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  1. Best friend and Brain tumour
  2. Miliatry Parents And Moving
  3. So, I need to announce something to my Family..
  4. Missing deadbeat family
  5. I don't understand her !
  6. FML
  7. Caring about people who don't care about you?
  8. Has anyone experienced this before?
  9. Afraid of dad
  10. I don't know...
  11. truth or dare party tonight
  12. Caring Too Much For My Best Friend
  13. how do i get my parents to take me seriously?
  14. sticky situation
  15. Trust
  16. they want me to join a gang
  17. Is it weird that I don't care about making any male friends at university?
  18. Moms boyfriend
  19. Framed for a crime I didn't commit
  20. If you thought a friend of the family was cheating with your mom
  21. Who do you live with?
  22. i messed up so bad...
  23. Family heritage
  24. My mom is crazy
  25. Making Friends in College?
  26. Over dependant friend??
  27. Bullying vs teasing
  28. Lost my best friend.
  29. I hate 2/3 of my immediate family
  30. I'm a horrible person...
  31. Should I tell her?
  32. Become alone...
  33. Parents & Friends
  34. Save a dying friendship
  35. Spanking
  36. My life suddenly got screwed...
  37. Dad cancer update !
  38. I feel that my anger is spiraling out of control
  39. Finding friends in a new school and town? Please help...
  40. I'm in a huge mess right now
  41. shitty friend
  42. I Dont know what to do!! :(
  43. Did I do the right thing?
  44. Members / fake members
  45. Exclusion
  46. We fought and now he stares at me?
  47. Being Lied To
  48. Idk what to do
  49. Should I block these people?
  50. Attending my first funeral
  51. This sounds stupid but I really want a friend.
  52. Uncomfortable with my Stepdad
  53. Please help me! Need advice...
  54. Being called Gay
  55. My mom expects too much from me
  56. My friends never really invite me anywhere?
  57. mum thinks I am on drugs.
  58. I've always to invite my friends
  59. teenage fighting
  60. student exchange making friends/ confidence tips
  61. New School New Friends
  62. help me deal with familial abuse?
  63. Will still do it, even if parent don't allow.
  64. Fights with younger brother.
  65. How to confront some ex-friends
  66. Birhtday party?
  67. Corporal punishments
  68. I need your help.
  69. the belt
  70. Dealing with Dad thats a Major Jock
  71. Am I Wrong?
  72. Whom do I choose?
  73. How can I convince my parents to get me a credit card?
  74. So much better with brother gone.
  75. Horrible Mistake?
  76. My friend
  77. Don't think I have real 'friends'
  78. Death. Advice?
  79. A great family
  80. Weird 21 year old messaging me
  81. Tips on how to make new friends
  82. I'm Grounded for 6 months
  83. Are they unsupportive or am I ungrateful and needy?
  84. Parents holiday
  85. My dad never spends time with me anymore.
  86. Am i have crush on him ?
  87. Talking with Friends or Family
  88. Betrayed a friend
  89. Help! Jealous friend!
  90. Best Friend Pushing Me Away
  91. My last friend just blocked me
  92. Ex-Friend Getting Revenge?...
  93. When you think yeah sure, ok
  94. Should I block friends who didn't wish me happy birthday?
  95. best friend
  96. Ex-Friend Problems
  97. Platonical way
  98. My family
  99. is it wrong to stop talking to your mother?
  100. All my family died in a car accident .. now I'm alone ??
  101. What should I do?
  102. Am I Obsessed?
  103. I keep staring
  104. chain reaction
  105. Family anxiety
  106. The future is really bleak
  107. i can hear my parents having sex at night
  108. Don't know how to title this
  109. Selfish Parents?
  110. You Own or You Share?
  111. Should I get rid of these friends?
  112. Unfriending
  113. Allowance?
  114. possesive or crush
  115. Should I take her phone?
  116. I am having gay sex with my very religious brother's best friend.
  117. Should I Go?
  118. What's it like to have a sister?
  119. Catching up with an old friend
  120. hanging out
  121. Parents owe me $20K
  122. Younger sister's boyfriend
  123. Really Shy
  124. I don't know what to do about this friendship.
  125. How to deal with a homophobic mother?
  126. Losing Friends Very Quickly..
  127. Plans w friends
  128. Apologizing to my step-mom when I don't feel like I should
  129. How can I change from "shy and quiet" to "open and social"...?
  130. Birthday ideas needed
  131. Did I Do the Right Thing Here?
  132. How Do I Build Confidence
  133. How to persuade parents to let you travel?
  134. help me please
  135. Posting Pictures of Myself
  136. Need Advice for a Friend
  137. Help! Friends won't stop asking guys out for "me" and I need advice.
  138. Branching out
  139. What are ways to be a handyman?
  140. Is it strange for a boy to have a girl as best friend?
  141. I feel uptight and uncomfortable around people who are not my family
  142. True or dare?
  143. I've had enough.
  144. Is it normal for a parent to say this?
  145. Feeling trapped
  146. Why do people bully others?
  147. I don't know what's wrong with me
  148. Recovering a dead friendship
  149. Friend keeps cancelling
  150. What to say to my parents?
  151. I have bad anger issues
  152. Pls help me
  153. I'm Worried About My Friend
  154. friendship as real as a cardboard
  155. Is she holding me back?
  156. What Happens Now?
  157. Best friend did something horrible to amputee friend..
  158. How to deal with jealousy?
  159. An adult I can trust?
  160. Suffering Silently
  161. Fake friend?
  162. Parents divorce
  163. Over protective parents
  164. "Competition" w/ Sister
  165. Where to find friends when you are ugly?
  166. What should I do?
  167. Help!
  168. I'm New and Neighbors Aren't Friendly
  169. My mother's depression and loneliness are ruining my life
  170. Anyone want to talk?
  171. Ongoing problem with family for 3 years :(
  172. No effort whatsoever
  173. Requesting some form of advice for recognizing behaviour in others.
  174. This is making me mad/depressed
  175. Wanting to Patch Things Up
  176. I think my best friend might be depressed
  177. Birthday Gifts for 17 year old Twin Boys
  178. Is Withdrawl Wrong?
  179. I never had a friend,not a real friend to be more exact
  180. How do you make friends?
  181. Judgemental aunt + accidental message...
  182. Why Is the Computer More Important?
  183. Needing a break?
  184. telling a mate
  185. Talking to girls.
  186. Friend bailed on a concert over twitter!!!
  187. Who do you live with?
  188. Has anyone ever lost a friend trying to help them?
  189. Is there a way you can make money online? STRICT PARENTS
  190. Want to be better friends with a specific guy but we only snapchat without caption
  191. How many people are honestly there for you?
  192. Punishments
  193. Changing clothes when sharing a bedroom
  194. Having to do Chores
  195. how much of what I do is my parents business?
  196. My tells everything I say to her in privacy to everyone she knows
  197. Help with lil bro's friend
  198. web history on PC
  199. Being away from best friend
  200. Growing up in a Conservative Family