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  1. Internet relationships and hopeless romantic?
  2. how does one go about asking a girl out?
  3. Best to do?
  4. So upset over this
  5. Online Relationship.
  6. A Hole in my heart
  7. What can I do?
  8. so confuddled, should i ask him out ?
  9. confused? lost I always have issues with girls lol need help
  10. Hi good news
  11. How can I eventually ask this girl out?
  12. How can I make this girl my girlfriend?
  13. Need help with this girl!!!
  14. Boy asked me
  15. Never talked with this girl in my live but..
  16. How do I approach this?
  17. How do I do this?
  18. Rejection...
  19. Is it ok?
  20. Hi please I want girls opinions
  21. When do we become bf/gf?
  22. Would this be wrong?
  23. I need help winning this girl over!
  24. diffrent countrys but I wanna meet her
  25. Need help
  26. Should i message her? Would it be creepy?
  27. what should I do?
  28. Answer!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Alone
  30. I need a boyfriend:'(
  31. friends w/benefits
  32. Would you rather have a relationship with...
  33. Is she lying? (distressed atm)
  34. I think she lied, what to do? answers, thoughts, and advice please!
  35. I have so many friends, but I feel so lonely
  36. Is this weird?
  37. Friend Zone Advice
  38. Is it better to ask out a teenage girl or tell her that you really like her?
  39. What are the signs that a girl really likes someone else and not me?
  40. My Survey
  41. Is it wrong for a guy to be too nice to the girl they like?
  42. I like him.........
  43. Why is it so hard to find a girl who I really like who likes me back the same way?
  44. A year younger boy
  45. Is she loosing interest in me?
  46. Dating tips for a shy guy
  47. I'm in love with a guy and a girl at the same time
  48. Am I Losing My Best Friend?
  49. when is the best step?
  50. Attachment Problems
  51. What do you think?
  52. Kissing in Public
  53. Fat guy in a little coat?
  54. Kiss?
  55. Has she broken the touch barrier or is it just a friendly gesture?
  56. Guys, is it possible for a girl friend to confess to you without it becoming awkward?
  57. blinded by the light
  58. How do you approach a guy~?
  59. Online relationships?
  60. Complicated and confessed :'(
  61. What does it mean when guys wolf whistle at you?
  62. What is my next step?
  63. Girl says awwww after I tell her I like someone
  64. Friends Gf
  65. Romantically Awkward?
  66. Nice guys finish last. Why?
  67. Sneaking into Gay Clubs
  68. Girl problems... She doesnt text first anymore. Real confused!
  69. Another 'Does she like me?' thread
  70. I don't know what to do...
  71. Finding a BF While in the closet? (sort of)
  72. Asking girl out..
  73. I feel like a pet...
  74. complicated relationship and anxiousness
  75. confront her she plays games/hard to get im 16 shes 17 I like her?
  76. I'm stumped and need help
  77. faithful
  78. I don't understand why this happens?
  79. My first crush
  80. Help with my crush
  81. Holding Hands
  82. Help please. Don't know what to do
  83. Austrilian people
  84. First move?
  85. How to tell if a girl likes you?
  86. Best Place for a First Day
  87. What is the best way to ask a girl out?
  88. I asked a boy if he liked me..?
  89. Is it alright to ask a girl out if you know a little about them?
  90. If I ask out a girl is it true that she will only go out with me that after not talk
  91. Catholic guy and jewish girl. Could this be a problem...
  92. Pick up lines ;)
  93. I like this girl...
  94. Friends Sister
  95. anyone fallen in love with a mystery man/woman
  96. Asking a girl out? A few questions...
  97. Looking for this really beautiful girl
  98. Love at first sight? Never even met him.
  99. How to meet nice guys?
  100. A girl really likes me, but I'm not interested.
  101. I like a foreign coworker.
  102. Girls: Do you find indian guys attractive
  103. Looking for a relationship...
  104. How to talk to girls
  105. Talking to hot girls
  106. When to do what
  107. Why does it seem it only happens to me?
  108. Crush
  109. What does a surprise hug from behind mean?
  110. Conflicted
  111. There is this guy i like...
  112. Problem
  113. Serious Problem.
  114. This Girl...
  115. Boy Friend!(:
  116. How do I know
  117. Need Some Advice
  118. Age gaps?
  119. What now?!
  120. are they cheating ?
  121. I'm confused.
  122. Asking out the girl I likeÖ
  123. my boyfriend
  124. Hi, please reply to this?
  125. Being Single Is REALLY Starting To Make Me Depressed
  126. General question
  127. Virtual School Dating Problems
  128. What am I supposed to do!
  129. What am I supposed to do!
  130. What type of girl/boy do you like?
  131. Does she like me more than friends?
  132. she is smart :(
  133. Confessing your feelings for someone... Over instant messanger?
  134. I really like this girl but I don't know what to do!
  135. Feelings coming back...
  136. The girl I like is going with another guy to the school ball, should I be worried?
  137. What am I going to do :( ?
  138. Anxiety in relationships
  139. long distance relationships
  140. Is there anything I can do?
  141. my first bf
  142. Need help rejected but stares not imagining it she really is staring what should I do
  143. Need help rejected but stares not imagining it she really is staring what should I do
  144. what kind of guy are you in to
  145. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  146. Iím so confused, and donít know what to :(
  147. Iím so confused, and donít know what to :(
  148. need some advice
  149. Do you find me Attractive?
  150. How does a relationship even start?
  151. Does he like me or not?
  152. Solutions
  153. Possibly the Most Pathetic Story/Questions Ever:
  154. Possibly the Most Pathetic Story/Questions Ever:
  155. I donít think Iíll ever get a girlfriend
  156. im a bfg haha
  157. Need Adivce On Relationship Struggles
  158. my very secret crush
  159. Ex's that are friends?
  160. how long was your longest relationship?
  161. Red Headed Guys
  162. Four years of waiting. How should I say it?
  163. Cute things you do with your significant other!
  164. Anyone find my predicament strange?
  165. how does this work
  166. My crushes friends are telling me that my crush likes me.
  167. Holding hands
  168. Friends or More???
  169. Experimenting
  170. What am I doing wrong?
  171. I asked my crush out but...?
  172. Thanks to the Community/Any Advice?
  173. Got a question for girls.
  174. "the friend zone"
  175. Hard to get? A true story going on since Fall.
  176. Help!!!!!!
  177. Is this weird?
  178. So i like this girl...
  179. Stereotypes disgust me...
  180. Crush help?
  181. I'm interested in your opinion.
  182. Asking out someone youve known for awhile
  183. need advice
  184. hot for bf. help
  185. Feelings or just Hormones?
  186. Dumped after 11months
  187. Did I ask my crush out the right way?
  188. What Do I do??
  189. Need some advice
  190. Is this a really good sign?
  191. My relationship
  192. Is he shy or just not interested?
  193. How should I overcome shyness?
  194. Why isn't he replying to my text?
  195. Help me
  196. Is it better if I ask her when she is available to go out with me?
  197. Moving, long ways.
  198. How do I get my mom to let me spend the weekend with my boyfriend?
  199. How can I win this girl's heart?
  200. Are you lonely? Have you ever felt lonely? Is it normal not to be lonely at all?