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  1. Should we celebrate Halloween?
  2. Arraigned Marriages
  3. True AND false?
  4. Is Beauty Real?
  5. Hallucinations: real or not?
  6. You can only vote on one day? (Additional Debate question)
  7. Was it a smart move for Obama to resume campaigning 2 days after Hurricane Sandy?
  8. What if
  9. The 2012 Presidential Race
  10. Is infertility a bad thing?
  11. How much can tomorrow change voting statistics so far?
  12. Circumcision Video
  13. How did Bill Clinton recover from his affair?
  14. Who would you vote for?
  15. Gay Marriage becomes legal in Maine and Maryland
  16. What's your opinion regarding tattoos?
  17. ah now heres what i hope will be a good debate
  18. Oil Fracking Ban
  19. puerto rico agreement
  20. 4 more years..
  21. How did the political divide in America get so deep?
  22. Does humanity have a higher purpose in life?
  23. Where do you see humanity in 200 years?
  24. I donno how to delete
  25. Minimum Wage
  26. Most distinct Voices in Music?
  27. Why Do You Believe?
  28. israel
  29. Museums and Such
  30. Are Men 'hardwired' to try to act tuff/strong and not cry?
  31. Muslims
  32. Hunting: Good Or Bad.
  33. Are Schools Too Involved With Students' Out-of-school Lives?
  34. Political Opinion
  35. Do parallel universes really exist?
  36. Weather as a weapon?
  37. Should US schools force the Spanish language on students?
  38. Poll: do you believe in internet/ online dating
  39. Nativity scenes. Constitutional or not?
  40. Wand idea
  41. North Korea
  42. December 21, 2012
  43. Is sexuality a choice?
  44. Are Unions still useful or hurtful? How bad will this hurt the economy do you think?
  45. Prove You Exist
  46. Is it offensive when celebrities share they're beliefs or religion
  47. Disney jokes about eating disorders
  48. Should Casey Anthony be retried?
  49. Medical Treatment for Children
  50. Political Views
  51. Is a fetus a 'human'?
  52. Mao Zedong
  53. A Change of Sex
  54. Rant (Please ignore if you don't care to be offended)
  55. Is a representative world government possible?
  56. Legality of unconsented circumcision in minors.
  57. Religion discussion
  58. Is the conscience real or just something that's molded by society?
  59. "Customer surveys" in schools
  60. Should our Government be handing out money to the undocumented?
  61. Few for Many
  62. Religion
  63. Slenderman = Representation of the USA?
  64. Syria: Chemical Weapons
  65. Allowing people to believe whatever they want want to believe?
  66. The Antichrist
  67. If a tree falls somewhere where there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?
  68. Yes it's you're body but you can not do what you want with it!
  69. Best Pistol Caliber Of All Time
  70. To all those who overlook their sacrifice
  71. Do you believe in God?
  72. Homosexual Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  73. Best Rifle Caliber Of All Time
  74. Connecticut 'gunman dead' after US school shooting
  75. Think about this: Connecticut Shooting Recap
  76. existence
  77. PETA Oppinion
  78. Death Penalty
  79. Your opinion on communism?
  80. Moon shining
  81. Any good political/ethical quizzes?
  82. What will happen on friday? 12/21/12
  83. Gun Control
  84. A God of Misunderstanding?
  85. interested in Wicca?
  86. The Impact Of The Internet
  87. What paranormal stuff do you believe in?
  88. Where was God?
  89. Gay marriage
  90. the good ol' westboro baptist church
  91. Reputation? Anyone else hate it?
  92. Do you really 'know' Religion?
  93. Armed guards in all schools?
  94. Video games "causing violence"
  95. beastiality.
  96. Walmart Guns, TYT video
  97. Saying Merry Xmas instead of Merry Christmas
  98. What defines humanity?
  99. The Troll Box Keeper and his end of the world threat.
  100. Do the wealthier American owe something to the non-wealthy Americans?
  101. Fucking Conspiracy Theories!
  102. What is the Illuminati?
  103. "JFK blown away, I can't take it any more"
  104. Anonymous
  105. Is demon possession real or do you think the people are just mentally disturbed?
  106. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  107. Half empty, or Half full?
  108. The Queen James Bible.
  109. Being a deep thinker is a curse.
  110. Do gays go to hell?
  111. Religion?
  112. Just a thought..
  113. Is hunting an educational reason not to go to school.
  114. Are the Wealthy Essential to Job-Creation?
  115. Conjugal Visits
  116. Teens of today - tomorrow's future?
  117. Homophobics
  118. Vegetarianism / Veganism
  119. Text Language Ruining Us!
  120. Politics
  121. Separation of Church and State
  122. Public Nudity
  123. Christopher Columbus
  124. Debate on the relative historical reliability of the Gospels (Atheists Welcome)
  125. Obese mannequins causing a conflict
  126. Taylor Swift: The Modern Whore
  127. The subjectivity of sexuality
  128. According to the Bible the “End Times” Should Have ALREADY Occurred!
  129. Photography vs. Art
  130. Love and Hate: The Same?
  131. Aren't celebrities basically employees?
  132. Try to explain this
  133. Freedom From Relgion
  134. Is religion a choice?
  135. What defines a normal person?
  136. The Cosmological Argument for a Creator
  137. The Term Racist
  138. Earth Needs a Natural Disaster
  139. Liberal "Tolerance"
  140. Unable to express faith in work
  141. Just a typical Sunday, or not?
  142. Giovanna Plowman
  143. Equal Rights
  144. Fake Girlfriend
  145. Openness About Sex
  146. Changing your sex is impossible.
  147. china censorship
  148. 22nd Amendment
  149. Why do you believe?
  150. Bronies are gay?
  151. MLK Day
  152. President Obama Bankrupts America
  153. What would happen if a country? goes bankrupt?
  154. BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Nuclear weapon launch
  155. The Penny(my best friend)
  156. Screwed Up Religion
  157. Do animals have feelings and a soul?Spiritual/religious peeps only please
  158. Reasons why the Pledge of Allegiance is Bull****
  159. Excitotoxins, MSG
  160. With all this talk about gun control let me state the following!
  161. Why do so many teens in their late teens act like they are old?
  162. The steps to abortion
  163. Dance A sport or not?!
  164. Have we become to politically correct and sensitive as a generation and society?
  165. Age to be in a pornographic picture.
  166. Womens rights
  167. Airport Security
  168. If America was invaded what would you do?
  169. Is it important to leave a legacy?
  170. Sentience
  171. Nationalism vs Cosmopolitanism?
  172. the mistake of Judging people of the past by todays standards
  173. If you were Bill Gates how much would you give your kids and would you be worried?
  174. Anyone else want Donald Trump to win the lawsuit against Maher?
  175. Gun regulations
  176. Bronies/MLP: FiM (Are Bronies Weird?)
  177. What's the bigger problem today: Racism or Sexism?
  178. Is anyone here against gay marriage?
  179. National government
  180. Dealing with sharks 'humanely' in Recife, Brazil
  181. Space...
  182. Fracking
  183. Anarchy
  184. Death penalty
  185. The price of Happiness
  186. My reasons for not being GLBT supportive
  187. What would happen if Romney were elected?
  188. Are today's youngest generation becoming spoiled?
  189. Drugs And Rights
  190. Are we really fit to be posting here?
  191. Does the USA brainwash its citizens like Nazi Germany did?
  192. The USA Government
  193. Pro-Choice English Paper
  194. The Police
  195. Hunting
  196. What is true happiness?
  197. Why do people hate bankers?
  198. Awakening people...
  199. Chemtrails
  200. Should it be illegal or remain legal for people to sell murder memorabilia?