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  1. Friend's Birthday
  2. Just a story
  3. Little Siblings. :/
  4. Problem I'm having with one of my friends
  5. Guys opinion on this
  6. Why
  7. fact or myth the way you greet
  8. What do you do when you miss someone?
  9. Calling a ex your brother or sister
  10. Popularity - so easy, but so hard
  11. is it me or is my aunt just getting old
  12. Getting stuff off my chest
  13. Half friends?
  14. Really? I'm a primitive?
  15. Getting sister to stop being cruel to me
  16. Family and Trust Issues
  17. Sleeping together with cousin
  18. Best Friend Problems Will Never End!!
  19. Friends
  20. the Concept of 'Respect'
  21. Best Friends?
  22. Place to Spend the Weekend
  23. How to handle overprotective mother?
  24. I want to help this girl, but can't bring myself.. to do it.
  25. Destructive Friendships
  26. irratating brother
  27. He trusts me a surprising amount...
  28. Don't want to see my father
  29. Something really stupid I did
  30. I hate drama and I got it
  31. Family (warning: long post)
  32. No close friends.
  33. Forced to move away
  34. Input please?
  35. I feel like my life is going nowhere
  36. Please Help, How Do You Cope?
  37. I just want a phone call on my birthday
  38. My mum is so judgemental and overbearing (long post)
  39. Prom
  40. So I told my mother that I was an atheist...
  41. Best Friend?
  42. What do You Like Most about Your Best Friend?
  43. Friends Gone... Cant make friends... Confused?
  44. Helping my friend?
  45. Coming Out Atheist/Agnostic
  46. Your Reaction To An Irritating Person?
  47. What does it mean?
  48. sincerely worried about my friend... help?
  49. Dad's girlfriend. Need Help!
  50. dad and mom did't married
  51. How to get my parents to take my out of online school
  52. Can't take it anymore…
  53. What would you have done? PS long post
  54. Let me go by myself...
  55. Has anyone in your school ever died?
  56. So I don't really know what to do.
  57. I feel like I don't have any friends, and my parents don't care.
  58. What do you think
  59. How do you deal with parents' PDA
  60. what should i do??
  61. Freaked out and confused...
  62. My mom just died
  63. My Friend
  64. OMG!! Almost kissing my friend
  65. hipster = no friends?
  66. Curfew time?
  67. Girls being belittling
  68. I Need Creative Suggestions :)
  69. I can't it anymore!!!!
  70. my closest friends dont accept me for who i am now
  71. Forcing to be with family
  72. guilty
  73. evil brother
  74. I hate my uncle!
  75. Dealing with racist friends
  76. Can't find the best friend
  77. The Bitchy Step Mom
  78. Why is my best friend being this way?
  79. Family Tree
  80. Goodbye to all my friends
  81. help /tips /advice
  82. How do you move on from an ex-friendship?
  83. I was born in a test tube
  84. Do you love your best friend?
  85. what do you love most about your friends?
  86. Family problems
  87. losing friends
  88. Sister
  89. 18 year old and sleeping over
  90. No good friends
  91. how should I interact with my mom when she gets out of jail? What questions should I
  92. My Auntie died
  93. How do I resist urges?
  94. The past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster
  95. Alone at school
  96. Why does every female wear shorts
  97. Sometimes I'm sick of my friends
  98. losing friends or no friends
  99. Trying to convince parents to have another child
  100. My dad
  101. Anger Letters
  102. Well fu*k you too.
  103. Don't have much confidence to speak to new people
  104. I have myself dug into a hole, I need advice!
  105. my parents' fight
  106. My friends are neck to neck
  107. Low Budget Teen Party Ideas
  108. heartbroken :(
  109. I feel pressured to do things
  110. Mum sending me to bed without dinner (thought this was a kids punishment)
  111. Need Help Quickly
  112. Why can't I have a normal family like everyone else?
  113. Very pressuring parents!!
  114. Why do I even bother trying to be her friend anymore?
  115. Despite all...
  116. My parent. . .
  117. Ever feel like you need time alone, but your parent(s) try to be around you too much?
  118. Do I have any say if my parents divorce?
  119. Yesterday night
  120. They don't let me live!
  121. What if I'm not a Christian?
  122. Annoying brother
  123. Bi-polar manic father going on another yelling rampage.
  124. About to lose a friend
  125. Found some pics on bros laptop
  126. Am I burden?
  127. Are my parents overreacting?
  128. Real or faux friend?
  129. Younger friends
  130. Should I go?
  131. Family
  132. Annyoing "sister"
  133. Awkward around new people
  134. Why do I always end up arguing with my friend?
  135. Megacrisis!! I need HELP!
  136. shorts
  137. Need help please! ASAP!
  138. Stupid question - sleepover!
  139. Why am I so uncomfortable with my best friend's sex life?
  140. 15 Years Down the Drain?
  141. Old Couple Friendship
  142. Brother wants to kill me?
  143. I screwed up massively
  144. my best friend pregnant?
  145. Is there a solution?
  146. Who's like a sibling to you?
  147. Awkward situation
  148. How should I tell my mom I have a boyfriend?
  149. Sports?
  150. My friends have changed.
  151. I'm worried that my depressed friend just got pushed over the top
  152. what is it with Americans and personal space?
  153. adoption/ foster care?
  154. How to deal with a parent you hate
  155. Dirty dreams and doubts
  156. Awkwardness with Friend
  157. Nobody likes the metalhead
  158. I'm done with her
  159. Not hearing from a friend
  160. Trapped in the house and going crazy?
  161. my aunt/godmother
  162. Helping a depressed friend.
  163. Do you think my friends are a potential couple?
  164. I hate living with my dad
  165. party
  166. never felt like i had a home
  167. Welp...
  168. My family found my cousins porn
  169. Being close to your parents
  170. I'm feeling pretty alone in the world.
  171. My friend wants to escape.
  172. Dad's wife
  173. a reason not to kill myself
  174. Is it normal?
  175. Too different?
  176. The Alien
  177. Friends place vs me
  178. what do i do?
  179. Would it be weird
  180. Friend's sister
  181. Turned down by everyone..
  182. Having a Brother
  183. How many siblings do you have?
  184. Autistic Brother
  185. I can't stand my step father...
  186. My mom wants me to be happy, but I just want to be rich
  187. Do you respect your parent(s)?
  188. Mom, Y U Do Dis To Me?
  189. Religion in the Family
  190. How do I tell my mom?
  191. I always initiate stuff
  192. Activities With Your Family
  193. Problem
  194. Did you have some ancestor that served in some war or some famous ancestor ???
  195. problem with friends
  196. mum and step dad keep arguing
  197. I'm almost isolated from my friends now.... but I don't care...?
  198. Had a fall out with a friend
  199. My Grandfather is a racist
  200. Moving country