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  1. Jail time; what does it solve?
  2. When can a person be held responsible for another person's suicide
  3. Insensitivity in reporting crimes
  4. Verse of the week.
  5. Does identifying as a hyphenated American divide people?
  6. Want to become Jewish
  7. EU to force Turkey to remove the portraits of Kemal Atatürk
  8. Should parents be held responsible for their children's crimes?
  9. Compulsory voting
  10. Your Religion?
  11. Israel, the real problem?
  12. Communism?
  13. hijab
  14. Porn= eye cheating
  15. Should the US switch to the Metric System completely?
  16. Globalization: Is it a bad thing?
  17. Are other animals sentient beings?
  18. The War on Drugs
  19. Sex and Children.
  20. Effects of absent fathers on boys
  21. Do we have free will?
  22. IVF for older women
  23. Why isn't gore as much of a taboo as sex?
  24. Random Questions
  25. Open Gays in the Military and Showers/Sleeping Quarters
  26. Agnostics
  27. North Korea
  28. Lucid Dreaming.
  29. Johns vs Ivans
  30. Politician who is in touch but not smart or smart but out of touch
  31. Killing Spiders
  32. Up to what point is school necessary?
  33. Should Barack Obama seek re-election in 2012
  34. Futuristic Ramblings
  35. When should parents share responsibility when their children commit crimes
  36. The ACLU
  37. Do women deserve to be raped?
  38. What's the worst thing about the Tea Party?
  39. Who killed JFK?
  40. Halal Meat
  41. Energy Drinks Discussion
  42. Religion in the military
  43. Fahrenheit 451
  44. Religion and your personal life
  45. Men getting raped in prison
  46. 1984
  47. Debating by Premises
  48. Do you think there will be a Nuclear Apocalypse?
  49. Can't do anything about world supplies ?
  50. Tests in Schools
  51. New Religion
  52. "Multiverse" and Deja-Vu
  53. Is there a "war on women"?
  54. should marijuana be legalized?
  55. Hitler's Earlier Fascism...
  56. Suspension
  57. Artificial Intelligence.
  58. Your Political Party
  59. Without bad there is no good?
  60. Sex ed
  61. Getting drunk?
  62. If you were the Chancellor what would you do?
  63. Iraq and Afghanistan ?
  64. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  65. Internet censorship
  66. "Smaller government"
  67. What do you think of the new changes made in Texas History Textbooks
  68. Do counselors really help people?
  69. Wal-Mart
  70. What can we do to prevent people from becoming domestic abusers and sex offenders?
  71. Conceal and Carry Laws/Guns on College Campuses
  72. School Bullying
  73. Legalizing hard drugs
  74. Straight Edge Values
  75. Colleges/Universities Performing Background Checkson Prospective Students
  76. When it comes to cyberbullying should schools get involved?
  77. Should all people be required to serve in the military for a few years?
  78. Should tipping be necessary? Or should employers just pay minimum wage?
  79. Should unemployed work for benefits
  80. President Obama
  81. Jokes About Race, Sexuality, Sex, Disability, Etc.
  82. Is the E.U. a good thing?
  83. Republic of Indian Stream
  84. State of Deseret
  85. Fat Tax
  86. Video game regulation, parents or the government
  87. Should teens be allowed to trick-or-treat?
  88. illegal immigrants brought over here as children deported in adulthood
  89. Idea
  90. "Obamacare"
  91. Blaming the victim survey
  92. Masturbation is a sin
  93. What is with kids (12 and younger) having Facebook accounts?
  94. God's Power
  95. Government Involvement in the Economy
  96. Where now for Obama?
  97. Jesus' Death
  98. Octomom
  99. Smokers in a Tobacco Free Workplace
  100. What if Mexico declared war on America in WW1?
  101. France
  102. My greatly flawed but brilliant brainwave
  103. In-vitro fertilization for older women
  104. Respect should be earned
  105. Dude idk you why do you send me friend request?
  106. Drinking Age
  107. Who has it easier; girls or guys?
  108. Homosexuals - Born or Become?
  109. Is it OK to joke about topic even if offense is not intended
  110. USA should have a child limit
  111. Early Intercourse.
  112. Socialism
  113. Chinese Exclusion Act
  114. UK University Fees
  115. Does the First Amendment protect the Westboro Baptist Church's protests at funerals?
  116. Homicide charges when bullying leads to suicide?
  117. Is cyberbullying really a problem
  118. Do the Terminally Ill Have a Right to Die?
  119. Should bullying be Illegal?
  120. Dairy Farming D:<
  121. confused
  122. Homosexuality and other "abnormal" sex practices are considered abnormal because...
  123. Women in the Military
  124. 9 Questions Muslims should ask the World
  125. If we used all our brain...
  126. Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrest Laws
  127. Should voters be able to decide on issues such as same-sex marriage?
  128. What will people say at your funeral?
  129. Death, yours?
  130. 15 story hotel built in 6 days in China
  131. Taxing Overweight People
  132. Originality vs The Poseur
  133. Aliens
  134. Are you in favor of, or opposed to circumcision?
  135. Should the long term unemployed have to work to earn benefits?
  136. Non-citizen veterans who face deportation
  137. Can healthcare be reformed if the government is less involved
  138. Oh, The Irony
  139. Double Jeopardy
  140. Lucky charm
  141. blehh
  142. Boxxy's handbag sells for over $15,000
  143. What Triggered Big Bang, Religions Collapse ?
  144. Vigilantes
  145. A drug to erase memory of a sexual assault
  146. Marriage
  147. New Scanners in Airports
  148. Racial Profiling/Racial Profiling in Air Ports
  149. Should parents have their children's Internet passwords?
  150. Hate Speech
  151. World War 3
  152. Mods
  153. Christianity and Homosexuality: The Other Viewpoint
  154. is it right?
  155. Why atheists should be aloud to be high level politicians in all states
  156. Sub conscious
  157. Racism: Will it ever go away?
  158. Should Gay Marriages be permitted?
  159. Ending Government Recognition of ALL relationships
  160. AMBER alerts for missing adults especially missing women?
  161. Today's T.V.
  162. Children and Medical Descisions
  163. Should ALL child molesters and rapist be given life without parole?
  164. Was wikileaks justified in releasing official documents?
  165. Whale Wars
  166. 99.9 percent of the world
  167. Over population.
  168. Political Opinions
  169. Doing nothing when people are in danger
  170. communism
  171. Are school punishments more harmful than good?
  172. Slapping Children and Teenagers in the Face as a form of Discipline
  173. Straight Edge
  174. Gender Equality NOT Feminism/Masculism
  175. More tips for debating
  176. North Korea
  177. Should we start using public spheres again?
  178. Whose fault is it that people are poor?
  179. Not enough women in China
  180. How World War II should have ended.
  181. Religion? Why?
  182. Was there a genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas
  183. Holocaust Denial
  184. Cyberbullying
  185. Why is the homosexual gene always linked to femininity?
  186. Santa Claus being associated with Christmas
  187. Police brutality caught on tape
  188. Troops
  189. I still don't understand marijuana legalization people.
  190. The unnecessary totalitarianism that is school uniforms.
  191. What's the point?
  192. games affect on the psychy
  193. What would happen if people refuse to acknowledge tragedies?
  194. What are your thoughts on this image and what it means?
  195. Is porn conquering the world?
  196. MJ.
  197. Having children in your 20s
  198. Liberalism
  199. Is it wrong to get offended when people say "That's so gay"?
  200. The FCC