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  1. Help me feel light.
  2. I feel like I'm acting...
  3. My Friend...
  4. I wanna die
  5. Please read
  6. Getting help.
  7. how to be much less neurotic...
  8. I could kill my friends
  9. Severe Day-mares
  10. Violent alter egos
  11. Nightmare Nation
  12. Dreams of Dying
  13. so lonely, I just wanna die
  14. New Boyfriend?
  15. Random Freak outs
  16. not feeling able to face the future...
  17. Massive mood changing
  18. I want to let this nightmare consume me.
  19. Violent thoughs
  20. Rough relationship with brother, thinking of suicide
  21. Becoming a more violent person.
  22. I am going to commit suicide , need someone to talk to
  23. Possible Memory Loss?
  24. Obsession?
  25. kinda freaking myself out
  26. Being on my own
  27. How do I get rid of these intrusive thoughts?
  28. social issue - quietness, logical v. emotional mind
  29. maybe i should just die...
  30. I need help
  31. bitches be everywhere - anger issues
  32. Crushing premonitions.
  33. effects of sleep deprivation
  34. What do I do?
  35. Nervous Breakdowns
  36. Insecurities?
  37. Help?
  38. I'm sick of councilers, i want a FRIEND who isn't too high to tell right from left
  39. Idk y
  40. Happy or insane?
  41. becoming insane...
  42. I'm as cheerful as ever... not.
  43. My earliest memory, it disturbs and confused me.
  44. okay, yeah.
  45. I can't feel anything...
  46. Walked in on parents
  47. Emotional bubble about to burst!
  48. I can't take life anymore
  49. insecure big time
  50. Freaking out.
  51. I'm cool on the outside, but hurting in the inside.
  52. I'm really not sure where this should be posted
  53. Negative thoughts ..
  54. I am feeling hopeless
  55. Brain-Block
  56. I'm lost in this huge world.
  57. bringing me down...
  58. Getting help
  59. Help
  60. Occupied mind is depressing.
  61. It's getting to much for me
  62. Dark thoughts: I'm my own worst enemy.
  63. Help for you everyone.
  64. Insecurity
  65. Problems with identity
  66. I am on the verge
  67. Can you just like not.
  68. [sigh]
  69. just fucking done
  70. Frantic
  71. just a rant. i guess.
  72. college and anxiety...
  73. last days
  74. Confused about my memories
  75. My mind confuses even me...
  76. Nothing Matters
  77. I'm freaking out badly
  78. Freaking out really bad...
  79. English, do you speak it? I don't...
  80. My thoughts are like a endless movie/nightmare x.x
  81. Having a major meltdown
  82. Mental White Noise
  83. Home Sick...
  84. Two Faced Mask Metaphore
  85. Everything went to shit today
  86. Parents
  87. im done with this
  88. Nightmares
  89. Opening Up
  90. Not wanting to grow up
  91. I care about hardly anyone
  92. Afraid
  93. Crashing
  94. Lost my ambition of 10years
  95. So pissed off
  96. Excitement
  97. What is this, sadness, bad gut feeling, distractions, but never with friends
  98. getting really sick of this
  99. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
  100. medical appointments and anxiety
  101. School was a good distraction
  102. Life After
  103. Over imagining things that aren't there
  104. Feeling of being watched constantly
  105. Why am I so possessive with my food?
  106. Procrastination to the max
  107. #lifeslowlyfallingapart
  108. My limit is nearing.
  109. Thoughts almost turned into actions (possibly triggering)
  110. who is this person...
  111. Giving up
  112. Urges to do Bad Things
  113. Im changing, WTF?!
  114. How to take control of Anxiety?
  115. The Old Woman Who Works at Trader Joe's
  116. idk what to do anymore.
  117. I Dont Know Anymore....
  118. breaking down...
  119. Scared of the thought of driving?
  120. Extremely Paraniod
  121. Need someone to talk
  122. On the verge of collapse.
  123. Long story which a pinch of venting- any advice is appreciated
  124. Feel like there's no hope to anything?
  125. whats a mental hospital like?
  126. Can't feel like this anymore..
  127. Why Do I Do These Things?
  128. Loneliness & on Lockdown, I don't know what to do..
  129. Don't know what to do right now...
  130. lost
  131. Having incredible trouble getting back into routine?
  132. I think I have a phobia/anxiety
  133. Why does my life suck?
  134. I knew it wouldnt last
  135. Not sure how to feel about this
  136. what is this
  137. Extremely concerned about my best friend.
  138. So confused...think I gave up on life
  139. Help will only arrive when it's too late
  140. Taking thing's too personally
  141. I hate myself...
  142. Vent: What the fuck do you mean by "I was just born with it?"
  143. Suicidal Dreams
  144. Very confused looking for advice
  145. FirstPost / Why Im here
  146. idk
  147. aunt
  148. Nightmares
  149. Social anxiety and school
  150. I just can't
  151. guys i need super help
  152. just relized somthing need advice
  153. need to take this out of me
  154. Is this healthy?
  155. Why is society F**Ked?
  156. In need of support
  157. help?
  158. Just need some advice
  159. To all Christians: please help.
  160. i'm not feeling brilliant...
  161. Just my life story, looking for advice
  162. it upsets me
  163. Counting
  164. Very scared
  165. Numb and Emotionless
  166. Nightmares
  167. How to deal with cropped up anger and sadness?
  168. Feeling really pist off!!!
  169. Helping my friend?!?
  170. I think I'm having some sort of panic right now
  171. Sick to my stomach...
  172. My depressing future?... Feeling terrible
  173. i had never wanted to die so badly
  174. I Hate Life I just want to end it
  175. Nightmares!
  176. University Anxiety?
  177. Lack of sleep triggered breakdown
  178. Someone talk to me
  179. Extremely depressed... I don't even know who I am any more
  180. I don't know what I am doing with my life anymore..
  181. Is it "wrong" that I lack empathy?
  182. Feeling like I'm on the edge of something...
  183. Losing myself .. :(
  184. Socially awkward and get nervous when talking to people
  185. Telling my mom I like metal/rock
  186. Why am i always so angry!?!?!
  187. i don't know any more
  188. Been through some bad times, and I can't get better...
  189. Confuse memories and dreams
  190. Extreme anxiety attacks out of the blue
  191. Lack of empathy.....or anything at all....
  192. Being uncomfortable around intoxicated people
  193. help._.
  194. I'm scared...
  195. Why am I not comfortable around family?
  196. i dont know what to do anymore
  197. ~just a vent, don't feel obligated to respond, it's unlikely I'll be back soon~
  198. I've hit rock bottom.. at 15. what now?
  199. Im constantly sad, confused and angry
  200. he knows