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  1. Im freaking out!!
  2. Grades
  3. Don't know how to deal with stuff
  4. I want to kill myself.
  5. don't bother reading,just my usual shit and ranting
  6. Extremly paranoid about...
  7. dreaming about losing friends...
  8. I've already given up I think
  9. I can't stand myself anymore.
  10. My Own Friend
  11. Can I just undo everything?
  12. I feel like im losing.
  13. What happens if i admit to being suicidal?
  14. what is wronge
  15. CCTV and Security at school = meltdown
  16. I wasn't really sure where else to put this.
  17. I cant cope
  18. annoyances
  19. Feeling really low
  20. Please Help urgent
  21. Panic
  22. I can't but I can...
  23. Feeling a very strong nausea after breaking up... WTF?!
  24. I think I'm losing it.
  25. I think I'm losing my only friend
  26. I don't know what to do anymore
  27. Girl That I Barely Know Came On to Me...
  28. Downhill?
  29. My Formal Dilemma
  30. Ramblings.... Episode 9245
  31. Cant Stop crying.
  32. I don't know what more can I do, I just want things to be ok
  33. why am i still here... *may trigger*
  34. What the...
  35. Suicide seems great these days
  36. Nobody understands
  37. What to do?
  38. Honestly... I'm so lost.
  39. I just dont know what to do anymore.....
  40. Everyone Forgets About Me
  41. Why?
  42. Can't take this anymore
  43. I really want to die right now
  44. Who says ?
  45. Paranoid
  46. I'm crying my eyes out
  47. crumbling
  48. I'm on the edge
  49. Freaking out
  50. I Feel Like I Want To End It
  51. tryed and failed :(
  52. This is ripping me apart
  53. Ulcers and relapsing
  54. Losing my mind
  55. Need a psychologist bad :(
  56. I'm to nice to people. I need to be more tough. HELP!?
  57. Venting.
  58. Freaked me Out
  59. is MPD real??
  60. insomnia...taking over...
  61. How to cope... With anything
  62. Intolerant and weird
  63. depression 2
  64. Nightmare
  65. Dont know if this actually happend or was a dream
  66. To whoever attempts to read this
  67. helphelphelp!
  68. Is this normal?
  69. Christmas
  70. *Call this what you want*
  71. suicidal
  72. I think I'm losing it...
  73. strange dream
  74. cant sleep, cant eat, dont doing very well
  75. Constant stress and well.. read.
  76. someone just kill me please
  77. Don't know if this is the right place...
  78. I would be suicidal, if I could bring myself to do it.
  79. Counsellors and Psychiatrists?
  80. Losing myself
  81. How can I forgive myself?
  82. Venting....Again
  83. Why do I feel so uncomforatable?
  84. Pissed!
  85. asking for advice once more
  86. Nothing left
  87. Threatened to be put in a mental hospital
  88. School...
  89. I wish to be dead.
  90. I can't give this a good title...
  91. Sanity
  92. Seems silly but...
  93. If i mess up one more time i get comitted.
  94. I'm havin' a really shitty time.
  95. Hospitalization?
  96. Another waste of server space.
  97. Short temper/anger?
  98. Personality Change
  99. If there's a God in Heaven He won't let this be a relapse
  100. Is it just a phase or is it permanent?
  101. How to suppress the tough stuff I'm going through?
  102. I Could be In A Lot Of Trouble!
  103. Asking for help (again)
  104. Please someone talk to me... anyone
  105. I feel terrible
  106. I am gonna go crazy...
  107. No support
  108. Please help me
  109. Need some help
  110. Is it normal for a 17-year old guy to have low self esteem?
  111. My friend
  112. Stressed and Depressed
  113. never ending cycle
  114. I really don't know where to put this or what to do...
  115. Everyone would be better off...
  116. Feeling guilty
  117. Breakdown
  118. so done with life
  119. has anyone ever felt....
  120. breakdown and hittiing hitting mself
  121. Help!
  122. social anxiety and low self esteem
  123. Sosial problems
  124. My last breath,
  125. Fast moving images in my head?
  126. Completely fucked up life
  127. I can't take this anymore...
  128. I'm in a social mess! :(
  129. Scared of Myself
  130. almost at my snapping point.
  131. Mentally maturing...
  132. Constant predictions
  133. Jealousy
  134. I don't know what to think
  135. My life has been wrecked
  136. Afraid
  137. It's over...
  138. she told me she was over drugs
  139. hey look its been awhile but guess what i need help
  140. Am I going Crazy? PLEASE HELP
  141. I want to fucking kill myself now
  142. My classmate
  143. Its Time
  144. This isn't good.
  145. I have a really boring life. Anyone else?
  146. Why am I so weak?
  147. Just life..
  148. Whats happened to me
  149. How do you talk about things that happened to you?
  150. I think I'm crazy and disgusting
  151. can't sleep and worried about my brain
  152. Please Help
  153. How everything can go wrong in two weeks
  154. I fell suicidal
  155. Why..
  156. I just want to kill myself...
  157. My abused friend is suicidal, what to do?
  158. I feel like I'm going to crash.
  159. Im sick of this!!!
  160. I think I'm "scared" of growing up?
  161. Mum called the police.
  162. Back To The Start
  163. I just need to know how to....
  164. I hate seeing Guys with 6-packs
  165. Feeling betrayed by teachers
  166. Some one help me
  167. insecurities
  168. Depressed for a while now...
  169. I want a little sister!
  170. Dreams about killing myself
  171. Away, gone; no, wait, I'm here.
  172. i gotta agree with tbe world, i should just kill myself
  173. Putting my cat down.
  174. Feeling lonely
  175. I want to go back
  176. Anger
  177. The past...
  178. What good is life?
  179. I don't know what the word for this is
  180. I just prostitued myself.
  181. I. Hate. Couples.
  182. Will she?
  183. I need to vent.
  184. Father abandoned me and my family
  185. Please help!
  186. debt, homelessness and life in general
  187. I don't know.. Help
  188. I feel horrible for this...
  189. how to change...
  190. Just want to sleep...
  191. I feel lonely and cold
  192. Cannot shake this feeling
  193. I want to die...
  194. Can't say no
  195. Help? Not attached to reality
  196. Tired of it all
  198. Lost and Confused
  199. Confused as fuck (sorry for bad words)
  200. not going to prom...