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  1. are people getting stupider
  2. Should Universal Healthcare Be So ... Universal?
  3. Do humans start out as athiest ?
  4. Is Religion Dying?
  5. Effects on Students of Teachers Who Humiliate Them
  6. My Opinion of Religion
  7. What to do with Africa?
  8. Greenpeace?
  9. compromise is needed!
  10. Is the Ku Klux Klan no longer a hateful organization?
  11. the great dictator (best speech ever) charlie chaplin
  12. UK judges wigs?
  13. Our deep thought process
  14. Should we boycott the Winter Olympics?
  15. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  16. Your opinion on Skinheads?
  17. Odd way of thinking
  18. Opinion: Do you think that same-sex marriage will be legal in the whole US?
  19. Animal resting/ research yay or nay?
  20. thoughts on legalization on all guns
  21. Public Shootings
  22. Does Christianity as an overall net positive impact on society?
  23. Your thoughts on Neo-Nazism?
  24. Anneliese Michel's case
  25. Communism.
  26. Something I've always wanted to ask a religious person
  27. Piercing your baby's ears.
  28. european paganism a threat?
  29. What if Kennedy Survived?
  30. Live sushi?
  31. Meaningless Christian Life?
  32. Catholic Religion
  33. I don't get Anarchists.
  34. What makes a gay guy gay?
  35. burning crops
  36. Open Relationships
  37. The Gay Gene
  38. What Would Our World Be Today...
  39. Sure put women in the military but treat them the same!
  40. The idea of a heaven
  41. Slight social differences between man and women?
  42. Fee-Paying Education
  43. Age Difinitions Changing As Time Goes On?
  44. Americas weight issue
  45. Questions for Wiccans
  46. Is a revolution coming?
  47. Chaos Theory
  48. There's male or female... right?
  49. Historical Heroes
  50. Death Penalty
  51. Sexuality Question
  52. Effects of Religion on Government
  53. Religion is touchy, but why care of someone elses?
  54. Vegetarians?
  55. Transcendent cause to the Universe
  56. Gender is not real.
  57. Political extremists?
  58. What would you rather? Far left or right?
  59. Monty Hall problem
  60. Finding religion
  61. Most important factors in deciding which political party to support?
  62. should ar-15s be legal
  63. Online relationships?
  64. The Thin Line between Offensive and Overreacting
  65. Psychology is Bullshit
  66. Just a bit of fun... Religion Selector
  67. ObamaCare: The worst domestic policy disaster since prohibition.
  68. Love, What exactly is it?
  69. Death
  70. Climate change
  71. Is Obama too big to jail?
  72. Cancellation of Duck Dynasty?
  73. What is the American Dream?
  74. mystery of life
  75. What to do with Phil Robertson
  76. Is there "free will"?
  77. Has humanity gone too far?
  78. Opinions on Nuclear weapons
  79. Merry Christmas
  80. National independence.
  81. Does anything matter?
  82. Bilingualism
  83. Scottish independence?
  84. Athiests Is it fair?
  85. Why are nude pics illegal and considered bad?
  86. Mother tongue
  87. israel
  88. Organized Chaos
  89. Obama finishes year with record low poll numbers.
  90. Politicians
  91. Ads on TV are the same
  92. Pope Francis
  93. School is a Joke
  94. Communism
  95. Im saying GoodBye, But with one last topic for you.
  96. Sum up your political beliefs in one statement
  97. Would the world be a better place without religion?
  98. Science vs. Creation
  99. do you think kurt cobain was murdered
  100. Are Vaccines Bad?
  101. Why free will and divine influence can not exist
  102. life support /coma
  103. Peace in the East?
  104. Is Nostalgia A Healthy Feeling?
  105. Biggest problem for gender equality?
  106. Who's right? Who's wrong? Neither?
  107. Why do we need the Electoral College?
  108. Is the East ready for democracy?
  109. illuminati/new world order
  110. Your society vs the World State from Brave New World
  111. Nazi
  112. Another Nazi Debate
  113. Life within the universe(s)...
  114. Death Penalty
  115. The Yugoslav idea?
  116. Telekenisis and other 'superhuman' mind abilities
  117. "Affirmative Action" / "Positive Discrimination"... bad idea?
  118. Unorthodox Scientific Experiments.
  119. Why do some assume a triangle is instant Illuminati?
  120. Brain Control Idea
  121. Why Do We Wish To Succeed?
  122. Is Happiness something all want?
  123. Rape as an excuse for abortion in all circumstances.
  124. right and left
  125. What's up with third Parties
  126. Grammer
  127. Male and Female Circumcision Debate
  128. Thoughts on the State of the Union address?
  129. Health Care System
  130. Opinion on bullying
  131. the Ukrain revolt
  132. How do you feel about the n word?
  133. Stuff, Judgement, Labels, Conclusion Jumps, Double Standards? Yuck.
  134. Single on Valentine's Day
  135. Western Australian Government's Shark "Catch & Kill" Policy
  136. The universe doesn't need a god to exist
  137. Xenophobia and the American Way?
  138. Poll that was to do with the website rules
  139. Animal testing?
  140. Creativity
  141. Alien life is everywhere
  142. Modeling and fashion
  143. Winning isn't Everything
  144. Sochi
  145. Flappy Birds
  146. Boredom: What is its Purpose?
  147. the reason for holding a fraternity is more of belongingness or violence?
  148. The Nature of Humans and the State of Nature
  149. Will the world be destroyed by humans?
  150. Is Nihilism bad?
  151. Boycotting: What's the point when you get down to it?
  152. Dont like guns?!?!
  153. Soviet Union or the Russian Federation?
  154. War on Terror
  155. Is Pornography a Form of Art?
  156. The Death Penalty
  157. Can a school do this?
  158. Promiscuity
  159. Britain's Sharia Courts: Your opinion
  160. What if Jesus had accepted Satan's offer in the bible?
  161. Serious question regarding North Korea
  162. Will weed ever be legal where you live?
  163. Bosnia
  164. gentic engineering your opinion
  165. Do you even know what atheist means
  166. Man who killed two infants receives death penalty
  167. Occult, Spirituality & Philosophy
  168. Ukraine
  169. So you don't believe in Deity? Does make Deity any less real to others!
  170. My opinon on those who think Conan and Robert E.howard where facists
  171. How would you rule?
  172. Reincarnation
  173. Faith, Judgement, Hate, Love, Ideas, Issues.
  174. Was the Villian Han from Enter the Dragon right about the pursuit of Strength?
  175. what are some of the teachingsof your religion?
  176. barbarism versus civilization
  177. Gay laws in Uganda
  178. Socialism
  179. IQ
  180. Restrictions on who can vote?
  181. Crimea
  182. Ukraine
  183. Why do teens procrastinate?
  184. the EU
  185. Kindness is it a weakness to you?
  186. Gay Marriage opinions?
  187. If you support it, great, if not, hate?
  188. Does it take strength to be totally ruthless?
  189. the Current US Government and how it's like the old Soviet Union
  190. the popularity of Coming out of the closet
  191. Events in the Ukraine are we looking at a prelude to WW?
  192. What is Identity?
  193. Cadillac commercial that has America-haters fuming
  194. Does American society protect women from the results of their actions way too much?
  195. why i dislike defenders of traditional marriage!
  196. christianity
  197. Assisted Suicide
  198. We're Not Racists: Dominican Government Defends Use Of KKK Costumes In Parade
  199. You Need to Cheat to Win.
  200. Something seems off in this