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  1. Why can't I stop loving her ?
  2. Does she like me?
  3. Is this weird?
  4. Erection when making out
  5. Have you ever truly hated someone you knew?
  6. Not sure what to do
  7. my friend just kissed me out of the blue
  8. Quick Hook Up
  9. Advice plz
  10. Do you guys think she did this stuff because of me or something?
  11. Do I really continue the cycle?
  12. Transexual friend
  13. He has a gf?
  14. Issues with finding a girlfriend to the point of insanity?
  15. Does she like me and should I do something?
  16. Older Guys
  17. Thoughts about young marriage...like olden days.
  18. RANT ABOUT EX- This might be really long sorry
  19. So, here's the situation...
  20. Sister's friends?
  21. Anxiety around girls
  22. Name Calling
  23. Why did he leave me? I can't cope? Help?
  24. Friends with benefits,
  25. Anxiety Around Girls
  26. doing sex at home
  27. Advice Needed
  28. Starting a relationship
  29. Need Some Advice
  30. Don't fall in love.
  31. My view on love vs. what most see/feel.
  32. Meeting Up
  33. Senior Prom
  34. Where to have sex?
  35. really bad issues finding a girl?
  36. Don't know my next move
  37. Question for girls
  38. Please Help- Anxiety with Girls
  39. How did you meet your bf/gf
  40. Long Distance Relationships
  41. Can you get STD the first time?
  42. Any tips for a virgin?
  43. Hey Guys.
  44. I've told her I love her, what next?
  45. Just ended a two and a half long relationship... not sure what to do
  46. She suddenly starts to ignore me after everything was going great
  47. Dating: The Old Fashioned Way
  48. Help
  49. Girl in my class has given me very ambiguous signals lately
  50. Not sure how I can provide for her
  51. I want to find gay or bisexual male friends but I can't
  52. Bi guy interested in another guy
  53. Confused
  54. Song for Girlfriend
  55. Boyfriend or no boyfriend?
  56. Would you have tattoo for your husband?
  57. love stacked against all odds?
  58. Feelings for someone I don't know
  59. Shy me stops myself from getting a girlfriend
  60. Talking about sex with trans boyfriend?
  61. how do you know if your friend is into you romantically?
  62. When should I ask him out?
  63. Shy to tell that i smoke. Sometimes
  64. Which babe should i take to prom
  65. Not sure what to do
  66. Are my sexual expectations out of line?
  67. i got a boyfriend officially today, how long do you spend on each base?
  68. Over clothes activity
  69. I just dont know what now
  70. He sorta cancelled our date?
  71. You guys know what this means?
  72. Advice
  73. do your parents know when you have a lover or do you keep it a secret?
  74. Not willing to lose Virginity
  75. If a guy does this does he like you?
  76. Scared of dating?
  77. do you ever flirt with ppl that you don't want a relationship with?
  78. I'm Very Shy Around Girls- I Don't Know What to do
  79. Do not take what you have lighlty
  80. Possible gf?
  81. dating in the gay community
  82. Inability to ask someone out
  83. Prom-posal?
  84. Is my best friend gay and does he lile me?
  85. Hopefully I Will See the Girl I Think is in to me Tomorrow
  86. DMing a girl I don't know
  87. Asking her out via text?
  88. which way should i go?
  89. Liking photos
  90. Help with talking to potential GF
  91. Random girl liking my Insta photos???
  92. Great Dream
  93. is it wrong to find a person more attractive than your boyfriend?
  94. Crush
  95. Party?
  96. Boyfriends parents give me weird vibes
  97. Urgent pls!!!!!!
  98. Friends
  99. Tinder
  100. How do I get with this girl?
  101. School friend
  102. Pushing & Shoving
  103. Did I do the right thing?
  104. Shy Boy, How Do I Start Talking to Him?
  105. Should I Message Her ?
  106. Go back to my ex or move on
  107. Was this rape? What do I do to move on
  108. How to ask a friend to go to prom?
  109. Should I tell him I like him?
  110. Sexual Interest & Number of Partners
  111. Well, this is weird
  112. I still like this girl, but i'am a little confused on her opinion
  113. Drunk Calls
  114. Just Confirming
  115. He seems to like me but he has a girlfriend?
  116. I want to ask this boy out
  117. getting over a hopeless crush
  118. Can't do more?
  119. Relationships and Homeschooling
  120. Girls, you prefer tall or short guys?
  121. Need advice.
  122. Hesitation About Relationships, Sex
  123. ABS!!
  124. What to do...
  125. She calls me cute and attractive, but wants to stay friends?
  126. Complicated "Relationship"
  127. Complex Situation
  128. Asking Crush to Prom
  129. Song Lyrics Update (please read message before moving post)
  130. Kind of feels like women won't give me a chance
  131. Lol my crush thinks our text conversations are boring
  132. pressure?
  133. Parents
  134. Breakup issues.
  135. Need advice about weird situation
  136. My girlfriend is awesome
  137. Help!! Prom ask
  138. I need dating help
  139. Panic (Help!)
  140. How to meet people
  141. Well...it's weird
  142. Difficult situation about a girl
  143. Help moving on...
  144. I'm still single, is that normal?
  145. I fucked up
  146. How do I gain his trust?
  147. I'm worried about a girl i'm in a relationship with getting back with her ex?
  148. I'm dating a guy and he's a bit of a dick.
  149. I need help (girls)
  150. boyfriend problems
  151. I don't know what to do
  152. Can't Deny This Kid
  153. Crush has a Prom date and I'm alone
  154. Prom dilemma, please help
  155. Junior prom
  156. First Impression with Limited Time
  157. UPDATE: "Crush has a Prom date and I'm alone" thread
  158. suggestions on how to make ex feel better about having left her?
  159. Most attractive hair color poll
  160. Not sure what to do :(
  161. My heart and brain are tearing each other apart.
  162. I'll never get a boyfriend.
  163. Chat Rooms?
  164. Survey for girls about boys' looks
  165. Is this normal?
  166. Obsessing over a girl
  167. Love?
  168. Am I not destine for married life?
  169. Girls are your bfs possessive of you showing your body?
  170. Im so confused
  171. Obsession
  172. Problems with a girl
  173. Crazy love
  174. Omg my friend asked me out!!!!!
  175. I can't talk to guys?
  176. First actual makeout
  177. Advice for asking a girl out?
  178. I need help with this girl stuff
  179. Save yourself for marriage
  180. This guy and I
  181. Is High School a good way to make relationships
  182. I don't know what to do
  183. I'm confused
  184. 18 year old male needs help
  185. It's so weird...
  186. This girl
  187. wtf??
  188. Please help, I don't know what to do or think!
  189. Help?
  190. How do you ask a girl to prom
  191. Girls: Safe days for sex
  192. Crushing on my best friend
  193. Need help
  194. Do I meet the other guy or not?
  195. Is it worth it?
  196. Her dad won't let her date?
  197. Too shy to talk to my crush
  198. Sex before Examinations
  199. I'm so nervous
  200. Boyfriend wants me to switch from briefs to boxer shorts