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  1. Since I have fallen out with 1 of my friends I have no one to hang out with
  2. I'm Tired Of Being The Minority
  3. I feel like my dad is more concerned about his job now more than anyone?
  4. Getting pissed off at a friend
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. Bi friend? Help?
  7. My life feels like it's crashing down around me and I can't stop it
  8. I'm at a disadvantage
  9. help - can both genders read? i'd like both views.
  10. I really wanna see my mum
  11. The older sister that i will never meet.
  12. I don't know how to break it to my parents
  13. I hate my best friend
  14. I don't enjoy life very much
  15. is my brother evil or have some kind of problem?
  16. no privacy anymore!
  17. Mum is being over dramatic about situation with friends
  18. okay so i have a situation
  19. Hatred of Birthdays
  20. Connecting
  21. My parents are taking everything for me / no freedom / no privacy?
  22. I am negative and unhappy all the time now
  23. Friend wont reply to my messages
  24. Siblings?
  25. I hate parties. What's wrong with me?
  26. My parents never live in the moment
  27. Building a relationship with brother??
  28. Lazy sis
  29. School friends
  30. In love with cousin
  31. friend hugging
  32. My friend is being abused.
  33. No fun for me, thanks.
  34. arrogant best friends
  35. Need Help.
  36. My Mom Treats me like how she was treated by my grandmother
  37. It sucks being the older sibling
  38. Trouble with friends parents
  39. I'm so confused, help??
  40. Feeling Left Out
  41. I need help with my parents letting me go to sleepovers
  42. Losing my best friend? :S
  43. Losing my friends, help
  44. Sister issues
  45. ah another rare occurrence
  46. Embarrassed people will think my mom is my girlfriend
  47. Need help with my brother
  48. How do I get her friendship back?
  49. Is it normal to have a huge disdain for your mother?
  50. Grief from so called friend
  51. How do you address your parents/guardians?
  52. So my friends say
  53. A last goodbye
  54. my friend acts like she hates me.
  55. socially awkward
  56. Friends that Avoid me?
  57. My family won't let me have anything of my mom's
  58. How do I make my Dad interested in Science?
  59. Don't really see the people I like anymore
  60. School Camp
  61. too shy
  62. my mum and dad are controlling my life? (money)
  63. Is it okay to only feel close to a couple of people?
  64. My Parents Force Me to eat when I'm not hungry
  65. Today's Parents are too Overprotective
  66. All my Parents do is push push push
  67. Scared!
  68. New school..... Some same people
  69. They told me Sophomore year would change everything..
  70. Afraid to Trust
  71. is it weird that my brother use's my underwear?
  72. Spanked or Grounded?
  73. Moving Out?
  74. How to tell my friend he's sexist?
  75. help! my cousin is coming up
  76. Does anyone else find friend hugs to be the most comforting thing ever?
  77. Argument with dad about finances
  78. people calling me douche bag
  79. Happpppyyy!!!!! :)
  80. stepsister... kind of
  81. My friend
  82. how should I interact with my mom when she gets out of jail? Are these feelings ok?
  83. Awesome mom
  84. mother doesn't agree
  85. What should I do????
  86. Family Rant
  87. Halp!
  88. hes leaving
  89. she didnt even tell me
  90. This is just Wrong
  91. my parents are getting a divorce
  92. college
  93. People at School
  94. Family Ignoring Me?
  95. loner
  96. Going out and other teen stuff
  97. Am I losing my friend?
  98. Help with a friend.
  99. Will You Be My Friend??
  100. Honestly? What do you think of your family and friends?
  101. Bad day in school...
  102. Babysat-Sad
  103. How would you feel?
  104. Is it me or them?
  105. I should have a great life...but It doesn't feel that way at all...
  106. Did I do something wrong?
  107. "Best Friend" Gone
  108. "When I Become a Parent"
  109. Parents don't like the idea of me moving at 16.
  110. Mums
  111. This very confusing person or friend maybe
  112. What the fuck, bitch?!
  113. My best friend... gay?
  114. Weird situation
  115. Horrible friends
  116. Mom has to be involved with everythg school?
  117. Who needs to grow up here?
  118. Going to a party
  119. Rebuilding a Friendship
  120. Caught dad, watching porn again
  121. What can I do? :(
  122. Baby names are annoying
  123. Brothers and sisters...
  124. Friendless
  125. My Parents try to shape who I am
  126. I Lost A Best Friend?! ��
  127. Having talked to sister in 5 years
  128. Parents too lenient
  129. I just want to punch someone in the face
  130. I'm done, finito. Runing away from home
  131. Anybody else have a mom who snoopes through your physical and digital life?
  132. losing friends
  133. A Gift for older sister
  134. My Sister Who I Never Met
  135. Confidence
  136. hey guys need an advice
  137. rumors making me have panic attacks !!
  138. All guys Sleepover
  139. Best friend haven't talked to me in months
  140. school/parents
  141. Convincing my dad to buy me a car?
  142. my friend ruined my friendship with my ex bf.
  143. Do you think it's possible to sleep with someone and it not be sexual?
  144. Love or just friends ?
  145. In the last 5 years I've not met anyone new
  146. Opinions on protective parents?
  147. Paranoid
  148. Mom overtakes me when trying to have conversation with adult
  149. What is the global problem of the people?
  150. Classmate has Cancer
  151. so my folks are getting devorced
  152. Should we grow up like our parents did?
  153. Lost all my friends.
  154. I screwed up bad and I wanna fix it.
  155. and here I go again
  156. From one person to two people (maybe)
  157. My Brother
  158. Abusing my family
  159. Number of friends
  160. I'm afraid to have friends..
  161. Question for people with divorced parents
  162. My mom is being a grumpy bitch today...
  163. Losing your best friend
  164. Parents Making my life a living Hell!
  165. Lost friend
  166. Fitting In and Being Young
  167. This is the ending of a friendship...
  168. My Best Friend
  169. Walked in on Dad
  170. I just lost my friend because of my sexual orientation
  171. All Who Lost Friends
  172. Parents complaining about…
  173. Everyone in my house is up till 2am
  174. Sick and mum making me guilty?
  175. Parents might be gettinh a divorce... Need advice
  176. Friends whom are girls
  177. One Bully ruins it all
  178. Would this work?
  179. Meaning?
  180. Being more social
  181. Help with mother?!?!
  182. Dealing with mom's sex life...advice?
  183. Laugh, help or walk away?
  184. How would it make you feel?
  185. slight fall out with a friend
  186. Should I rely on him?
  187. Making friends?
  188. How many close friends do you have?
  189. My best friend.....
  190. How do I make friends effectively?
  191. Sticky situation
  192. Is this weired?
  193. Late, Possibly In Danger
  194. Possible Conversion
  195. I hate Fridays :(
  196. Jealous.
  197. Where to find friends online?
  198. Need party advice please
  199. Anger Issues :/
  200. What do your parents do for a living?