttle Endeavour prepares to head to Los Angeles-
  157. Gun and Grenade Attack
  158. Rush hour in the skies
  159. Slimmer PlayStations to boost sales.
  160. Woman Demands Royalties on Destroyed Jesus Fresco
  161. Chef Cooks Wife
  162. Rating smartphones for global travel
  163. Newfound Alien Planet a Top Contender to Host Life
  164. Shocking new GM corn study (graphic pictures!)
  165. Woman unknowingly marries father
  166. La Sagrada Familia
  167. iPhones arriving scratched!
  168. Hackers claim to have cracked iPhone 5
  169. "Romney sucks pass it on"
  170. Riot at Apple's Chinese factory!
  171. Faulty Wi-Fi and a confused Siri
  172. Killer bug in Android smartphones!
  173. Russia Suspends Import, Use Of GMO Corn
  174. Bill Signed In California To Allow Driverless Cars
  175. AMD deal brings Android apps to Windows 8
  176. Minecraft creator attacks Microsoft's Windows 8 plan
  177. Why we can't adapt to the new iPhones?
  178. Mayans did NOT predict an apocalypse for this December!
  179. Android phone 'wipeout' security flaw exposed
  180. Pregnant 14 yr old strangles new born
  181. Tweet "call 911" story
  182. Will the iPad Mini extinguish Amazon's Fire?
  183. The day the 60s began!
  184. New privacy row - Facebook!
  185. Facebook passes 1,000,000,000 users.
  186. Almost-Eagle Scout denied award because he is gay
  187. People involved in child pornography could be required to provide encryption keys
  188. Playing WoW sign poor character say Republicans
  189. Sony halts new Xperia tablet sales
  190. Snacking tourists fined after Rome declares 'War on the Sandwich'
  191. USAF 1950s Flying Saucer!
  192. Teenager's stomach removed after drinking cocktail
  193. The Leaning Tower of People
  194. Fears over latest Xbox gadget!
  195. iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface and Kindle Fire all set to go on sale!
  196. PETA vs. Pokemon
  197. Is this Apple's iPad Mini?
  198. Science Officially Stomps All Hope of Dinosaur Cloning
  199. "Insincere" Romney backs down after criticism from slain Seal's mother
  200. Firefox taken offline!