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  1. Sociology? Valid or not?
  2. Moon Landing
  3. Do you think Technology has helped people to become more social or more anti social?
  4. Morbid Poll: How Will the Human Race End?
  5. Bhuddist view on self defense
  6. Hitler
  7. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  8. were does art end and porn begin?
  9. Race card being overused?
  10. Cigarettes
  11. What do you think caused/causes social change?
  12. Sex Toys and Age Restriction
  13. How would you change your countries economy? What would you do?
  14. President for a day
  15. Do you feel like nothing has a meaning?
  16. AK-47 or AR-15
  17. damn hippies!
  18. The Truth About Ghosts
  19. Global Warming/Climate Change
  20. Stop Kony2012
  21. What's the best speech President Obama has given?
  22. Seat Belts
  23. Can a governmental body (school) dictate personal fitness?
  24. Should Scotland become Independent?
  25. Can you be Gay and Christian?
  26. Ask Questions
  27. Who is more Selfish: The Smokers? or The Anti Smokers?
  28. Who's guilty in this situation?
  29. Quality vs Quanity
  30. Living Forever
  31. Cloning Yourself - a Scenario
  32. Execution
  33. Bigfoot/Sasquatch
  34. Is music art?
  35. Do you think that world peace will ever be achieved?
  36. Guns, Guns, Guns
  37. Abstinence Education... And why it sucks...
  38. Abortion
  39. How Did God Come to be?
  40. Creation
  41. Sister wives??? Dk what to name this.
  42. Marijuana in the United States: The Next Ten Years
  43. Do you think it is possible to stay out of the clutches of the media?
  44. Age to be gay.
  45. Women in combat roles?
  46. Why do people believe in religion?
  47. Pro or Anti Gay Marriage
  48. Fate of Marriage?
  49. War on Terror and Media Involvement
  50. Bombing on Hiroshima
  51. What's your opinion on cross dressing?
  52. Do you think the song "Stairway to Heaven" is a tribute to Satan?
  53. Will the world ever run out of natural resources?
  54. who thinks amarican need new president.
  55. Chemtrails
  56. I am addicted to CRACK! (brain crack)
  57. Organ Donation
  58. Opinions
  59. What do you think of child pageants?
  60. Is it child abuse to teach young children about religion?
  61. Dolphin Intelligence
  62. What should be protected under Free Speech?
  63. Is it possible to prove that anything is real?
  64. which animal is smarter.
  65. The devil
  66. Ghosts!!!
  67. Proofs and Disproofs of Christianity
  68. The end of it all
  69. Being gay isnt a sin in the bible
  70. Why so insecure?
  71. Will Religion End
  72. Why do People Hate Israel so Much?
  73. I post on religion I couldn't find a name for.
  74. The link between our DNA and our subconscous minds.
  75. What's your favourite branch of philosophy?
  76. Vigilante justice
  77. Is God Great?
  78. The End: How Will It Happen?
  79. Tool Assisted Speedrunning?
  80. Should teens have to pay for there first car?
  81. Biological Parents and Custody Hearings
  82. DUI Laws
  83. Is this weird, childish stupid or just plain crazy
  84. Denver airport conspiracy
  85. Do you believe that a cap should be put on funeral spending?
  86. Taxing the Rich More
  87. Are you goin to participate in the protest for the LGBT tomorrow?
  88. The Trayvon Case
  89. credit
  90. "Fuck The Police/The Man" (about illegal drugs)
  91. Name the most pointless war in history
  92. Do you think that people will accept the idea of cloning humans?
  93. Will legalizing Marijuana save the economy?
  94. Are you Republican or Democrat?
  95. Taxes: same rate or same amount?
  96. Military Coups
  97. Bitch fight!!!
  98. Criticism
  99. Would you "RAT" someone out for cheating
  100. Why should I feel bad for those who commit suicide?
  101. What do you think about the big car industry bailout back in 2008.
  102. Workers' Day
  103. Are you scared?
  104. Blame Game - 2007/2008 Financial Crash
  105. Are you liberal or conservative?
  106. Pro or against unions?
  107. A new proposal
  108. What is buddhism exactly?
  109. The Confederacy!
  110. Is it Just Me?
  111. Water boarding vs torture
  112. Barrack Obama
  113. Charities and Religion
  114. Burden of proof
  115. God's love
  116. Do you think theres free will in heaven?
  117. atheism
  118. best president
  119. Legalization of marijuana.
  120. Hunting
  121. sunday...
  122. making jucstice penalty around the word tougher??idea
  123. Illegally gay??
  124. What makes u a sell out?
  125. More than Infinity???
  126. Topless Girls
  127. Legalization of marijuana?
  128. Gandalf vs Dumbledore
  129. Circumsized at Birth
  130. Do you think Hollywood changes people food the good or bad? Why?
  131. Ouija Boards
  132. Why one can't personally see their own future
  133. Smartest idea ever.
  134. Whqt do you think of our teacher playing the "penis game" with her students??
  135. Women and Shaving
  136. Whats your view on Homosexuality overall?
  137. Would you rather the world be homophobic or racist?
  138. What do you think about incest?
  139. State with best quality of life (Poll)
  140. Tuition fees
  141. Professional Athletes
  142. Hawkeye vs the Hulk
  143. How do we fix the U.S Economy?
  144. Is Halloween a lost holiday?
  145. Illegal Immigrants
  146. Legal Drinking age
  147. Do gays go to Heaven or Hell?
  148. Afterlife? Reincarnation, rebirth, heaven, hell, eternal life?
  149. Fuck the Troops
  150. locking
  151. Abortion?
  152. Thoughts on Kim Kardashian's mom enabling her to have sex at 14.
  153. To those who say that claiming to know 'truth' is arrogant
  154. Britains exam revolt
  155. The Universe is So Humangous Big!
  156. Rebel
  157. Welfare, disabilities and so on! :)
  158. Just how sacred is virginity?
  159. Guys i need you to back me up!
  160. Porn in Relationships
  161. Sport in Schools
  162. Planning on writing an e-petition to the Government over Summer
  163. What presidential candidate are you pulling for even if you aren't allowed to vote.
  164. Religious Circumcision Banned in Germany. Discuss.
  165. The Bullied Bus Monitor
  166. Freezing hot water?
  167. When Did These "Social Taboos" Develop?
  168. So Apparently the freedom of speech is now gone..
  169. Psychologists
  170. Do girls agree with me or my male friend regarding this case?
  171. Immigration
  172. Obamacare?
  173. Selling your soul
  174. hello
  175. Double genitial
  176. Facebook taking over Instagram?
  177. Opinions on homophobia.
  178. Do you think their is a line between plastic surgery being good and bad?
  179. Thoughts on profiling
  180. Thoughts on legalizing gay marriage
  181. Ask a Christian :)
  182. Do you believe in 'God'?
  183. What is your opinion of Julian Asange?
  184. Bruce Lee
  185. Why do you believe in God?
  186. Pedophilia
  187. Does the soul exist?
  188. Germany bans circumcision
  189. I do not think today's problem in schools is bullying, its "Teenage Aristocracy."
  190. dog ban
  191. Are all vigilantes bad?
  192. Why are you atheist?
  193. Atheism and Marriage
  194. what the fork!!
  195. Telivision and Wicca/Witches
  196. what do other countreys think of the USA?
  197. why are atheist
  198. Melkor/Morgoth vs Voldemort
  199. The existence of ghosts
  200. Aliens