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  1. Anarchism
  2. Who suffers from peer pressure?
  3. New Labour, Tony Blair and Blairism
  4. Speech on Gun Rights...
  5. Republic or Democracy
  6. Gay adoption
  7. not ment to eat meat
  8. Genetically modifying babies: Do you agree or disagree?
  9. Life After Death?
  10. Your Favourite US President
  11. Young children and people with disabilities
  12. Do you think transsexuals are wrong?
  13. Are you Pro-Israel or Anti-Israel?
  14. Conservative-Liberal Coalition
  15. Do Friendships naturally drift as we age?
  16. Human rights violation.
  17. Rascism in the 21st Century
  18. Trolls
  19. US Elections 2016
  20. How will our generation of kids push the limit?
  21. Why?
  22. Nike Sweatshops
  23. Explaining my religion
  24. Do students have first amendment rights?
  25. Root causes of Religon
  26. If your child wanted to have a sex change, would you deny them it or set wait for...
  27. Were the Interment camps we set up for Japanese citizens like concentration camps?
  28. Moral Dilemmas.
  29. A religion loophole
  30. Why do you pee outside?
  31. Is it a businesses job to provide healthy food?
  32. JFK a good guy?
  33. Does statutory rape discriminate against boys?
  34. Are breasts sexual?
  35. Should we fear North Korea?
  36. Do you think the US should arm Syrian rebels?
  37. gay community
  38. Should people show off their sexuality?
  39. game that might predict the future
  40. Gay ban in Scouting
  41. Was George W. Bush really all that stupid?
  42. What is with the "Free Enterprise" support on this forum?
  43. North Korea
  44. Afghanistan, 13 years later
  45. Anyone tired of the Gun Control Debate?
  46. Evolution VS Creationism/Intelligent Design in Schools
  47. Is Racism a double bladed sword?
  48. Why Christians are mainly hypocrites
  49. Autism being criticized?
  50. What If Major World Events Never Happened?
  51. Views on connecting with "people" on other planets
  52. Are humans made to always want more?
  53. Does "Safe" liberal media make you sick?
  54. Speculation World Events: WWII
  55. Dadt
  56. Why the War on Drugs needs to end
  57. Paul McCartney
  58. Favourite President who never was
  59. Gun control
  60. Marital rape?
  61. Stem Cell Research
  62. Wind Energy
  63. The Vatican: not as "holy" as one might think.
  64. Alternative History Discussion- JFK
  65. Falklands island dispute
  66. What exactly is Marxsim? What makes Karl Marx a bad guy?
  67. Is their such a thing as "Right" or "Wrong"?
  68. Views on Puerto Rico?
  69. The Concept of Free Will
  70. Reasons for cursing?
  71. Immigrants to the EU
  72. Religion and this forum
  73. What Christian denomination are you?
  74. Thoughts equal justice.
  75. Stereotypes
  76. Should cigarettes be banned?
  77. Is it right to wear fur coats?
  78. This is so true
  79. The reason I stand against abortion.
  80. Cruelty
  81. If someone is a billionaire, are they worth more to society?
  82. The craziness of you all :)
  83. Why LSD should be made legal
  84. Incest
  85. Should spanking be legal?
  86. Do you agree with the death penalty?
  87. If someone is gay but they're not comfortable being gay, why is it bad...?
  88. New evidence for the origins of life
  89. First Aid
  90. The human race is rather...
  91. Parental discipline or abuse? Where's the line?
  92. "Depression blogs".
  93. Stopping Evolution..
  94. I don't understand Evolution.
  95. Resurrecting the dead - "de-extinction"
  96. CA Driving age?
  97. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  98. Military
  99. When will the sequester end?
  100. Gay Marriage-Tell Me I'm Wrong
  101. Should America try to regulate how much children a couple can have?
  102. Government involvement in Social Issues
  103. Why is rap so frowned upon?
  104. Should the Reputation System be removed?
  105. sleep paralysis
  106. The "Black" to "African American" movement
  107. Is most HighSchool schooling pointless?
  108. communism
  109. views on body modifacation
  110. Jane Elliott's Blue Eye/Brown Eye Experiment - 'How Racist Are You?'
  111. Do You Trust?
  112. Is feminism actually good?
  113. If the US went to war with the UK, who would win?
  114. Religion v Gay Marriage
  115. Do you believe in ghosts?
  116. Voting age
  117. To Christians.
  118. Marijuana
  119. Is it right for airplanes to charge someone based off of weight?
  120. Do you ever think about things in really strange ways?
  121. Why would anyone be a conservative?
  122. Are there still Pro-Nazi Germans?
  123. Scottish Independence?
  124. Travelling in our Solar System
  125. Hi just your opinion
  126. We all just want power and there is no free will
  127. Do you think Video Games can lead to violent behavior?
  128. Should government interfere with the economy?
  129. Catholic leadership doing some bad things? Your opinion?
  130. The Meaning of Life
  131. Are lesbians the less discriminated against in LGBT?
  132. North Korea
  133. US Gun Laws
  134. British Defence Cuts
  135. What is winning?
  136. Swearing
  137. What Negative Affect(s) does Pornography Have?
  138. Are you Judgmental? If so, with what?
  139. Poll: Do you view these countries favorably or unfavorably?
  140. Mecha and Powersuits
  141. Friderich A. Hayek
  142. Margaret Tatcher finally dead
  143. Humans are things:: Can things not be people?
  144. Stupid people wanna get rid of trident!!??
  145. English Teacher asks students for essay
  146. Aliens
  147. zombie apocalypse
  148. Euthanasia
  149. Spanking your Child as Punishment
  150. Explain
  151. People are Starving in the U.S?!
  152. best countrys?
  153. Britian staying in the eu?
  154. Is China an ally of North Korea?
  155. Was the Boston explosion a terrorist act?
  156. What would happen if Obama went to NK and got assassinated?
  157. AT&T comer oak
  158. West Fertilizer Plant, terrorism or accident
  159. Middle East or Middle eaten?
  160. unpopular Brits and Americans?
  161. Long Arm of the Law
  162. Is it really true?
  163. Vegeterianism
  164. Marriage, Divorce and Different Churches.
  165. nudisem
  166. NATO aggresion continues to this day
  167. Polititions and foren languages
  168. Argentinas obsession with the falklands?
  169. Democrasčcy
  170. The Right to Deny Service
  171. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charges
  172. Stalin
  173. Water
  174. The Future of Gender and Sex
  175. Free market
  176. Death to capitalisem fredom to the world
  177. Salughtering the Meat Animals
  178. Evolution
  179. Homosexual Couples and Adoption
  180. Bin Laden's burial at sea!According to Islamic Principles!
  181. Sports in Our Society
  182. Result of Debates
  183. Should the world intervene in Syria?
  184. Iran vs UK and USA?
  185. What will be the worlds biggest issue in 20 years
  186. The Pope as basic leader of all of Christianity
  187. Heroism Dilemma
  188. Your Favorite Historical General
  189. who would have won the hot war
  190. Genetically Modified Tomatoes?
  191. Serbia's Gypsy problem?
  192. Islamophobia
  193. Why do people have these opinions?
  194. Sex before Marriage and Religion
  195. is being gay natural? and ok?
  196. Enterprise and environment
  197. Religion and debating within this forum
  198. Homosexuality, is it right or no ?
  199. Israel army?
  200. School Shootings