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  1. A Strong Support for Atheism
  2. If people are animals, everything is a part of nature.
  3. Best sports nation.
  4. Dropouts shouldn't be eligible to recieve public assistance.
  5. Holocausts?
  6. Can't Mossad the Assad
  7. White people
  8. Rape and Rape Culture
  9. Nuclear Disarmament
  10. A world without religion, or a world with religion?
  11. Do you believe in free will?
  12. Freest country
  13. Unisex restrooms.
  14. A world without monarchies and religion?
  15. Should transgender health costs be included in public health care?
  16. Should College be free?
  17. nationalism good or bad?
  18. Your thoughts on the NSA and Ed Snowden?
  19. "Affirmative action" laws.
  20. I have two questions.
  21. Id like to hear other teens opinions.
  22. the death penalty
  23. Women should be allowed to go topless in public or men should have to cover up.
  24. So freaking mad.
  25. What's wrong with a 20 week abortion ban?
  26. What the Race Conversation Should Be About
  27. Prostitution
  28. Rich People
  29. homophobia
  30. What has happend?!?
  31. Should Gay people be allowed to Donate Blood?
  32. Not allowed to use restroom?
  33. Bestiality: Is It Wrong?
  34. Does communism work??
  35. Police Officer shoots dog *Warning Graphic Material*
  36. North korea...
  37. Should Women Propose
  38. Uk vs US
  39. Syrian civil war
  40. What if: Napoleon fought Frederick the Great?
  41. Syria: The New Pakistan
  42. Gender Equality
  43. racism? still a problem?
  44. Do you think girls are more SUPERIOR over boys?
  45. Russian Homophobes Torturing Gay Teens
  46. Satanism
  47. cancer research?
  48. Thirst.
  49. Both men AND women should be required to register for the draft.
  50. Obama might be the worst president in history, but he's not a Marxist or communist
  51. New Zealands GCSB Bill
  52. spoiling your children?
  53. the falklands
  54. Opinions on the porn ban in UK
  55. Your Opinion on whats going on in Syria
  56. Politics
  57. can we get along?
  58. Science
  59. School Voucher Programs
  60. Sugary Drinks
  61. Obama and economics
  62. NYC Mayors
  63. NHS in USA?
  64. Nasa
  65. Incest should be legal between consenting adults.
  66. Women's Body Hair
  67. Should circumcising the penis of baby boys be made illegal?
  68. Why poverty.
  69. Can't we all agree that underage sex is a bad idea?
  70. Ask.fm death of Hannah Smith
  71. Should the UK leave the EU?
  72. should we be talking to the Taliban?
  73. Police kill teen graffiti artist
  74. If you are found guilty of Terrorism, should your rights be taken away
  75. Elysium: The Differences Between Wealth and Poverty
  76. Christian: Yet I don't want to attend church but mom wants to make me?
  77. The Human Perception of Reality
  78. The Most Important Issue: America's National Debt
  79. Should moms/babysitters make us bathe
  80. A Question for Marriage Equality Supporters
  81. The welfare state
  82. Should governments get to invade our online privacy
  83. Would Nudism Work?
  84. Vigilante Justice
  85. Criminals' Human Rights
  86. ObamaCare
  87. Hypothetical question: Ethics and Progress
  88. UK Immigration
  89. The Future of Energy
  90. Neuchacos
  91. Science Geeks (Quantum Style)
  92. Circles/Squares
  93. Greece Selling Land?
  94. Randomness
  95. Immigration
  96. Asaad used chemical weapons against his people: It's time for action!
  97. Badger Cull in UK
  98. Best Long Range Rifles (Sniper,DM, Battle?)
  99. I don't see what was so special about rosa parks
  100. Pulling the race card
  101. Is love and sex really so black-and-white?
  102. Scottish independence?
  103. Single-parent home vs. two-parent home:
  104. most important things in raising a child?
  105. the great illusion
  106. Self Defence:Yay Or Nay
  107. The "Twerk-Gate" Scandal
  108. Best leader for Britain
  109. Minimum wage shouldn't be $15 an hour!
  110. Marriage: All you need is love.
  111. Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
  112. Iran's Parliament approves bill to sue US over 1953 coup
  113. Whats your opinion on The Daily Show/Colbert Report
  114. Left-wing, right-wing or the middle?
  115. Do you agree with this statement?
  116. Political views?
  117. the right to buy better
  118. Catalonian and Scottish Independence 2014?
  119. Religious demise.
  120. Do Not Enter Syria
  121. It's official, inequality will remain in Australia.
  122. Hitting
  123. Russia's proposal on Syria
  124. Do you think self harming destroys oneself?
  125. My Personal Pet Peeve of sexuality flaunters
  126. Any practical uses for 4+ dimensional geometry?
  127. New Snowden Leak Reveals Secret $52.6 Billion Budget for Intelligence Agencies
  128. How Shady Is Obama?
  129. Papal Conspiracy!?!?(includes the masons and the mafia?)
  130. how do you feel about rush limbaugh??
  131. Execution for drug possession
  132. what causes a man to like men?
  133. Opinion: Is it better to be a virgin until marriage?
  134. How Vladimir Putin Came to Power???
  135. Tree Huggers
  136. Parents saying no to loked doors or closed doors in the home?
  137. Questions about nude beaches
  138. Everyone is born with the "gay gene"?
  139. Taoism to Christianity
  140. Your opinion on affirmative action?
  141. Filibusting
  142. national service?
  143. Should women be allowed to wear Burkhas
  144. sexuality protests?
  145. What goes around comes a freaken round.
  146. The evolution of language.
  147. Video games and their effect on today's world
  148. Circumcision 'contravenes child's human rights'
  149. Obama's next speech on the economy.
  150. Should females have the option of being circumcised?
  151. GTA V not for kids....aka US
  152. Westboro Baptist Church Picketing
  153. atheists dont exist
  154. Superpower Government Shutdown in T Minus Three Hours
  155. Any opinions on the new Iranian Prez?
  156. Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act?
  157. why must we adapt to situtions?
  158. Opinions on war
  159. Should kids vote?
  160. US vs Canada?
  161. Stop America's Debt Crisis: We need a "balanced budget" amendment to the Constitution
  162. Anthony Johnson the first legal slave owner in what was to become the USA
  163. Law Enforcement People are Hypocrites?
  164. How Free Should Information Be?
  165. Merry christmas
  166. Celebrities Covering one Eye
  167. labor party are practically communists!
  168. the USA....yay or nay?
  169. A billboard
  170. Wealth = freedom? Your opinion?
  171. What is the most vital economic area to focus on?
  172. Interstellar Travel
  173. Japan, military, and war stuff
  174. Is it morally in-just to dislike a person because they are religious?
  175. Confederate flag racist?
  176. Pax Mundana (World Peace), A hopeless dream or a possibility for the future.
  177. Is 16 too young to be a fully fledged libertarian?
  178. Socialism or Capitalism?
  179. The BART Strike
  180. Can personalities change?
  181. Homophobic Jesus? (atheists beat it)
  182. men and women are different just deal with it!
  183. is it right to 'design' you child?
  184. Is homosexuality the modern lifestyle?
  185. Pro-Life/Choice
  186. Smoking in Public areas are Illegal!Yes or No?
  187. male abortion rights
  188. Double-standards, the bane of equals the fuel to judgement!
  189. Men and Women have differences that can never be resolved.
  190. Australia yay or nay?
  191. Monarchy
  192. The Russian Federation bad as we think?
  193. Save the world.
  194. Religiously charged death threats towards film producer is quite stupid.
  195. School shootings
  196. Anti-theism and atheism are two different things so why do some not distance the two?
  197. Greedy Workers Unions?
  198. Infidel's meaning
  199. Man vs women!
  200. On Life