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  1. What did my dream meant?
  2. Reason why im afraid to have sex
  3. Why am I so stupid?
  4. Never had a girlfriend... am I attractive?
  5. Soooo, Do i look ok? (curious)
  6. Railfanning or dating
  7. Am I a bad friend??
  8. I am clueless what to do, she is acting strange....I need help asap.
  9. My best friend is in love with me
  10. Should I go for the girl I work with
  11. She said yes now what
  12. Going on a date tommorw night
  13. How can I talk to this guy more??
  14. She's so hard to read...
  15. I feel conflicted about sex and affection
  16. Crush after an year?
  17. Guy looks wherever I look?
  18. Guy put hand on my waist?
  19. Im back from my date
  20. What makes a girl attractive?
  21. ahhh
  22. I don't talk to anyone, because of some bad past issues and a little more
  23. I really like this girl, but..
  24. Online relationship - was I stupid?
  25. "Hey babe" meaning
  26. Best option??
  27. If you loved someone who was overweight, would you want them to be in better shape?
  28. Girls
  29. does he like me?
  30. Completely clueless when it comes to dates ...
  31. Wow i feel like a man whore..
  32. Finally found her.. Now what?
  33. Why tf do girls take forever to respond
  34. Should I?
  35. Do I break it off?
  36. I have a crush on another guy in my class
  37. super blocked/having problems understanding what she means?
  38. Started off being friends in same school
  39. Crush
  40. Need advice
  41. Dating someone more experienced
  42. Some Confirmation
  43. KEEPER or a PLAYER? Need help ASAP.
  44. How long did you wait
  45. Guy hitting on me??
  46. Why would guy unbotton shirt?
  47. Really upset right now
  48. Is this unattractive?
  49. Touching
  50. Help me....
  51. Broke up with my boyfriend
  52. Should i break up after a year?? :(
  53. My fiance left me
  54. I loved my girlfriend's ex-boyfriend
  55. Relationship coming to an end?
  56. Need advice!!
  57. Is It Over
  58. Is chemistry mutual?
  59. Help
  60. Liking a straight guy :(
  61. Dont know what to do
  62. Finding someone to date
  63. "You're an awesome person but I don't see myself with anyone right now."
  64. Is it weird/creepy for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old?
  65. Start of a long relationship
  66. I'm at a point where I don't know what to do anymore.
  67. Sneaking around
  68. Why would he do that?
  69. How to tell my parents about a ldr
  70. a relationship with a really nice guy that I just got out of
  71. Dating
  72. Do I tell her?
  73. Gay/straight crush problem
  74. help im going crazy !!
  75. Why is it so hard for me to talk to girls?
  76. Weekend from Hell
  77. Can I pretend nothing happened with boy in my class
  78. Am I crazy for thinking I love her?
  79. Is this my fault
  80. advice needed very hurt
  81. What do I do?
  82. Confidence tips?
  83. advice...
  84. Is he a FBoy????
  85. Don't know what to do anymore
  86. I have feelings for a girl 4 years my junior
  87. Help I'm really confused!
  88. Dating someone younger Ok?
  89. Help please!!!
  90. Left on read
  91. Toxic Relationships
  92. Feelings for an ex :(
  93. what am i doing wrong :(
  94. A very awkward sort of problem.
  95. Not sure if this is socially acceptable...
  96. My first "real" ex (HELP)
  97. She may be out of my league...
  98. Help Please!- Boy Trouble!
  99. Nobody gives me a chance, ever.
  100. I like this guy, however there's this older guy...
  101. What To Do About Appearance?
  102. Opinions please on our culture?
  103. Why I've never been dated?
  104. Pegging? Don't look it up
  105. I have a crush on a friend... help
  106. Getting Married
  107. How to not mess things up?
  108. My ex... getting back together?
  109. I don't know what to do?
  110. She likes me and I like her but...
  111. Why do alway girls from the internet fall in love with me?
  112. Is He into me?
  113. 18 year old and 15 year old?
  114. I Am Going CRAZY
  115. 18 year old virgin
  116. Do I go on a date with a girl and then ask her to be my gf or vice versa?
  117. How to tell my boyfriend....
  118. If a guy accepts to do duo with you does he like you?
  119. Can't stand the guilt
  120. Me and my crush issues
  121. I've never met this girl but she's coming on strong
  122. Getting over my crush?
  123. Halp life is confusios......
  124. I have this feeling
  125. This girl at my school.
  126. What does a girl feel when she sees a man who she finds physically attractive?
  127. what am i doing?
  128. I've completely lost my shit
  129. Online
  130. Moved On To Fast
  131. 19 year old girl and 16 year old boy
  132. Is it sexist to open doors for girls/women?
  133. First kiss?
  134. My friend push me to hit that girl.
  135. Is it weird?
  136. My best friend kissed my girlfriend
  137. Has she forgotten about me?
  138. First potential relationship nerves, advice?
  139. What do I do?
  140. Mixed Signals? Any advice?
  141. I don't know what I feel
  142. Advice Needed for a Shy Guy
  143. Crushed
  144. Ex gf
  145. My first
  146. Minimum you would wait before dating someone?
  147. Has she destroyd everything? Or is it me
  148. What's the right thing to do?
  149. does popularity influence who you date
  150. Kissing Help
  151. Do you guys know what this means
  152. Boyfriend
  153. I was just kissed for the first time
  154. Getting sex positions wrong
  155. You guys think this doesn't mean anything?
  156. I really like him, but I don't know if it's okay
  157. Can't tell if she likes me...
  158. If a girl did this what does it mean?
  159. Why did she do this???
  160. You guys think this doesn't mean anything?
  161. Does my crush at work like me?
  162. Boyfriend
  163. Confused from his texts
  164. Do you guys know why she did this
  165. Why it might be a good idea to take a break from the dating game .
  166. Braces
  167. Why is she doing this??
  168. Two options: what do I do??
  169. how did u meet your bf/gf
  170. Is this a date?
  171. Confused on status
  172. Did he like me?
  173. Is this a phase or am I srsly not interested anymore
  174. Dating a younger girl
  175. Girl is giving me a lot of attention. I'm wondering if she likes me.
  176. Losing myself. Looking for experienced advicers :(
  177. A Girl Admits She Has a Crush on Me, I don't know what to do
  178. Shit at relationships
  179. People bore me?
  180. Does she want to say me something with this WhatsApp Status?
  181. Friend has me confused
  182. Relationship problems
  183. I need some help
  184. Falling in love with someone maybe you shouldn't???
  185. Reconcile with ex-girlfriend?
  186. Tinder
  187. Getting to next base
  188. Not sure what to do???
  189. This Girl Bruh.
  190. Messages
  191. Do I turn him on too much?..
  192. Boyfriend wants me to watch him have sex with another guy
  193. How to get somewhere?
  194. heart broke and starting college
  195. Is My Girlfriend Right For Me?
  196. Getting into first relationship
  197. I think my friend may like me.
  198. Do you use a condom every time?
  199. Holiday hook ups
  200. Is my gf being unreasonable?