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  1. i did it again
  2. "You are the most worthless"
  3. I Want to Die
  4. Disturbing Dream...
  5. I finally get it.
  6. Emotions
  7. The downward spiral that is my life - The story.
  8. The shards of my current shell of a life.
  9. Here goes nothing?
  10. Wave of Drama
  11. Im thinking of running away
  12. They think...
  13. Annoyed face
  14. :S Dreams
  15. I'm breaking down, I just can't handle it anymore, I was better than this!
  16. Bothering me
  17. I broke down...last night
  18. Just Shoot Me.
  19. Running away!?!!?!????!??!
  20. I don't WANT to go on....
  21. Kind of done with this.
  22. Bored
  23. Worried that I like things I shouldn't?
  24. What should I do?? =[
  25. plz
  26. Really Need Help
  27. i feel like my life is ending.
  28. Help!
  29. not: Eating, happy, smiley or intrested.
  30. ... who am I?
  31. Cant get over past event, help
  32. Am i going crazy??...... I dont know anymore!!!!!!!!
  33. um... is this a mental crisses?
  34. Major Sexual Confusion - Help, Reassurance, Anything?
  35. In need of some venting...
  36. what the hell is wrong with me?
  37. What is wrong with me?
  38. I'm screwed
  39. Why Does My Life Suck
  40. Smoking and Cutting my life away...
  41. okay.. wth??
  42. Falling.
  43. strange though patterns
  44. Ugh, FML, please help
  45. Remember that dream?...
  46. le huge sigh.
  47. Dream Caused Irrational Fears
  48. On The Path To Self Destruction....
  49. Fed up
  50. im insane
  51. Life sucks blah blah blah
  52. Holy shit, im a retard...
  53. i realy need help...
  54. Paranormal
  55. I feel so worn out...
  56. Back to the Ward, Again.
  57. Apathy
  58. No idea...help plz
  59. Is there a way out?
  60. hyper...
  61. Saying things i dont mean...
  62. i dont think i need help with how i feel
  63. That place.
  64. My life sucks now
  65. Just another piece of shit
  66. What shall i do?
  67. Help... Please
  68. Help!!! Its scareing me!
  69. mad alone and scared
  70. I feel guilty
  71. Please help me :'( i'm scard...
  72. Tired
  73. I'm alone all the time.
  74. Need to vent about dear mom...
  75. I don't know anymore, really.
  76. I cant think of a better topic name.
  77. How often do you have to have suicidal thoughts before they're that "serious"?
  78. I need to evacuate this world
  79. You'll never understand.
  80. oh just fuck it all
  81. Help?
  82. Paranoia?
  83. Just feel like I have a bad outlook on life
  84. Not convinced. (Epic wall of text ahoy)
  85. :confused: help
  86. Will someone please take the knife out of my back and kill me with it?
  87. Daily Deja Vu
  88. Crap, crap, CRAP. I'm pregnant.
  89. What the hell is happening to me?
  90. My sister
  91. I dont think that I quite understand! (WARNING:RANT!)
  92. Help...
  93. if I lost my hair, I think I would go crazy or depressed.
  94. I think I'm having a breakdown...
  95. dreams
  96. Too young to be a parent
  97. I honestly dont know anymore.
  98. PLEASE she needs help.
  99. Should I be concerned?
  100. Total shit
  101. Paranoid? Paranoid doesn't even begin to cover it.
  102. Nightmares
  103. psychiatrist
  104. umm...
  105. trivial problem stuck in my head
  106. One way or another
  107. socially awkward... (rant is long)
  108. god hate me
  109. I don't understand.
  110. Noise generation
  111. Arghhhhh
  112. lack of sleep
  113. Family approach for serious mental illness
  114. i feel so alone :(
  115. mental crisis
  116. Worried
  117. done, I hate my life
  118. Ok im freaking out here
  119. Rant
  120. What do you think is the most cause of mental crisis in teenage????
  121. Concerned about height... It's driving me nuts!
  122. problems..idk if this goes here or not...
  123. Ugh.
  124. Self.
  125. Can't Sleep or Wake up VERY Early Morning
  126. Suicide Dreams
  127. Torn Apart
  128. My ability to talk goes on and off
  129. why is school such a pain in the a**(vent)
  130. Whyyyyyyy Can't Life Be Simple.
  131. Whats going on? Why's it all fading away?
  132. hallucinations and other problems
  133. Am I being stupid?
  134. I always screw things up...
  135. does anyone else feel like this?
  136. Terrified
  137. I keep not feeling like me...
  138. Nobody's listeneing
  139. nightmares
  140. I want to die?
  141. Okay I Get It, I Fucked Up.
  142. mood swings?
  143. I Have A Little Problem... or two...
  144. I can't take this guilt.
  145. Broken
  146. arghhh
  147. I dont know ...
  148. Trans-species?
  149. Great problem
  150. I can see them...
  151. mix of anxiety and paranoia, except it only happens when im tired?
  152. Rant
  153. Anxiety...
  154. Sweating has something to do with the thinking
  155. selfish much?
  156. Fire Alarm Phobia???
  157. Life
  158. Dear gosh.
  159. Argh!
  160. I feel like shit
  161. Have you ever felt that people kinda hate you even though they're being nice to you?
  162. the age old question: who am i?
  163. if we can't change the past, why do we spend so long thinking about it?
  164. i'm a very sick girl. i just dont know whats wrong with me.
  165. the nightmares have started again...
  166. no dreams :(
  167. my head hurts. im sick and tired of everything. i dont even know.
  168. need some help :)
  169. Wanting to see death?
  170. my mum and nan...
  171. i havent felt like myself all day. and this is too much to handle.
  172. My S***y life.
  173. just want someone to know....
  174. dreams...
  175. Vicious Cycle of Self Hate
  176. cliché depressed teenager, i guess.
  177. im scared
  178. All my suspicions about him were right
  179. Rant much.
  180. i.. i'm scared..
  181. Fine...or not.
  182. Nightmare problems
  183. How young and innocent we were...
  184. Nightmares again.
  185. Just wondering.
  186. im scared of what im going to do
  187. insomnia making me see things
  188. Our life is gone insane.
  189. Close to suicide?
  190. Please someone help me
  191. I'm confused.
  192. Dissociative identity disorder??
  193. cant stop
  194. Two Different Lives?
  195. I'm writing this from my closet...rant...
  196. Nightmares...
  197. I don't feel like living
  198. I had a Nightmare
  199. Worrying and the Disgusting Habit
  200. im fuckin tired of this