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  1. What gender is the majority of your friends?
  2. Need Advice!!
  3. How can I let out my anger?
  4. Telling my friends
  5. Is it me?
  6. My Mom always lets me know her opinion on how I look
  7. How do I not send affection
  8. Surrounded by people who can't stand music
  9. My dad is a hoe
  10. How social are you?
  11. Predicament
  12. Friend
  13. How to convince parents for a piercing?
  14. How Many People Are In Your Immediate Family?
  15. Friend Diagnosed with two types of cancer
  16. Leaving
  17. Loneliness and unhappiness accumulated in school
  18. grades at school
  19. How to confront my dad about his mastrubating problems?
  20. Friends? Or Family?
  21. what the fuck man
  22. Stepdad Too Strict
  23. So i did something very stupid
  24. Dad making it awkward
  25. Uni Shenanigans
  26. Dealing With a Best Friend Who Left
  27. Christmas Gift For Friend
  28. Who do you love the most in world and why?
  29. extremely pissed at my mom
  30. Help with Gf's parents treating her
  31. Everyone Avoids me?
  32. Why do my opinions offend so many?
  33. I feel like I'm being used.
  34. Grandmother acting like a dictator
  35. My family is so screwed up!!!
  36. Any Advice???
  37. dealing with nosey mom
  38. Lost my one and only friend today. My decision. Here's why.
  39. Someone sent me something?
  40. My brother
  41. Weird situation with "friend"
  42. Are we friends?
  43. At what age did you parents stop worrying about you?
  44. My neighbour.
  45. Stepdads being unfair
  46. Lost my best friend
  47. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
  48. My dad makes me to have a bodyguard
  49. Religion issues
  50. My mom's finally got some tolerance.
  51. Are my friends racist?
  52. Is it wierd that im not proud of my race?
  53. Feel left out and losing friends
  54. Anyone know that person with all the Natural Charisma?
  55. Anyone know what I'm saying?!?!
  56. Fighting with my mom
  57. Friendship Issues,& Drama: What should I do? Tips!
  58. What to do about a love triangle.
  59. feel really bad :(
  60. Too fast?
  61. I'm ticked off becuase...
  62. Tell parents?
  63. Little sibling comparison thing
  64. Invasion of privacy
  65. 'Are we still friends?'
  66. Is he joking?
  67. Flirty girlfriend
  68. My mom is a control freak!
  69. Dad
  70. Parties
  71. Very homesick..
  72. What to do?
  73. Your Classmates
  74. Authoritative, unfair parents
  75. Little Siblings being a Brat!?
  76. Help with Friends!
  77. Brothers (guys)
  78. Older/younger sibling-in-law
  79. A girl I met on a game
  80. Ugh
  81. A social deed, if anything.
  82. HELP! My Friend won't speak to me?
  83. I can't even believe it.
  84. I have friends, but no close friends.
  85. how do i come out to my parents?
  86. My mom always has to be super early to everything
  87. I never seen to get along with my dad
  88. Friends in school
  89. My Sister Who I Never Met, And Want To Find Her
  90. Why is my friend soooo boring?
  91. It all seems like a nightmare, but I guess it's the sad reality
  92. My cousin.
  93. Probably cutting off my best friend
  94. Texts
  95. I can't control myself sometimes
  96. 8 months after losing my best friend...sadly, not much has changed
  97. Relatinship with my bro
  98. Awkward Meeting
  99. A friendship from scratch?
  100. (UK) Anyone in Hull?
  101. preventing homesickness??
  102. Making friends..?
  103. Verbal
  104. Advice from elders?
  105. My mother is ruining my life!
  106. Amazing story I'd like you to see
  107. Older Brother Is A Jerk
  108. hurt and confused
  109. No eye contact
  110. Stop messing with my head
  111. How do you make friends?
  112. Will trade little brother for dog
  113. Dealing with a divorce
  114. Mom and Boyfriend arguing...
  115. Are they really friends?
  116. Lice and sleepovers?
  117. I get 100 a month to my debit card... am I spoilt?
  118. Jealousy/ best friends
  119. Parents Forcing and Controlling regarding the future
  120. Friend asked for space, i don't want space anymore.
  121. Parents...
  122. Confidence
  123. chores, rules
  124. The sickest experience ever.
  125. not even funny anymore
  126. Former Best Friend
  127. Anyone raised by gay parents?
  128. Aunt and two cousins moving in! Ugh!
  129. Sick of my brother taking advantage of my family
  130. family or friends?
  131. twins ?
  132. My idiot drunk friends
  133. Should I even care?
  134. Best friend
  135. My Father
  136. Being the third wheel
  137. Confused.
  138. Something...
  139. Mom who's opinion on everything about you must be known?
  140. I have caught my dad cheating. What do I do?
  141. Feeling manipulated
  142. Swearing
  143. This Girl.
  144. Lost another one..
  145. Why?!
  146. Jealous friend
  147. I Miss Her
  148. Does the wrong hair style attract the wrong crowd?
  149. Best Friends or Brothers?
  150. How to handle my mother.
  151. Friend whos always doesnt show up
  152. My brother is NOTHING to me
  153. My Brother
  154. What does it take to get others to treat you as an adult?
  155. Group homes
  156. Is it common to have a deeper connection with your sister.
  157. Any help?
  158. Friend found porn on my laptop and told my friends
  159. Need advice on what to do about my situation
  160. Was it rude to cut off Facebook?
  161. guilty kid
  162. Family troubles!
  163. ......it Was A Receipt
  164. My Parent shelter me way too much?
  165. forgiveness ?
  166. I'm At My Breaking Point With My Family Right Now
  167. Nosy Parents! Help!
  168. Friends are overrated anyway...
  169. my parents might hate me?
  170. how to support my friend?
  171. How do you deal with a suicidal friend?
  172. Why am I so sad?
  173. help
  174. my mom
  175. Finding things you weren't meant to...
  176. How do I help?
  177. My "Dreadful" Hair...Lol
  178. Friend/Crush and $$$
  179. Adoption
  180. Having problems making firends! HELP!
  181. nobody wants to be around me
  182. Visiting best friend
  183. I can't stand people who think their so smart?
  184. Just ended my longest friendship
  185. Input needed...
  186. Mom asking odd questions
  187. Friends no longer inviting me out anymore
  188. doctor
  189. Why are they being mean?
  190. How to convince my parents to let me have my room back?
  191. I'm afraid I got a friend in trouble
  192. Am I being harsh?
  193. What to do?
  194. I'm ready to stop being an introvert..
  195. Lost My Friends
  196. How do I stop being jealous of my brothers relationship
  197. Why do guys like hot but dumb girls?
  198. My friend is really upset because of me, and I hate myself now
  199. Friend issues
  200. Question about people