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  1. Dominant/Submissive
  2. I've Been Holding This In From All of You. Please Help. What do I do? :(
  3. I wish I could "un-meet" him just to not worry about losing a great friend...
  4. opinion on a relationship from online?
  5. Is this girl losing interest in me?
  6. Help! Crumbling relationship.
  7. that mother f***er
  8. Is it time to move on?
  9. I'm just plain crazy about a lot of things baby, but I'm ten times crazier about you.
  10. Songs
  11. [SOLVED] Need help asking out a girl over skype
  12. how important is sex for u in your relation?
  13. Girls will you help me out
  14. need girls advice
  15. Is There a Chance for us...?
  16. 1st world problems, and a Conundrum.
  17. Friendly Competion
  18. Girls I need your help
  19. need an opinion
  20. How to ask out a girl and get her number?
  21. Is she losing interest in me or does she still like me?
  22. Online dating???
  23. Relationship Survey
  24. Awkward
  25. important survey (girls only)
  26. Need help..
  27. I want to ask out a girl but I think she might be straight??
  28. Age difference?
  29. She knows I like her so what now?
  30. Getting a girlfrined
  31. Help
  32. What should I do?
  33. Be "Crazy"
  34. How to end a relationship?
  35. Is snapchatting cheating?
  36. Help, please!
  37. relationship problems
  38. Why do I get this weird feeling when ...?
  39. I need some help
  40. Trust issues
  41. Text flirting tips?
  42. Is this a normal relationship?
  43. a little help from girls please
  44. Girls help please
  45. Shiting a brick
  46. When can I be sure im over her?
  47. I am I bring paranoid/overprotective?
  48. Unsure what to call this.....
  49. finding a match, music the way to start?
  50. how?
  51. Huge Crush On Girl But confused
  52. the nice guy
  53. Crush on teacher
  54. Advice for a Boy (Girls, please answer!)
  55. First 'real' relationship
  56. My boyfriend (bisexual)
  57. Heavy hearted
  58. Any advice?
  59. Torn Between the Two
  60. Harassment?
  61. Is this normal?
  62. how do i get started?
  63. Asking out
  64. Girls: Do you like indian guys?
  65. clothes that will help me find a nice girl to date
  66. Never been in a relationship?
  67. Should i ask her?
  68. First kiss
  69. parents
  70. Help with the girl I have been liking for a long time. How to ask a girl out?
  71. nervous
  72. Really nervous about asking out the girl I like. Please help.
  73. Is it wrong?
  74. Depressed about relationship
  75. Overreacting?
  76. Your first kiss story
  77. Is it easier to flirt with a guy rather than a girl?
  78. cheating
  79. Is this bad?
  80. I think she's cheating
  81. For girls
  82. Confidence
  83. Girls,how do you like boy to meet you?
  84. The flow of things...
  85. Relationship with her
  86. just a blog i need to get out deppressing
  87. This Girl i met...
  88. Is this a good Relationship or not :(
  89. How to get over someone?
  90. Me and my ex.( Pretty long)
  91. First Kiss
  92. LADIES! How do I respond to compliments?
  93. In your opinion how Much of an age difference is ok
  94. Why is she doing this?
  95. the thiird wheel
  96. Chivalry is dead?
  97. Should I ask her out/Does she like me?
  98. Basically...
  99. Girl sleeping on my shoulder
  100. Problems in my vision of the relationship
  101. Relationship advice
  102. Do u find guys who cage/mma fight attractive
  103. Girls: is it a turnoff that I'm 14 almost 15 abs never had a gf?
  104. She is making me so confused if she likes me back or not.
  105. Is it alright to just tell a girl I like her if i'm friends with her for about a year
  106. What should I do?
  107. Still like this girl even though we broke up ages ago
  108. Should I keep convincing her?
  109. Does my bf want sex?
  110. I need some help!
  111. Girlfriend and Condom
  112. Gf is pregnant
  113. I just don't want to get punched in the head
  114. Girlfriend keeps making comments about my penis being small?
  115. Does asking out a girl mean asking her to be my girlfriend?
  116. i need some help im confused
  117. Looking for a bit of advice
  118. Get rid of close female friend for gf?
  119. Help
  120. boyfriend
  121. Ughh
  122. So there's this girl
  123. My parents tell me that the girl I like and her friends staring mean nothing. Help?
  124. Meeting a crush for the first time! Help me out please!
  125. Does this connect together and mean something?
  126. sad/relation ship/gay/online?
  127. Didn't know where to put this, input girl/boy needed, long story bare with me pleas
  128. what to think?
  129. He got crazy! I don't how to feel about this!
  130. Confuzzled!!!
  131. input girl/boy needed, long story bare with me please
  132. This Amazing Girl!!
  133. Going into High School
  134. Help please, right now!?!?!
  135. First kiss
  136. too old or not?
  137. Please help me!!!
  138. My relationship: Aftermath
  139. Need some advice
  140. Girl/boy input needed, long story bare with me,I am currently in 8th grade by the way
  141. Not really compatible
  142. Ok weird Question?
  143. Please help, quick!
  144. How to put yourself out there?
  145. Long distance, traveling. Need some help.
  146. Am I silly?
  147. Help please, again!?!?!
  148. Going to ask the girl I like out. What do you think she will say?
  149. relationship problems.
  150. Relationship and survey
  151. Best friends sister
  152. Girlfriend trouble
  153. Crush problems
  154. Travel issues
  155. Too fast? Should I take a chance? Your experiences, help!
  156. Asked a girl out! But actually dont like her
  157. Friends with Benefits
  158. GIRLS: What impresses you/endears you to a guy?
  159. Was afraid/shy to approach her.
  160. Girl/boy input needed, long story bare with me, need advice HELP please
  161. I need some held D:
  162. Should I go for it?
  163. Difficult choice between girls
  164. Crush Help
  165. This situation presents a chance, how to make use of it?
  166. What should I do about this guy? Plus, do you think his atitude is normal?
  167. question
  168. Nudists
  169. Think I did right!
  170. heyy everyone, im just curious about some things?
  171. I really need help dealing with an old friend!
  172. Dating help... >.<
  173. Does he like me or not? (I'm so confused)?
  174. The perfect girl
  175. Still Miss Her
  176. Being Still
  177. First Kiss Fear?
  178. Should I trust the girl who knows my crush when finding out if my crush likes me?
  179. Texting
  180. Is this normal! HELP!
  181. I sick and tired of being the "cute little brother"
  182. really want to move on
  183. Men bi
  184. Ugh can't belived this happened to me :L
  185. My Girlfriend Problem (Texting)
  186. Sophomore
  187. Question/Little Survey for Gay/Bi Guys Who Have Boyfriends.
  188. Why does this girl keep looking at me?
  189. My Gf night not be into me anymore!!??
  190. I feel guilty
  191. "long" distance dating
  192. I think I might be falling in love with my bestfriend?
  193. The girl I like now knows I like her. After finding out, she is smiling at me a lot.
  194. Help Urgent*
  195. Girls! Relationship advice please!
  196. What do girls think
  197. First meeting
  198. I'm confused
  199. just met her online....
  200. Do girls care if guys have braces?