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  1. White pride.
  2. Suicide..
  3. Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Which Should Be Taught In Schools?
  4. same sex-marriages arguments
  5. These Gosh darn election prcess
  6. Legalization of weed.
  7. The Internet
  8. Jesus
  9. Sex laws?
  10. Do you think that statutory rape hurts boys as much as it hurts girls?
  11. Death Penalty to Save Tax Dollars
  12. Should prisoners be forced to pay for their expenses
  13. Does a girl need a father figure in her life to have good relationships with men?
  14. Average Height
  15. Should a man be able to choose whether to be legally responsible for child?
  16. Should teen mothers be forced to give their babies up for adoption
  17. Communism: A flaw idea even in perfect form.
  18. Give States More Power!!
  19. Texas
  20. Border Patrol
  21. Being a Hyphenated American
  22. Holocaust/Nazi Analogies
  23. Should DNA Paternity tests be mandatory at birth?
  24. Texas Secession
  25. Sb 1070
  26. Westboro Baptist Church. Opinions?
  27. Why Jews?
  28. Death Penalty for Minors
  29. Should all murderers be sentenced to death
  30. Death Penalty for Sex Crimes
  31. The 14th Amendment
  32. Prop 8 Overturned by Federal Judge in San Francisco
  33. Should schools teach students about domestic violence in order to prevent it
  34. Flogging/Caning to Punish Violence Against Women
  35. Should children be micro-chipped?
  36. Infant Circumcision for Cosmetic Reasons
  37. Infant Circumcision to Prevent Late Onset Diseases
  38. Is corporal punishment towards children ever acceptable?
  39. Should schools be able to paddle students?
  40. Does surrogacy for single people and gays/lesbians violate children's rights?
  41. Adventure
  42. national guard at the border?
  43. If a woman gets pregnant because she lied about birth control/sabotaged a condom
  44. What is your argument about weed CONSIDERING this:
  45. Deleted Religious Video
  46. Should spitting on someone lead to more jail time than physically attacking them
  47. 2012
  48. Religion makes us want to live?
  49. Ben Quayle
  50. Steven Slater (Jet Blue Flight Attendant)
  51. Should that Mosque be by Ground Zero?
  52. Should the Humane Slaughter Act be modified to cover poultry, rabbits and fish?
  53. Quayle: Obama Worst President Ever
  54. Should American-born children of illegal immigrants be granted citizenship?
  55. Very young politician age 19
  56. Church
  57. Should there be a lower age of consent for boys than for girls?
  58. Atheism and VT
  59. Separation of Religion and State
  60. Sick of it
  61. It just sounds better
  62. Schools Failing Us?
  63. question !
  64. Should schools search students' cell phones
  65. Gay Marriage
  66. Should incest be legal?
  67. We don't have the instructions.
  68. Is Lincoln America's worst ever President?
  69. "Coexist"
  70. Love is found over the fence?Help ASAP
  71. Do you think Obama is Muslim ?
  72. Is it possible to support the troops but not the war?
  73. Do soldiers fight for freedoms and the rights of the people in every war?
  74. Can analogies that trivialize cause people to think that the issues are trivial
  75. Parents Television Council
  76. Should people be able to pick their own cable/satellite TV channels?
  77. Parents Television Council Women in Peril
  78. Teen Pregnancies - Where's the shame?
  79. Hell
  80. Decline of Religion in High-income/Developed/First World countries
  81. Tipping
  82. Is it possible for a woman to give birth without knowing she is pregnant?
  83. I'm sorry
  84. Letting go
  85. Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18
  86. Religion and giving
  87. Should celebrity news be reported?
  88. Security Cameras On Streets to Fight Crime
  89. Obama: 50% disapprove, 43% approve
  90. You should never hit a girl
  91. Vigilante Justice Kills Wrong Person
  92. Taiwan
  93. Coalition Governments
  94. Self defense in school
  95. Ghosts
  96. Shipwreck: You're The Captain - What To Do?
  97. Should prostitution be legalised?
  98. Should men be banned from sitting next to children who are strangers on airplanes?
  99. Sex double standards and your children
  100. Should the drinking age be abolished? Should parents be able to let their kids drink?
  101. Death Penalty for Animal Abuse/Cruelty
  102. Should all criminals be fined and/or pay restitution to victims?
  103. should churches pay taxes?
  104. Biofuels
  105. Is Britain still institutionally homophobic?
  106. About the mosque
  107. Should people who commit minor sex crimes be locked up for life?
  108. Under certain circumstances should criminals not receive trials?
  109. Should people sentenced to death be executed shortly after being sentenced?
  110. If someone overwhelms a forum with useless content, are they a problem?
  111. Universal Healthcare
  112. Public Breastfeeding
  113. arizona immigration law
  114. The Jackson Jive
  115. English's Lovely Slang
  116. Islam: Sweeping Generalisation and the False Dichotemy
  117. Maury
  118. If you get extra items from a vending machine
  119. Teacher marks wrong answer as correct on assignment
  120. If a person witnesses a crime or knows that a crime is going to be commited
  121. Illegal to pay for sex but not to get paid for sex
  122. Women are sex objects.
  123. Is it right for parents to allow their teenagers to look at porn
  124. Is it racist to only find one race attractive?
  125. Matrilineal Descent and Jewish Identity
  126. Sex Ed
  127. Kids
  128. Burn A Koran Day
  129. Does porn contribute to violence against women?
  130. Does mainstream media (non-porn) contribute to violence against women?
  131. Mosque on Ground Zero
  132. Original Sin
  133. Does having a working mother harm or otherwise disadvantage their children?
  134. Burn the Qur'an Day Sept. 11?
  135. Increasing number of lonely people?
  136. Minors getting charged as adults
  137. The most important reason for punishing criminals
  138. No Religion No God
  139. The line between Art and Porn
  140. Greek Genocide Debate.
  141. High School Coach Arrested trying to buy sex for $50
  142. Wikipedia is a reliable resource
  143. Half Full or Half Empty?
  144. Burning the Koran....Treason?
  145. About sins and Excommunication
  146. Sexually Reassigning Intersex Children
  147. Teachers must be paid based on performance.
  148. There is more intellect than emotion in our way of life.
  149. Problem of Omnipotence
  150. Love and anger
  151. Male Statutory Rape Victims Liable for Child Support
  152. Should crime victims be able to choose punishment
  153. Religion and Homosexuality
  154. Taxing Sodas and Unhealthy Foods/Beverages
  155. Taxing Overweight People
  156. My belive
  157. Should people need a license to have kids?
  158. Sterilize Teenagers Temporarily
  159. Should some people be sterilized
  160. Language
  161. DNA Profiling
  162. Why the United States is behind in education
  163. Should violent and sex crimes laws and punishments be the same throughout the country
  164. Parental consent for abortion
  165. Is sex through fraud/deception a form of rape?
  166. Do descendants of slaves deserve reparations?
  167. The Real Face of Jesus
  168. If a person lies about being victim of a crime
  169. If descendants of slaves deserved reparations
  170. No Abortion = Money
  171. i wanna be treated eaqual....ok asshole
  172. Should it be illegal for pregnant women to smoke and drink while pregnant?
  173. 9/11 Conspiracy theories[light]
  174. The N Word (Yes, I didn't write it out. Sue Me.)
  175. Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal fails Senate
  176. Public Schools
  177. The great pacific garbage patch (DISGUSTING)
  178. Circumcision
  179. Banning books
  180. The Jesus Debate.
  181. College Athletes Getting Paid
  182. Is VT too liberal?
  183. Hitler Parodies
  184. Should teen parents be urged to give up their babies for adoption
  185. Traffic laws
  186. Kennedy
  187. Is it a good idea to Drop D's from the grading scale?
  188. Sin Taxes
  189. Statutory Rape Victim Lies About Age
  190. Age of the Earth
  191. Cop Pretends to Arrest 15 y/o boy for having sex with his 14 y/o Stepdaughter
  192. Chivalry's role in the 21st Century
  193. Is it murder when one causes the death of an unborn child
  194. Is it child abuse to allow young teen girl to carry a baby to term
  195. Third parties
  196. What do you think?
  197. Is suicide selfish or cowardly?
  198. When is political correctness justified and when is it not?
  199. Found this from a philosophy forum:
  200. Culture