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  1. Gun Law in US
  2. US Law Fact; Is that true?
  3. Kill 'em all; Shoot 'em all!
  4. Death sentence
  5. Colorado Shooting
  6. Opinions on Bristol Palin
  7. Should police be treated 'nicer' when it comes to breaking the law?
  8. Ask a Discordian, Buddhist, yada yada...
  9. nonchristian christ
  10. outside of your faith
  11. 2012 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
  12. Should everyone vote?
  13. No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
  14. Bibles in Motels/Hotels
  15. 2012 Political Poll
  16. What is your opinion on Government Indoctrination Centers? (aka "Public Schools")
  17. Was Abraham Lincoln really a good president?
  18. Worldviews, Creationism, and Stubborn People
  19. "Anyone that believes in God is a fucking sheep."
  20. Isn't the Devil good if he punishes bad people?
  21. How do you feel about Misanthropy/Misanthropists?
  22. Naturism / Nudism
  23. An interesting quote that I came across...
  24. Chick-Fil-A
  25. What is your opinion on 'Holmies'?
  26. Do you think we should have respect for the dead?
  27. mastubating a sin?
  28. Is weed really a drug? NO!
  29. More about gun laws
  30. Does our mind trick us?
  31. Oscar Pistorius
  32. Right to protect property and family
  33. Child porn
  34. What is you view on life
  35. We're on mars!
  36. Is Bisexuality in females natural or a trend?
  37. Next Region to achieve independence in the world?
  38. People Copying Each Other
  39. Corruption.
  40. More Enforced Punishment.
  41. Aggree or Dissagree
  42. Compulsory vaccination
  43. Fixing the economy
  44. SSAD: Same Sex Attachment Disorder, Is it really a disorder?
  45. If you could vote..
  46. Interlestear travel/ slipspace drive
  47. Giving money to the homeless... Giving money to the homeless vs pet adoption agencies
  48. White Privilege
  49. Paul Ryan
  50. God Exists. Proven by Logic and Reason
  51. Prostitution/Pornography
  52. Child Labor Laws
  53. With the goal of survival and advancement, do disabled people deserve to live?
  54. Should the band P&$$% Riot be in prison for Anti-Putin protest?
  55. US too reliant on other countries?
  56. Abortion? Who decision is it?
  57. Bleh bleh bleh politics and religion.
  58. Presuming I'm an American voter, can you make me vote for Romney?
  59. Assisted Suicide?
  60. After birth Abortion
  61. Osama Bin Laden raid
  62. Reagan
  63. As an Athiest, do you have superior than conventional Thiests?
  64. Work around home
  65. Space: Whats up with that sh*t??
  66. Questions About Religion
  67. Children with Cellphones
  68. Hunting As A Sport
  69. What did I see???
  70. What promises has Obama actually kept?
  71. Would you rather they be on the streets?
  72. Time=Illusion?
  73. Will the United States of America fall?
  74. If you are Leader of your Country
  75. Sandusky or catholic priest
  76. Obama vs. Romney
  77. Do you agree with the American embargo on Cuba?
  78. Prejudice
  79. Genetic Engineering
  80. Made with white meat!!!
  81. If you owned your own country, how would it be?
  82. Iran * cue dramatic music*
  83. homophobia
  84. School is stupid
  85. Do we need a government?
  86. Dont ask don't tell: Putting yourself in both shoes.
  87. Atheism?
  88. scientology
  89. Is Sammy Alive?
  90. Who's a better poster?
  91. If your country were to be conquered.
  92. Premature Judgement
  93. Christian and sex?
  94. Sacrifice the few to save the many
  95. Which half to sacrifice?
  96. Torrenting: good, bad, or neither?
  97. Love or fear?
  98. Homeschooled
  99. Hitting Women In Self Defense
  100. LGBT. Right or wrong?
  101. Election
  102. UGNazis Cosmo the god
  103. Gay Marriage more important than National Debt and Economy?
  104. Earth at the Speed of Light
  105. Two party system
  106. 9/11 conspiracy
  107. How is incest wrong?
  108. Police and PTSD
  109. A world without religion?
  110. Do you think this was too far...
  111. Hovercrafts
  112. age of sex?
  113. Pro choice or Pro life.
  114. god or no god
  115. Political Stereotyping
  116. Romney fallout
  117. obama?
  118. washington dc
  119. Why does everyone believe murder is wrong?
  120. CNN taking Ambassador Stevens journal and reporting info from it - okay or not?
  121. Primitives
  122. Looking up to someone/normal or famous
  123. Politics is BS
  124. Drug Testing
  125. When do you mind your own business?
  126. Gay Marriage in the U.S.
  127. Should the Confederate Flag be banned in Schools?
  128. What is this?
  129. Anselm's Ontological Argument
  130. Contraception=Killing?
  131. Obama claiming we will pay more taxes under Romney
  132. UK 2015 Election
  133. Usa president poll
  134. Nuclear power!
  135. Will the world end?
  136. Human nature: Good or evil
  137. Womans Rights
  138. Gong to war against Iran
  139. Whats your government typology?
  140. Why get fired up over small shit?
  141. First Presidential Debate: Who Do You Think Won?
  142. Pirate Bay co-founder arrested, site goes down or does it?
  143. Political Test
  144. Is Christianity's 'secret' weapon hell?
  145. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  146. What are some fun quizes and tests like the ones Haufen gave and I?
  147. Double Taxtsation
  148. Taxing religious institutions
  149. Is Marching Band a Sport?
  150. Dissenters
  151. Greatest threat that could lead to extinction?
  152. Are you a believer?
  153. The Immortality Gene
  154. What is it with 10-15 years old these days?
  155. what do you think of this Sandusky trial?
  156. Debate
  157. Is it okay to blame suicide?
  158. Japanese Death Poetry
  159. If you were the president.....
  160. Who won the Vice Presidential debates?
  161. Do you think abortions should be illegal in all states?
  162. Obama or Romney
  163. Obama or Romney (again)
  164. What are your opinions on gay rights?
  165. What do YOU think is the most important topic of the 2012 elections?
  166. Religion?
  167. Do people really think that today was better than the 1990s.
  168. Is it selfish to commit suicide?
  169. Obama transferring money through Cayman Islands like Romney and investing in China
  170. Who won the 2nd debate?
  171. Info on medication
  172. Double Standards Against Men
  173. How in the world is it a mystery why companies are moving to China?
  174. Presidential Roast
  175. Conscription?(a.k.a mandatory military service)
  176. I only have one questing...
  177. if you were a god
  178. Chernobyl
  179. ROMNEY or OBAMA and WHY?
  181. Do Teachers have respect for their students? (Ireland mainly, but anybody welcome!)
  182. Philosophy
  183. 2012 Election
  184. Are there moral objections to incest?
  185. would you ever be a politician?
  186. Is the Federal Government becoming too involved?
  187. Why I am not a "mainstream" Libetarian (US Based)
  188. Just saw katy perry and barrack obama at the park1
  189. 16-Year-Olds Being Able to Vote
  190. How important is wealth?
  191. Requirements for Voting in Presidential or Congressional Elections
  192. Severus Snape
  193. Most Important Issue for this Election?
  194. What makes scary movies so scary?
  195. Favorite First Lady of the United States
  196. The War on Drugs
  197. Dealing with Pirates.
  198. Best President of the 20th Century
  199. If you can change things about yourself, why can't the brain change sexuality?
  200. The ultimate fate of the Universe