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  1. No bond for man accused of holding woman captive
  2. New York considers law against cyberbullying.
  3. Call of Duty Nut Chokes Boy Opponent
  4. Denmark Institutes First-Ever ‘Fat Tax’
  5. California Teacher Penalizes Student for Saying 'Bless You'
  6. Amanda Knox freed after murder conviction overturned
  7. Worshipper rips out both eyes in Mass
  8. Oral Sex May Cause More Throat Cancer Than Smoking in Men, Researchers Say.
  9. India bans Airbus A380
  10. Steve Jobs has died.
  11. Milwaukee Public Middle School a Haven for Gay Youth
  12. Cyberbullying: What It Is and What to Do About It
  13. 24 dead in Cairo riots
  14. Iran sentences film actress to 90 lashes
  15. Opening Statements begin for the infamous "Underwear Bomber"
  16. FBI, DEA stop Iranian assassination plot on Saudi Ambassador
  17. Families offered bar on web porn
  18. Domestic Violence Law Repealed By Lawmakers In Topeka, Kansas
  19. Perpetual Pet
  20. America's War in Uganda
  21. US drops plans to keep troops in Iraq next year
  22. LGBTQ youth at greater risk of suicide attempts, victimisation by peers.
  23. Another gay teenager kills himself
  24. Why Facebook, Yahoo & others are celebrating LGBT Spirit Day
  25. Kimberly Lawson Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With German Shepherd
  26. Knox High School Student Died In Car Accident
  27. Gaddafi Dead?!?
  28. 'Glee' Storyline Sparks an Adoption Controversy Online
  29. Marco Simoncelli Dead. 23-10-11
  30. injuries prompt review as Occupy Oakland protests continue
  31. Boy wants to join Girl Scouts
  32. PETA lawsuit seeks to expand animal rights
  33. Union of Students in Ireland to take the Government to court
  34. Jimmy Savile dies at age 84
  35. Symbolic seven billionth baby has been born
  36. One university's ultimatum: Reject homosexuality or get fired
  37. 10-year-old draws a pistol to protect his Halloween candy
  38. Justin Bieber, Possible Father, Lawsuit
  39. Asteroid 2005 YU55 Passing Earth
  40. '60 Minutes' Commentator Andy Rooney Dies
  41. Domestic call ends up drug/weapons bust
  42. US debt expected to hit $15 trillion
  43. Red Arrows pilot killed in incident at RAF Scampton
  44. M5 crash: Two lorry drivers among crash dead
  45. Sex-abuse witness-reporting legislation proposed in Pennsylvania
  46. Why didn’t McQueary call the police?
  47. Child abuse: We’re making the problem worse
  48. Israel Develops Cancer Vaccine
  49. PETA attacks Nintendo over fur-wearing Mario
  50. 14 year-old girl suspended by school for wearing Confederate sweatshirt
  51. Smart Kids Do Drugs
  52. Herman Cain and the Holy Land Experience
  53. School reports kiss between 12-year-olds as possible sex crime
  54. Water Turns Whole Turn Gay
  55. Obama Leaves God out of Thanksgiving Speech, Riles Critics
  56. Curiosity rover on its way to Mars!
  57. Quebec teachers to enforce French language use during recess
  58. A 16-year-old boy died after masturbating 42 times without stopping
  59. Toilet technology targets boredom
  60. Woman badmouths tram
  61. Laptops kill sperm count
  62. Violence against women needs action
  63. AK-47s as Jewelry
  64. Embassy Attack
  65. Approaching Comet is Really a Borg Cube From Jesus
  66. NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone
  67. 9-Year-Old Boy Suspended for Calling Teacher ‘Cute’
  68. Boy hangs himself to 'become the Lion King'
  69. Shootings at Virginia Tech
  70. Anger Builds Over Tower Design Resembling 9/11 Explosion
  71. Lowe’s criticized for pulling ads from TV show about American Muslims
  72. Sarcastic font has made its debut
  73. Hillary Clinton's Human Rights Speech
  74. Kid hanged himself...
  75. 'Fountains' of methane 1000 m across erupt from Arctic ice
  76. Kim Jong-il Dies
  77. Missiles Fired! from North Korea
  78. Upcoming show accused of being transphobic, ans sexist
  79. 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout
  80. Florida Teen Asks Lawmakers for $30 million he is owed
  81. 4th Grade Boy, Allegedly Stuffed Into Duffel Bag By School Employees
  82. Threatening cupcake through airport security
  83. Elle Fanning --- Official Facebook Page
  84. Man Sued For Keeping Company Twitter Followers:
  85. Katy Perry and Russell Brand filed for divorce
  86. The ABC Sitcom "Work It" Here Just To Mock Gender Identity?
  87. Cure for Cancer?
  88. Iran Tests Long-Range Missiles Over Strait Of Hormuz, Creates First Nuclear Fuel Rod
  89. 14 year old who stabbed a guy 12 times aquitted
  90. Marines urinate on taliban bodies.
  91. Cruise ship runs aground, in process of capsizing-
  92. bullying...
  93. Wikipedia blackout
  94. German priest admits 280 counts of sexual abuse
  95. Rick Perry Out of the Game
  96. Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral tonight!
  97. SOPA and PIPA are gone
  98. Georgia Judge orders Obama to appear at hearing
  99. Look, ANOTHER bs censorship law!
  100. Google Closing Picnik!
  101. Delayed puberty
  102. Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out
  103. Khloe Kardashian NOT A KARDASHIAN?????
  104. One Town's War Against Gays
  105. Vermont inmates hide pig in official police car decal
  106. "Rape Tag"
  107. Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Marriage In California
  108. Teen sentenced to Life
  109. 14 year old shoots self in face in New Hampshire....
  110. Goat police
  111. Whitney Houston dead...
  112. Virginia school district ponders banning cross-gender dress
  113. 300K Farmers sue Monsanto
  114. Comayagua prison fire killed 355
  115. Casey-Lyanne Kearney stabbing
  116. NJ's Gay Marriage Bill Pasted, Will Gov. Christie veto it?
  117. Couple jailed for letting sick son die, but treat sick dog...
  118. Underwear Bomber is a false flag, per whistleblower
  119. Kid named Son Goku...
  120. teacher banned for 'inappropriate behavior'
  121. Teen atheist wins legal battle, ACLU support.
  122. 9 Year old Died from Running?
  123. Zac efron drops a codom on the red carpet
  124. Gay marriage close to legal in Maryland
  125. Gay and lesbian couples recognized as married in Queensland, Australia.
  126. 2 new blood types found
  127. Stupid Boycotts
  128. Glee winter finale leads to boost in traffic for the Trevor Project
  129. Witchcraft murder
  130. PC Suicide
  131. Kenny Brandt
  132. Kony 2012
  133. Stealing 200$ from Girl Scouts and then Getting Attacked by Them.
  134. Chants of "USA! USA! USA!" considered racist at a basketball game in San Antonio
  135. Christian college warns student for ‘coming out’ on Facebook
  136. Victims of deadly Swiss coach crash mourned
  137. Rod Blagojevich enters jail.
  138. Kony 2012 filmmaker arrested for... masturbating in public
  139. Skydiver Felix Baumgartner on track for super jump
  140. Gay s Getting Married...
  141. Cruise ship "Silver Shadow" collides with a Vietnamese container ship
  142. 7.6 mag. earthquake on mexico's pacific coast
  143. iPad being superior to gaming consoles and computers.....lol
  144. School causes Top student to commit suicide.
  145. Official cause of singer Whitney Houston's death
  146. Boy allergic to food
  147. Space debris prompts space crew to seek shelter
  148. 19 year old girl, tatooed by a prostitution ring in Madrid.
  149. Probationer arrested with 165 guns at home, say Pa. police
  150. Priest acts like complete asshole
  151. Adopted or abducted?
  152. Gas Leak in the North Sea
  153. Teenage boy shot for being black
  154. Cheating Scandal Rocks Leland High School
  155. Woman Sues Apple After Plowing Into Glass Door at Store
  156. Amazon CEO plans to raise sunken Apollo 11 engines from the depths of the ocean
  157. Obama visit's my city!
  158. Cruise ship drifting after fire off Philippines
  159. 15y old Boy kills mother after beating her with a hammer
  160. Australias most wanted criminal caught
  161. Damon Albarn Says No More Blur, Gorillaz
  162. Apple gets sued by the US government!!!
  163. Row in America over gay characters in EA video games
  164. North Korea launches missile
  165. Place for non-profit organizations
  166. 82 kids
  167. Dick Clark- Dead at 82
  168. Twin-engine aircraft down in Gulf of Mexico
  169. The Breivik Trial
  170. Absurd school policy
  171. Britain to give £10 billion to IMF
  172. Lyrid Meteor Shower Tonight
  173. North Korea issues unusually specific threat
  174. 4 Year Old accused of carrying a gun just because she hugged her grandma
  175. The Porno Cops
  176. Sydney school girl threatened with knife
  177. claire squires.
  178. A Billionaire plans to build the Titanic II
  179. Olympic Drugs Cheats
  180. Anarchists Wanted to Attack NATO, Republican Convention: Feds
  181. Vigilante neo-Nazi suspected in deadly Arizona shooting
  182. David Cameron: The time for gay couples to marry has come.
  183. New Jersey mum accused of letting five-year-old use tanning booth
  184. Girl having her dad's baby and in love
  185. 6 year old suspended for quoting "I'm sexy and I know it"
  186. Man Suing BMW For Causing 2 Year Erection
  187. CIA thwarts Al Qaeda underwear bomb plot near anniversary of bin Laden's death
  188. North Carolina approves constitutional ban on gay union
  189. Teen charged over ex's stabbing at school
  190. Obama supports same-sex marriage
  191. Rochdale grooming trial
  192. Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops
  193. JetBlue pulls 18 month old girl off plane in 'no-fly' alert
  194. Bill Wisth Protests All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry For Cutting Him Off
  195. 18 year old HS Freshman Student accused of carrying dagger
  196. 16 yr old kills herself over 2012 doomsday theories
  197. What do other girls think of how these mothers reacted?
  198. North Carolina pastor calls for death of gays, lesbians by trapping them inside elect
  199. Private spacecraft launches toward International Space Station!
  200. 'Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk'