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  1. If you could...
  2. How are you in competition with or jealous of your siblings?
  3. Worried About Revenge
  4. Did I cross a line I shouldn't of have crossed?
  5. What to do about my parents Marriage issues
  6. Tattletale
  7. Screw it
  8. Did I ruin their relationship?
  9. Loner by choice?
  10. Someone help
  11. A complicated situation
  12. The coaches, or principles office
  13. Mom and Dad yelling
  14. Given a choice
  15. I miss her so much
  16. Ideas for a letter to my mum
  17. Parents not agreeing with some of your friends
  18. Friend of freind
  19. I've become a Loner
  20. They've known this whole time.
  21. Forced to move
  22. Bromance
  23. Getting closer with friend
  24. My friend won't let me talk.
  25. My friend called me autistic, and I tried to stand up for myself.
  26. Revenge.
  27. Bored
  28. Question about younger cousin
  29. Emancipation Help
  30. Stolen money
  31. complete and utter physical isolation
  32. Thinking of him
  33. Family naturism
  34. My father
  35. Why aren't I close to anyone
  36. Helping a depressed parent.
  37. Does anyone else ever feel that their friends don't like them?
  38. Making friends?
  39. a mom whose addicted to gaming
  40. My stepdad wants me to make some big changes
  41. A Constant Third Wheel
  42. My friend, an Evangelist
  43. Am I interfering too much into her life?
  44. my stepdad is an ass
  45. Man Crush?
  46. My backstabbing bestie???
  47. how to ask parents something
  48. Moved back with my mom again
  49. Internet restrictions at home
  50. I made a friend and I made him cry :(
  51. Prank
  52. Kicked out.
  53. I have an issue...
  54. Daddy Issues
  55. i just want some fucking peace
  56. need a opinion what i did with my friend yesterday
  57. What Should I Do About this Mate?
  58. Thanksgiving
  59. Should I remain friends
  60. nudity around family
  61. Sexual Assault
  62. Separation
  63. I want to Runaway
  64. How to thank a special somebody?
  65. feeling sad
  66. I only have two friends....they started dating.....and Iím in love with one of them.
  67. Disciplined by my uncle
  68. Parents still enforce a strict bedtime and seem very controlling
  69. I have a crush on my stepsister/best friend
  70. What temp does your family keep the house?
  71. nostalgia and drifting away
  72. My Sister
  73. the foundation for success
  74. What can i do?
  75. Aggressive mother
  76. two brothers
  77. Incompatible with my parents
  78. Proof
  79. A memorable birthday gift
  80. Long time friend gone
  81. Toxic relationship, what do I do?
  82. How often do you make a complete ass of yourself?
  83. I feel like I have to decide between my boyfriend and my friends
  84. They only want the house, they don't care. They just want his stuff...
  85. Making conversation
  86. Friend Help
  87. Nude pictures?
  88. How to come out to parents?
  89. What do your grandparents mean to you?
  90. Family Arguments
  91. Lack of Social interaction
  92. Bathroom Etiquette
  93. Has your best friend (of opposite gender) seen you naked?
  94. Frustration with a friend
  95. I have no friends.
  96. Sleeping with Family members
  97. Disrespectful to Parents
  98. Raised super reglious
  99. My parents are acting weird. Advice?
  100. Tech Restrictions
  101. I Feel Unimportant
  102. Did you grow up without a father (or mother)? Please read this.
  103. My friend/sister hurting me
  104. Smoking
  105. Best Friend and girlfriend
  106. Advice for birthday present
  107. Sharing game console time with siblings
  108. Losing my best friend...
  109. Did I say something wrong?
  110. Anyone got tips to help a friend with violent thoughts?
  111. Here we go again
  112. 13yr old brother playing sex games
  113. Worries about cadets
  114. How can I get over this
  115. Facing my fate of abuse
  116. can you hype me up to message a friend?
  117. I saw too much!
  118. Comparing hand sizes
  119. Spanked!
  120. my friends took me to kohls for clothes
  121. Angry mother
  122. Making friends
  123. My dad wants it more than I do.
  124. Do you use cuss words
  125. Idk whats happening
  126. My Ďbest friendí keeps ditching me
  127. Getting to know you all!
  128. Friend being too clingy
  129. Getting a new brother!
  130. What would you do?
  131. When are you to old ?
  132. self spanking
  133. Need Advice
  134. Increasing a friendship
  135. Dads
  136. Bullshit reasons you've gotten in trouble
  137. My mom pisses me off
  138. Parents Buying Vaccination Exemption Forms
  139. Parents Ignoring Your Accomplishments
  140. How do I get my parents to stop checking in on me at night?
  141. What do i do
  142. At war with mom
  143. What is happening?
  144. Cancer
  145. Step family.
  146. Bad Daughter?
  147. Friend owes me $500 CAD
  148. Meeting
  149. Parents not married
  150. Moving to utah
  151. "It"
  152. What should I do?
  153. Visit the dead.
  154. worst chores your parents assign you
  155. Accidentally discovered that my cousin was gay
  156. I don't know how I feel about it
  157. Is 16 too old to get Grounded?
  158. Unsure what to do
  159. Clingy "Friend"
  160. Friends
  161. I just came out to my family
  162. Angry with parent
  163. Anyone else have parents who still spank them as a teen?
  164. what do teens talk about?
  165. Older parents and Significantly Older Siblings
  166. parents age
  167. What did you do for Fatherís Day?
  168. Where to make new friends?
  169. I had sex with a friend who's girl despite my best friend telling me not to
  170. Couple things
  171. How to be friends with host sister?
  172. Lost my only Friend
  173. When do you reach a breaking point?
  174. Older Sibling with Younger Siblings
  175. Childline friend
  176. Tried living with mom and now back at uncles
  177. Never had a male friend
  178. Do your parents have social media accounts?
  179. How do I stop always trying to be right?