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  1. Congresswoman gravely injured after shooting in Tuscon, Arizona
  2. Portuguese Journalist found Dead, castrated in hotel.
  3. Somalia bans Bras
  4. America Mourns: Tragic Shooting in Arizona
  5. Brisbane City shutdown as floodwaters continue to rise.
  6. 40,000 Brisbane Properties to be hit as Flood waters continue to rise
  7. Australian flood hero: Teen boy sacrifices life so brother can be rescued
  8. Brisbane Floods News Footage
  9. Tango Down! ( Sorry, Clinton Down )
  10. Obama: Time to Heal
  11. Third of young Japanese men not interested in sex
  12. Paedophilia 'culturally accepted in south Afghanistan'
  13. Nearly 500 Dead in Brasil
  14. Tunisia Revolution
  15. A news article written about a question I wrote on Yahoo Answers
  16. Cat called to Court
  17. Police: Baby Drowns While Mom Playing Game on Facebook
  18. Samuel Matthew Shull Obituary
  19. Deals, currency spat accompany China's Hu to U.S.
  20. Police arrest owl for public drunkenness
  21. Burglars snort man's ashes
  22. ****90**** Pregnant girls at ****ONE**** school
  23. House votes to repeal Obamacare
  24. Toddler Aleisha Hunter Among Youngest to Survive Breast Cancer
  25. Brother of Harry Potter star jailed for attacking her
  26. Indian man dies from a cock in his throat
  27. US Citizen Detained & Denied Counsel
  28. Earth to have 2 suns by 2012
  29. US threatens China with military deployment
  30. Second Graders in Oakland engage in Oral Sex with teacher and class present
  31. Woman Sues Hotel After Child Finds Used Condom 4-year-old Contracted Herpes
  32. Funeral held for 2 Miami-Dade police officers.
  33. Bombing at Moscow airport called terrorist attack
  34. Call Of Duty Blamed For Russian Airport Terrorist Attack
  35. Interesting;
  36. Billboards;
  37. Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live
  38. Sex crime victims being named in the media
  39. Pair charged over 'gay excution leaflet' in first British 'sexual hatred' case
  40. Newly-formed Thai airline recruits "Ladyboys" as air hostesses
  41. Medical masks become new trend for shy Japanese teenagers
  42. The day part of the Internet died: Egypt goes dark
  43. Egypt protests are breaking new ground
  44. Grandpa at 29 after daughter 14 falls pregnant Read more: http://www.news.com.au/wei
  45. US Army officer's wife charged in with shooting her 'mouthy' teenagers
  46. FBI Agents Raid Georgia Tech Dorms in search of Anonymous
  47. Fighter Jets Over Cairo; Egyptian Military Getting Aggressive
  48. Australia 'hasn't seen anything like Yasi'
  49. Al-Qaeda 'is planning a dirty bomb'
  50. North Carolina Lawyers Say Sex Offenders Should Be Allowed on Facebook
  51. Nun Allegedly Lied About Rape to Hide Affair
  52. Yellow stone buffalo face slaughter
  53. Mark Kelly to fly Shuttle
  54. Court bans man with low IQ from having sex
  55. WikiLeaks: Tailand's Air Chief Marshall is a poodle
  56. Rape Victim Abortion Funding
  57. Kid racks up over £1000 on his mum's CC on Xbox Live.
  58. Will Apophis Hit Earth in 2036? NASA Rejects Russian Report
  59. Six killed as passenger plane crashes in fog at Cork Airport, Ireland
  60. Arizona counter-sues over SB1070
  61. Veterans more likely to be homeless, study says
  62. Pot Brownies At Evanston Township High School: Six Students Ill, One Charged
  63. Mubarak's Refusal Enrages Protesters
  64. Mom upset after school sends her son to Psych Ward
  65. Children beaten and starved in Australia's 'house of horrors'
  66. Australians warned to stay away from deadly giant birds
  67. Hosni Mubarak Steps Down
  68. Teen Dead From Root Canal
  69. Ariz. may require hospitals to check citizenship
  70. Teenage Musician Kills Herself At 17
  71. 'German Fritzl' goes on trial accused of forcing stepdaughter to have eight children
  72. Cops: Man Hid Crack in Penis
  73. Resistance spreads in Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Libya
  74. Black boy called racist for calling white boy 'chocolate brownie'
  75. Singer makes YouTube video and is charged with child porn
  76. Single Mothers Get Little Sympathy In New Pew Poll
  77. Dead Baby Found In Bag Of Student From Oprah Winfrey's School
  78. Brian Jaques Dies At 71; author of 'Redwall' children's fantasy novels
  79. Bon Appettite: Horse semen being sold as food in New Zealand
  80. Israel Supports Terrorism
  81. Teacher discovers her coffee has that unmistakable nutty flavor
  82. Powerful earthquake strikes Christchurch
  83. Mother Publicly Humiliates Son For Failing Grades: Honk If You Think She’s Right
  84. Revolution in Libya; Egypt 2.0?
  85. new zealand
  86. Self-Harm Videos on YouTube: Dangerous or Therapeutic?
  87. Gays blamed for earthquake :O
  88. Charter High School For Teenage Parents Proposed
  89. Georgia lawmaker proposes classifying miscarriages as ‘prenatal murder’
  90. Trollin' memorial pages on Facebook.
  91. Giant Spiders eat a man
  92. BP Cleanup Efforts in Vain?
  93. Sweeping AZ Immigration Bills Target Children & Youth
  94. LGBT Immigrant Youth Face Increased Risk of Homelessness
  95. Last Living U.S. WWI Veteran Dies.
  96. Fetus Set To 'Testify' In Favor Of Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill
  97. 575-pound Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies
  98. Dare: Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge
  99. 8.9 Earth Quake in Japan and Tsunami
  100. Body Found in Park
  101. "Zombie Ants"
  102. Japan: Nuclear Reactor Storage Pool May Be Boiling
  103. The 50 Kamikazis
  104. Casey Heynes, A bullies nightmare
  105. U.S. mom sues $19,000 a-year preschool for being "big playground" U.S. mom sues presc
  106. Attacks on Libya start
  107. Gadhafi Vows 'Long War' After US, Allies Strike
  108. Bahrain opposition 'eases demands'
  109. AT&T to buy T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom
  110. earthquakes in philippines...
  111. Bullied teenager fights back.
  112. Christian what?
  113. First Sperm Grown Outside The Body Raises Fertility Hope
  114. myanmar earthquake..
  115. Adultary will soon no longer b a crime in Mexico? ya thoughts on dis?
  116. Father Of "Jessi Slaughter" Busted For Child Abuse
  117. First female VP candidate Ferraro dies at 75
  118. The Kill Team
  119. Vote ban angers Saudi women in era of change
  120. Death Sentence Looms for Filipino Drug Mules in China
  121. Police: Dad Placed $3K Bounty On Daughter's Boyfriend 'Reward' Signs Posted At Gross
  122. Sky's the limit for a 12-year old astrophysics prodigy
  123. 12-year-old Dutch girl gives birth without knowing she is pregnant
  124. Libyan state TV smears alleged rape victim
  125. Cure for restless legs syndrome lies in masturbation
  126. 6.4 Mag. Earthquake in Fiji
  127. Terry Jones Says Afghan U.N. Violence 'Proves My Point'
  128. Should California's Age of Consent be Lowered?
  129. Test children's genes before they have sex
  130. Declared as Jedies on national census
  131. Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits off Japan coast
  132. 12 children killed in Brazil school shooting
  133. Arizona House passes law allowing students to carry guns on college campuses
  134. [UK] £650million to aid pakistan
  135. Japan Aftershock: 7.1 Earthquake, Another Tsunami Warning Come On 1 Month Anniversary
  136. Pensioner arrested for cutting internet to Armenia, Georgia.
  137. Chicago school bans homemade lunches, the latest in national food fight
  138. Victoria police seize 1000 cannabis plants
  139. Mother who withheld medicine guilty of attempted murder
  140. Philly Gives Condoms to 11-Year-Olds
  141. California May Require Teaching of Gay History
  142. Quake swarm in the area of the Long Valley Supervolcano
  143. Three arrested over 1969 teen killing in Massachusetts
  144. 7 Year Old Getting Plastic Surgery
  145. Pro Gay Hatred from Arkansas
  146. Match.com sued after alleged sexual assault
  147. Gay Teen Suicides (And Straight) More Common In Politically Conservative Areas
  148. Rape suspect back from Alaska
  149. Actress Elisabeth Sladen dies from Cancer.
  150. iPhone logs where you've been
  151. Sex in ads fosters violence, says author
  152. Man convicted of raping, torturing, disabled sister
  153. Man gets jail time for ejaculating into co-worker's water bottle
  154. Highly anticipated video game sequel glorifies violence toward women
  155. Transgender woman beaten in Baltimore McDonalds
  156. Guantanamo leaks lift lid on world's most controversial prison
  157. Justin Bieber Shouts "Hello Manila!" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Concert
  158. Sathya Sai Baba: A village boy who became demi god
  159. 2-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Mother, Police Investigate Father's Role
  160. Moms of Minnesota Girls: No Warning Signs Before Suicides
  161. 4-year-old Girl Threatened with Arrest for Picking Flowers
  162. Rutgers former student faces five to ten years in Clementi hate Crime
  163. Man Accused of Child Porn; Someone Hijacked Wi-Fi
  164. Playstation Network Hacked
  165. Pres. Obama Releases His Birth Certicficate
  166. Women attacked; killed over webcam
  167. 'Law and Order' takes on the Giffords shooting: Too soon?
  168. Convicted Rapist Kenneth Pike Next in Line for Heart Transplant
  169. More Working Women Hold College Degrees than Men
  170. The royal wedding England
  171. Garridos plead guilty in Jaycee Dugrard Kidnapping
  172. NATO strike kills Gadhafi's son but leader escapes
  173. Transgender FTM attacked at McDonald's in Baltimore
  174. Guess what
  175. Osama bin laden is dead
  176. Sony warns of almost 25 million extra user detail theft
  177. Dutch football club VVV 'signs up' hat-trick toddler
  178. Obama Birth Certificate A Fake
  179. Phoebe Prince's Mother Speaks Out Against Daughter's Bully
  180. Texas Cheerleader Who Refused To Cheer For Her Rapist Loses Case
  181. TX Teacher Suspended After Telling Muslim Student 'I Bet You're Grieving'
  182. Taliban: Bin Laden's death reinvigorates war against U.S.
  183. Sony, Offering ID anti-theft services free to PSN members
  184. Child attack by Leopard
  185. Fire or explosion at the Fukashima nuclear plant.
  186. Sam-sex unions approved.
  187. Microsoft confirms takeover of Skype
  188. Osama Bin Laden's Sons Say U.S. Broke Law in Killing Their Father
  189. Head teacher does impromptu dance
  190. Student Arrested For Ranking Female Classmates On Facebook
  191. Boy Defies Uniform Rule By Wearing A Skirt
  192. Earthquake kills 8 in Spain.
  193. The former govornor of California
  194. Osama Had a Large Stash of Digital Porn Movies at Home
  195. Study Finds Retailers Marketing Inappropriate Clothing for Pre-Teen Girls
  196. Hawking: 'There is no heaven'
  197. Do you like my daughter, Like?
  198. Bill would ban parents from having sex at home while getting divorce
  199. Fires destroy towns in Northern Alberta
  200. Circumcision ban to appear on San Francisco ballot