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  1. tell us three good things about your lover!
  2. Need help!!!!
  3. What to do regarding relationships is you're really unattractive?
  4. Found someone I like - what now?
  5. First Date
  6. How do you feel about someone being awkward/weird/shy
  7. ☀GIRLS/GUYS☀: Do you think she likes me or Just used me?
  8. My 2 best friends :S
  9. Finally venting out
  10. splitting from long term(ish) partner:(
  11. Confession kills friendship? She's moving...
  12. Guys confessing to girls, guys
  13. Discribe this
  14. How To Get Girlfriend Back
  15. Girls: Would you fancy a guy you don't see much?
  16. gay dating help
  17. She says she has feelings for me.
  18. Crush survey: 13-15, girls and boys
  19. Is he as into me as i am into him
  20. How to have an interesting conversation?
  21. A line
  22. worried
  23. heyy, a little help here?
  24. Cheating :(
  25. Need an opinion on this please!
  26. Cute Boys??
  27. Can a senior girl date a freshman boy?
  28. There's a girl I like but ...
  29. Dating a close friend....
  30. I'm confused and need help "kissing"
  31. I really like my friend's girlfriend. Need Help!
  32. Long distance please help!
  33. Dating Standards and Ideal Mate Survey
  34. relationship problems
  35. Was I wrong not to ask her out after she said she want doing much during the holidays
  36. Not sure what to do
  37. Kissing on the first date....
  38. Should I tell him that I have feelings for him?
  39. Long Distance (Please Answer)
  40. Polyamory (Mostly Geared Around Closed Relationships)
  41. Is It Safe??
  42. Winched my best friend
  43. Boy Trouble!
  44. What is she trying to tell me? Boys and girls opinions wanted!
  45. A female opinion
  46. Why do people cheat?
  47. I have a bad case of what I believe is puppy love. Any advice?
  48. To creep or not to creep
  49. The perfect date
  50. After telling her I like her, I am uncertain...
  51. she is confusing
  52. Is she really into me??
  53. How do I?
  54. Hard to even find a girl
  55. Is it my gut feeling telling me she likes me?
  56. My Crush
  57. miss him too much...
  58. Is there any chance our friendship could become anything more?
  59. The first one
  60. A guy, my crush
  61. 2 ways
  62. Am I shallow?
  63. Departing soon...
  64. Is it a clue?
  65. How to Fill The Alone Part
  66. Favourite thing about opposite sex?
  67. What is this?
  68. I do not understand girls....
  69. Am I The Worst Person Ever?
  70. I don't know what to think anymore
  71. Do I have a chance at finding anyone?
  72. how to ask someone of the same sex?
  73. How
  74. Does she like me or just see me as a friend?
  75. I am interested in my boss
  76. Mom moved in with another Woman
  77. My Brother Friend
  78. I don't know who to choose. Help?
  79. Not ready for sex
  80. What should I do?
  81. Had sex with a guy then fakin' that you're preggers
  82. Crushes on Teachers
  83. I want to kiss my gf
  84. What's your Relationship Statues
  85. Going away for college
  86. Friendzone
  87. Your dream opposite gender person
  88. Don't You Just Wish You Had Someone of Your Own?
  89. Self Esteem, and Post-Relationship Issues
  90. What are we??
  91. How to get gf or bf
  92. Not physically attracted to this girl, but something is pushing me to her
  93. Just wanna know
  94. Lost in Love
  95. Love before a relationship??
  96. Do you think middle schoolers are too young to date?
  97. The weird me.
  98. Is it just me
  99. Need a bit of advice with my ex
  100. Girls: What do you find the most annoying or unattractive in a guy?
  101. Did it happen too fast?
  102. Getting Over Someone
  103. A question
  104. Hmm
  105. virgin in love
  106. Help! :'(
  107. My dad told me girls like guys who annoy them. Is this true?
  108. What do you think she's doing?
  109. What does this mean
  110. types for gay guys
  111. I really like this girl..
  112. What to do
  113. Making a Move
  114. How to tell her?
  115. Relationship troubles, advice?
  116. Any tips, please? (And yes, it's a long post)
  117. She's ignoring me?
  118. Telling a girl I like her and asking her out.
  119. Girls what is the catch?
  120. My Friend
  121. my friend
  122. Help does he like me
  123. How To Define The Relationship?
  124. advice please
  125. Ex Boyfriend Kept Glancing at Me
  126. Help on asking for someone's number/to go on a date?
  127. Girls with "curious" boyfriends
  128. Going to a party and crush will be there
  129. Long Distance?
  130. Met Girl on Social Media
  131. Relationship urges
  132. Why doesn't the girl I like reply to my snapchats or like my photos?
  133. If you are/were a cheat ...
  134. Girls are weird.
  135. Are online relationships worth it?
  136. Does she like me still or what?
  137. In a relationship, can a girl be older than the boy?
  138. First time making out, any tips?
  139. Question for girls
  140. How to tell if a shy girl likes you or sees you as a friend?
  141. whats the sweetest thing a guy or your crush has done for you? (gays and bis only)
  142. What is considered cheating and how to get over a heartbreak?
  143. Never had experience with any girl
  144. When do relationships become exclusive?
  145. Guy told me it was wrong to do this to the girl I like. Is he right?
  146. This is what i did for my girlfriend, did i do something good?
  147. Wth is this???????!
  148. Emotionally Lazy
  149. Should I ask her out?
  150. Need help getting over a girl.
  151. How should I approach this?
  152. Help me let this go for good, support needed please :)
  153. GIRLS: Flirting random
  154. Hook Up Help
  155. Attracted to friend. Help!
  156. Need tips on flirting
  157. Question on age gap.
  158. Just want a relationship, someone to talk to
  159. Approaching a girl...
  160. Ask a girl on a date
  161. Asian girlfriend's parents won't let her see me
  162. How to talk to a girl?
  163. Girls?
  164. Problem with my friend
  165. Is it okay?
  166. Ideal for Society is not Ideal for Me.
  167. How Do You Know If You Have A Crush?
  168. In love with a college girl
  169. Why am I losing faith in my LDR?
  170. OMG I can't get this girl out of my head
  171. What is the deal with me?
  172. Ask a girl on a date problem!
  173. Confusing Guy.... IDEK
  174. A very strange relationship
  175. Is this something different than the average crush? PLEASE READ!
  176. I think I'm in love
  177. Need Advice From Girls On How To Approach Them
  178. Finding it hard to fall for people.
  179. Dating a girl with fake boobies or fake bra inserts
  180. Worries over girl
  181. How To Make Any Girl Your Friend In 60 Days.
  182. My girlfriend is actively avoiding me....
  183. girlfriend
  184. how long to wait?
  185. Relationships AREN'T ABOUT SEX!
  186. First BJ....
  187. I gave it to you, now you give it to me.
  188. Relationship...
  189. Should I move on or wait? (LONG READ)
  190. Normal to be 14 and never had sex/been in a serious relationship?
  191. stuck and don't know what to do
  192. Social Experiment.
  193. Not sure whether to carry it on or not
  194. Arguing with your partner
  195. Prom
  196. Good Or Bad? You Tell Me
  197. I just want to forget her
  198. what do I do?
  199. how to get his attention ?
  200. The First Serious One