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  1. fat/chubby boys
  2. My crushes good friend is acting weird all of a sudden. Why do you this is happening?
  3. boys flirting
  4. To Move on or try and get her again?
  5. How Can You Tell if a Boy Likes You and/or is Flirting With You?
  6. Did That Mean Something?
  7. Places to date and meet other teens
  8. Do I have a chance with either of these girls
  9. Underlying message?
  10. should i tell about The guy i like
  11. Do you think this guy is interested in me?
  12. Girl I Love Keeps Hurting Me
  13. How to know if a girl likes you.
  14. Should I bother?
  15. Is it strange that I am excited by guys who are much taller and stronger than me?
  16. Missing my ex?...
  17. I dont like dating at all.
  18. Boyfriend being innapropriate in public?
  19. How do I tell if a girl likes me ?
  20. the ex
  21. I am too shy to approach a super-hot guy
  22. casual sex vs love in a 1.5 year relationship
  23. Is it ok to invite someone else to homecoming if first says no?
  24. Do you believe this story?
  25. Do all couples argue?
  26. How do you know if a GUY likes you?
  27. Should I chase her?
  28. How to forget them? (gay stuff)
  29. Relationship help please.
  30. Dating your best friend?
  31. Being Used.
  32. Nothing but rejection
  33. I'm going to die alone
  34. What does this guy in my class mean with this behaviour?
  35. OMG crush said hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. why are american high school relationships so cute
  37. Why Do I Miss My Ex?
  38. Sometimes...
  39. Help, I can't choose between 2 girls
  40. Parents causing problems for relationship
  41. Sex with a married guy
  42. The useless nice guy...
  43. Alcohol plus relationship equals bad
  44. The one and only
  45. Mean or not?
  46. First Crush? Help. I feel weird!
  47. Enlightenment.
  48. Going for it
  49. Attraction
  50. Conversation
  51. Is she showing subtle signs of liking me?
  52. Confused Best Friend
  53. So much....I can't believe this...
  54. help with guy (gay)
  55. How to start talking to this girl
  56. Impression or not?
  57. A bit of a issue for me *REALLY LENGTHY ISSUE*
  58. Move on from 1st love
  59. Urgent! Should I go out with this guy?
  60. Getting back together after break up?
  61. (Insanely long) Can't stop thinking about/obsessing over this girl. Ruining my life.
  62. Is intuition always right?
  63. Annoying friend wont stop bi***ing about being lonely
  64. Moving on
  65. What does it mean when a girl asks caring type questions?
  66. Why is my crushes friends acting this way?
  67. My boyfriend dumped my for church
  68. Need advice
  69. Do I wait?
  70. Im In A Bad Situation! Help
  71. How Do I Tell Her?? (Girls Can Probably Help Best)
  72. Approaching a cute girl on my bus?
  73. Why does she act so outgoing around other guys except me?
  74. I Need Some Advice From Girls
  75. Need advice!
  76. Special meaning?
  77. there is a guy....
  78. please help me with this crisis!!
  79. Should I askthis girl on a date? And if so, how?
  80. Hellllpppppp
  81. Did He Want To Stay Up And Talk?
  82. Oh girls...
  83. Is It OK?
  84. Placing my hand on the middle lower back of the girl I like. Was it wrong?
  85. I cant pick between three -_-
  86. Worried that I'll end up being a pedophile!
  87. I asked him out and he said yes.
  88. Help!
  89. Long distance help needed....
  90. Does He Really Still Want To Be Best Friends?
  91. How to 'approach' a girl?
  92. How to get over a straight girl?
  93. How to get over a straight girl?
  94. Year 10 and Year 8
  95. Should I?
  96. What Should I Do?
  97. Should I take my dads advice?
  98. Do girls become more brave to approach a guy if he makes eye contact with them first?
  99. Worst pain I've ever felt in my life.
  100. A Guy
  101. Girl wants to go to dance with me
  102. Help me please how do i fix this :(
  103. How to talk up a girl?
  104. Gaining confidence?
  105. Weird feelings when I tell myself my crush likes me and doesn't like me.
  106. Need help with a girl and texting
  107. gay LDR
  108. Interested?
  109. Would a girl rly wanna know?
  110. I really like this guy...
  111. Why does my crush act outgoing around all other guys and acts quiet around me?
  112. Male height
  113. Hate my life
  114. Advice on getting up the courage to ask a girl out
  115. Do I have a chance with her? Help?
  116. messed up a perfect moment
  117. Hooking up with a good friend's ex
  118. And it happens again....
  119. How?
  120. Bus crush anybody?
  121. It's just this girl...
  122. So, there's this guy at my school...
  123. Girls would u date
  124. Teenage Relationships and Parents.
  125. Confused About Sex
  126. why am i being such a coward
  127. When to kiss a girl
  128. Why do boys act that way?
  129. How to say no??
  130. How to kiss?
  131. My girlfriend wants to go to homecoming...
  132. I think this girl likes me...
  133. My crush deleted me from snapchat but I don't know why.
  134. Flirting
  135. I've written a song for my ex
  136. Feeling jealous
  137. How can you tell you are in love?
  138. What kind of ex are you?
  139. Mistake of my life
  140. Feel like it never gonna happen
  141. Why Do I Worry? Is It Supposed to Mean Something?
  142. too good to be true?
  143. I can't stop thinking about her
  144. Bromance or Romance?
  145. Don't you hate it when...
  146. When trust is broken.
  147. Why would my friend act this way towards me and then reject me? What should I do?
  148. What should I do...?
  149. Two Best Friends
  150. Help
  151. What does "suit up" mean?
  152. Older BF
  153. Dumb question but... Who should I ask to the dance?
  154. Stuff and things
  155. Same Old Story
  156. How to tell if you've been friend zoned?
  157. How do I keep this long distance relationship up?
  158. Interacial relationships
  159. Part 2...
  160. Problems
  161. Why LDRs?
  162. I do and I don't
  163. In a bit of a pickle.
  164. How to know if girl likes you
  165. dating survey / girls only
  166. Never been with a girl
  167. Weird Enough?
  168. What the heck is flirting?
  169. friends for 11 years
  170. Homecoming?
  171. Do I need to be perfect?
  172. Should I ask the new kid to Sadie's?
  173. Dating
  174. In love with straight best friend
  175. Help!
  176. Dating your friend's ex
  177. Girls....why?
  178. How well & How much
  179. suspicion in a relationship
  180. They Say It's the Hardest
  181. gay dating
  182. How long does it take you to get over a crush.
  183. Guy friend treating me differently since we had sex?
  184. Great, now i'm confused
  185. Girl I like was flirting with me and my friend
  186. Crush on someone 4 years older than me.
  187. Is she interested or not?
  188. Help with friend
  189. Umm what....
  190. No Reply
  191. Meeting people online
  192. confused, should i?
  193. Liking
  194. Guy on the bus
  195. Body language signs that he's interested
  196. How do I sexually stimulate my boyfriend?
  197. I still think about my ex girlfriend..
  198. So fucking confused
  199. Help!
  200. crushes