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  1. Guantanamo Bay
  2. How do you interperate "Judas"?
  3. can't say c**t in Canada
  4. Cloning
  5. Flying cars? What the fuck?
  6. Torrented files Vs. MPAA, record companies, Software Developers
  7. CHINA's One child policy
  8. Iraq
  9. Dissolve the Electoral College?
  10. A Political Philosophy Survey
  11. Heaven
  12. Sex crime victims being named in the media
  13. Should Gays be allowed to give blood?
  14. Religion your choice or are you forced
  15. Should people accused of sex crimes be given anonymity
  16. teen abortion?
  17. Sex-Selective Abortion, Especially in Places Like China and India
  18. Future Fuels
  19. Indian Heritage or Humiliation?
  20. Suicide.
  21. What to do about sex offenders
  22. Executing the Mentally Ill
  23. Who supports Ron Paul?
  24. The Alphabet
  25. Prove to me...
  26. Ratko Mladic Arrested
  27. If you were the President of the United States...
  28. Death
  29. Canada and the Québécois
  30. Handicap Spaces
  31. Showering
  32. Eugenica and survival of the fittest in 21st century
  33. CDC admits vaccines don't work.
  34. Illegal Immigration in the US
  35. Euthanasia...
  36. David Bushby Meowing at Penny Wong
  37. The big question of my life...
  38. Teen Mom
  39. Do you support the legalization of marijuana?
  40. Pedophilia,Hebephilia & Ephebophilia...
  41. Dr death????
  42. Evolution v. Creationism
  43. Death.
  44. Endangered Species.
  45. Liberal Or Conservative on social issues
  46. Dont believe in evolution? Come on Down!!!
  47. Being Bi at such a young age?
  48. Should teenagers be encouraged to masturbate in order to get them to delay sex?
  49. Which countries do you consider to be part of the Western World
  50. WW3
  51. College is a conspirasy?
  52. A San Francisco ballot measure would ban circumcision. Is that legal?
  53. Should schools be required to teach character education and conflict resolution?
  54. The Day the Dollar Died
  55. Fallacies in religion
  56. Religion... Do you believe there's a "God" or superior being?
  57. The Gap Between Rich and Poor In School and Friends
  58. Aliens what do you think.
  59. only one big bang?
  60. The reason why thorium should replace uranium.
  61. The Privatization of the US Prison System Your thoughts?
  62. Discipline = Abuse?
  63. male beauty pageants
  64. Toddlers in tiaras Worst thing ever or what!
  65. politics-republican/democrat
  66. Love And Like to Completely Different Things and used very loosely
  67. religion?
  68. A LoJack for Children
  69. How can we make sure that women are paid the same as men?
  70. Death penalty in my state?
  71. Funding Planned Parenthood and Other Abortion Providers
  72. Wet Houses
  73. Worldwide Currency?
  74. WW2 History and the next 10 years
  75. This is going to get out of hand and heated reaaaal quick
  76. Build Bridges, Not walls
  77. The United States as a Military Superpower
  78. Your Romantic Partner's Views on Religion/Religion your children is raised in
  79. A sex crime victim with retrograde amnesia
  80. Philosophy Poll
  81. Casey Anthony closing arguments?
  82. Should Private Schools be Scrapped
  83. "America Can Single-Handedly Destroy the World" Thread
  84. Single mothers must name their babies's fathers in the UK
  85. Child Custody/Visitation and Father's Rights
  86. If you were a surrogate for a couple and the couple died would you abort the baby?
  87. Would you have a Whole-body transplant?
  88. Underweight or Overweight
  89. Fingerprints
  90. Buying power
  91. World Trade Center Rebuilding
  92. Abuse or Discipline BIG Difference
  93. Is it right not to tip since employers are required to make up the difference?
  94. Zombie Apocalypse
  95. Honest opinion about gay marriage and marriage in general.
  96. Blackmailing Someone into Leaving an Abusive Relationship/Competing with an Abuser
  97. Inter-Religion Marriage
  98. The Conspiracy?
  99. Do you support local stores and trades OR Do you go for big brand names
  100. School Uniforms: Necessary or not?
  101. child leashes
  102. Should money Matter?
  103. The moron who burned the Koran
  104. I need to be enlightened
  105. Bullying
  106. Abortion?
  107. Are Churches and Religious Groups Hate Groups?
  108. Should we be surprised by the WBC?/Are they better than other religious groups?
  109. Prostitution?
  110. Public Health Insurance Option
  111. Should minors be eligible for the death penalty?
  112. Intelligent society with or without religion?
  113. Should Movies come out on DVD the day they come out in the cinema
  114. Legalization of Marijuana
  115. Gardening
  116. Polygamy
  117. How much discretion should judges be given in determining sentences?
  118. Concept of racism
  119. An interesting question,... Would you kill someone,
  120. Alcohol drinking at events
  121. Is the government spending to much on Military?
  122. BBC---Tax payer funds via TV license
  123. Feminism
  124. Should crime victims be able to choose punishments?
  125. Debate: Animal Rights
  126. Casey Anthony?
  127. What could happen if USA goes bankrupt?
  128. since when?
  129. Cloning moral opinions
  130. Sex offenders Register (sex with an under the age person)
  131. Is the banning of Holocaust denial and Nazi symbols justified in Europe?
  132. USA involvement in wars
  133. World militaries
  134. The Economic Future: Who Will Be On Top?
  135. United Nations
  136. War Crimes
  137. Perpetual motion
  138. Innate bisexuality
  139. Sex Offenses Underage?
  140. United States Debt....
  141. If a bullied student kills himself who is reponsible?
  142. Anders Breivik's manifesto?
  143. Hive mind
  144. Healthcare
  145. Education in America
  146. Homos Goin' To Hell
  147. Debate: Smoking Ban in all public places
  148. Political correctness
  149. 2012 Election Poll
  150. Where do you see yourself?
  151. pollution
  152. Youth views on Christianity
  153. Gold Standard
  154. Possibilities to recover the US debt
  155. Pride and Historical dedicated months
  156. Is it right?
  157. What would be your law?
  158. Under-class Protests in the UK London
  159. suicide
  160. GLAAD Network Responsibilty Index
  161. The Average American Male.
  162. How do we define piracy
  163. WYO: Oceans v Space
  164. Lamarck evolution theory
  165. Sao Paulo "Death Squads"
  166. Makes me wonder...
  167. Obama: this generation's Kennedy?
  168. Makes sense?
  169. 2012 Election Poll
  170. Airport security
  171. Cannabis
  172. Any Socialists/Anarcho-Communists in the House?
  173. Abortion
  174. Graffiti. art or vandalism?
  175. 2012 end of world?
  176. carbon tax/ emissions trading scheme
  177. Zombie Apocolypse. is it gonna happen? are you ready? how?
  178. Question.
  179. This sickens me.
  180. UK survey (only those who live/have lived in the uk please)
  181. Registry for people who commit domestic violence
  182. Incest
  183. Circumcision
  184. cheer leading
  185. Felony Murder Rule
  186. Is it strange and extreme to refuse to come back to a place that had a mass shooting?
  187. Should single mothers find positive father figures for their kids?
  188. Human Population Limiting
  189. Non Religious People
  190. Please Tell Me Why........
  191. Marriage for green card (not a spammy bot)
  192. What's after death?
  193. It's a fucking debate now!
  194. top of the world
  195. Sagging, thoughts?
  196. religion and marriage
  197. Pro-Life Libertarians
  198. The moon - effecting objects fall speed?
  199. Parental search
  200. Ignorance