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  1. Manic Depression
  2. what is wrong with me? Too much thinking
  3. Visions of the past..
  4. Am i crazy?
  5. This has been on my mind for the last 2 years.
  6. Am I paranoid ???
  7. I Actually LIKE Labels.
  8. they wont stop
  9. Anger Issues
  10. Borderline Personality Disorder
  11. Memories of when i wasn't even born
  12. Thinking about quiting the meds
  13. lack of empathy
  14. Ptsd
  15. Computer addict
  16. Muscle Dysmorphia
  17. How do i tell
  18. Extreme Paranoia of judgement
  19. Do I have somehing?
  20. Anxiety
  21. Does it sound like I have anxiety/depression/bipolar disorder
  22. What does it mean to have Aspergers?
  23. Diagnosed with GAD, Severe Depression, e.c.t
  24. Chronic Low Mood
  25. Fear
  26. Going Craaazy
  27. Nightmares
  28. Mood fluctuations
  29. What happened to me?
  30. How can I ask for new medication?
  31. SSRI side effects
  32. Help! My friend wants to be crazy!
  33. BPD or Just mood swings?
  34. The Great Sociopath/Pschopath Thread
  35. How to find out if you have a mental illness
  36. What is schizoaffective disorder?
  37. Social Anxiety and Depression
  38. Understanding whats wrong with myself.
  39. Have you guys heard of selective mutism?
  40. Alexithymia
  41. i have my problems
  42. Complex PTSD?
  43. Asperger's and job interviews
  44. Ptsd
  45. Questions About Aspergers
  46. I feel that all my problems are because i'm an only child.
  47. Was I misdiagnosed with Aspergers?
  48. Nightmares Constantly
  49. Worst I've ever felt
  50. 3(4?) year auto phobia update
  51. Do i have an issue?
  52. Anger Problem
  53. I need some help.
  54. DID-like issue... kinda...
  55. I'm at a dead end.. I don't know what's wrong with me
  56. Not knowing who, or what I am...?
  57. Does anyone have any advice? Plz
  58. I'm Too Nice
  59. I am a maniac...sort of
  60. Does anyone else suffer from BPD?
  61. Baby or adult? What am I?
  62. Anyone else just confused about their life?
  63. does this mean
  64. What am I?
  65. anyone else
  66. I have a bit of a weird question.
  67. Ptsd
  68. random question
  69. Does this count as a mental disorder?
  70. Lacking Empathy
  71. Has anyone else been transformed into a jerk because of mental illness in general?
  72. what the heck is this
  73. Anxiety
  74. if you need to talk
  75. Have you ever been to a mental/psychiatric hospital?
  76. Maladaptive Daydreamer
  77. Ptsd?
  78. Help
  79. insomnia.
  80. wtf?!
  81. what kind of disorder is this?
  82. Psychiatrist
  83. High ambitions & mental confusion
  84. Overbearing jealousy
  85. I think I have PTSD - but I need help
  86. Should I give up on speech therapy?
  87. please help me out
  88. My Parents' Methods of Motivating Me
  89. Guess a Diagnosis?
  90. Autism
  91. scared now im out
  92. May i have other disorders?
  93. feeling empty all the time
  94. Soon I will be officially insane.....im scared....
  95. How do you tell your mom your scared of yourself?
  96. moderate-sever paranoia
  97. I think about sex almost all day every day and I can't stand being a virgin anymore..
  98. Tellin your parents about undiagnosed Asperger
  99. Could i have Bipolar?
  100. Help With Aspergers.
  101. My hole family is 10 kinds of nutts!
  102. Anyone else actually enjoy psychosis in a way?
  103. No inner voice and no "minds eye"!!!
  104. How to pick a good counselor?
  105. Cyclothymia?!
  106. Compulsive lying
  107. mental Hospital
  108. Is this the right place to place this? INSOMNIA ISSUES!
  109. What is happening
  110. Is this a mental issue? Or just my personality?
  111. Dont Feel
  112. Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  113. How do I show empathy?
  114. Questions about seeing a Psychologist
  115. Impulse Control Disorder
  116. what could I have?
  117. Psychologist questions and help.
  118. Empty.
  119. Is this a panic attack?
  120. Memory
  121. my channel for mental illness on youtube
  122. What's going on with my head?!
  123. im here? i guess i am - just a rant
  124. Masochistic?
  125. I think I might me crazy?
  126. more awarness videos soon
  127. the im a survivor project
  128. Lobotomy
  129. I think I'm having panic attacks
  130. Is it bad that I wanna shoot myself?
  131. Rage Addiction
  132. a add for my channel
  133. I get frustrated with specific sounds
  134. is this a mental disorder?
  135. I might have some form of autism.
  136. Social EXP
  137. What To Do About Violent Thoughts
  138. Question for non-American autistics
  139. I don't want to get over anxiety, has anyone ever felt like this?
  140. Broke Down at Work Today
  141. Confused
  142. I just don't care
  143. Borderline?
  144. Am I evolving into a psycopath/pyromaniac?
  145. Ptsd?
  146. Any psychopath here ???
  147. R.A.D
  148. Hiding
  149. I might have pstd
  150. I think I'm paranoid - constantly.
  151. Impulsive reactions.
  152. I'm addicted, can't focus on anything else
  153. Multiple personalities/imaginary friends
  154. Is this even a thing? (overactive imagination)
  155. constantly thinking that im dreaming
  156. Irrational phobia's
  157. What the hell have I done?
  158. what the hell?
  159. meds
  160. The neverending voices...
  161. What will she do with me
  162. I don't know anymore
  163. Extreme paranoia/distrust
  164. When I tell what will happen?
  165. What's Wrong With Me
  166. Aspergers....
  167. Is this even normal?
  168. any help is greatly appreciated right now...
  169. Helping People Get Through Things
  170. am i ok
  171. Do I need to see someone?
  172. Pathological Liar
  173. Probably Nothing, Still wondering.
  174. Little message to people who are struggling.
  175. What's My Issue??? What Illness Could I Have!!?!?
  176. Your Story - Everyone Contribute
  177. Psychopathic - depressed?
  178. feeling upset worried anxious just confused post here
  179. Major Depression/Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
  180. Why can't I let go
  181. dissociative and dp
  182. Confusing problem?
  183. Insomnia ughhh.
  184. What is normal?
  185. IED, BPD, Anxiety, I don't give a fuck
  186. Feel like I have social anxiety disorder...
  187. Ask me about my Depression
  188. aspergers syndrome
  189. dissociative ruining my short term memory
  190. Nymphomania
  191. Is it ok for me to flag up Dyslexia?
  192. anti depressant advice
  193. Wondering if I have PTSD [long post]
  194. Really Out of It
  195. Constantly Spacing Out
  196. What's your diagnosis?
  197. needing help
  198. Anxiety symptoms
  199. what can I do?
  200. Traumatized By a nightmare.