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  1. is it OK to feel calm and collected about my mother being incarcerated?
  2. Changing Personality?
  3. Gender seriotypes? How have others been affected?
  4. Is it so bad of me?
  5. How to brake a friendship?
  6. My parents make me want to kill myself
  7. Boring??
  8. Being taken advantage of way too much.
  9. guys,girls i need your help! was i wrong for being honest?
  10. ??
  11. I think my friend has a crush on me.
  12. Lonely amongst friends and family
  13. My brother is weird
  14. Ever go through one of those, inactive social periods?
  15. Awful predicament I'm in.....
  16. Friends
  17. Anyone else here have parents with borderline?
  18. Confused about my best friend
  19. My Parents and Religon
  20. Superiority Complex?
  21. Siblings
  22. My best friend is a pedophile
  23. Boyfriend&parents help! Please read.
  24. My dad
  25. Dl ypu care if your family sees you naked?
  26. Smell Like Smoke
  27. Need some girl insight?
  28. Made fun of until you can't take it anymore
  29. Your brothers
  30. So she didn't pop the pill
  31. I messed up and i need help!!
  32. Anyone else ever felt this way before?
  33. Male friend
  34. Is he lying to me?
  35. I gota let her go.........
  36. Friends
  37. Stepdad
  38. Care less to care more
  39. My Neighbor
  40. Talking to girls - Got Aspergers
  41. I don't really know how to bring this up
  42. We will Stil Be Friends?
  43. "Addicted" to hugs and cuddling?
  44. Guy Friends (Mostly Guys)
  45. parents are stopping me
  46. Predicament has been solved in a way but cant stop feeling guilty/sad
  47. Sleeping in others beds..
  48. Overbearing parents?
  49. Mom and laptop
  50. Weird Cousins
  51. Try or Bye
  52. Hard to answer question :/
  53. Can't wait to leave .
  54. Cousin
  55. what to do ?
  56. My parents are first cousins...help?
  57. Hi, I need some help
  58. Bromance?
  59. "group" of friends
  60. Argh hellp
  61. Relationship with parents = screwed! Pleas help!
  62. close friends
  63. Social Skills
  64. Need advice
  65. It's done and over with but I still want to protect her.
  66. friend problem...
  67. he's avoiding
  68. Drifting Apart
  69. No friends.
  70. how to?
  71. Moving in with my mom this summer
  72. Dad no longer contacts me
  73. I think one of my friends hates me now, and I think it's all my fault
  74. 'The Popular Kids'
  75. Girlfriends parent
  76. Best friend acting weird around me
  77. Brother
  78. Goodbye dinner
  79. My friend looks too innocent
  80. Guy Bestfriends
  81. My brother is a child predator victim?
  82. Friends - Who To Trust
  83. so confusing
  84. What Do You Do?
  85. I'm really worried for my little brother...
  86. Where do i stand??
  87. Parents
  88. I feel antisocial because I don't like/go to parties
  89. My Sister is Crazy
  90. bio Fath3r
  91. I need to change my living arrangements...but I don't know how to tell my mother.
  92. "Stupid" problem?
  93. What's a bestfriend? T_T
  94. Best friend
  95. Do you have friends on here
  96. My step dad
  97. Would you call this a proper family?
  98. Am I boring?
  99. why make this into a big deal
  100. why cant I argue
  101. Don't really fit in with my friend group
  102. Friend Wanting More
  103. No male friends
  104. Mom talks to me like a child
  105. I'm 19 and my father still hits me realky bad
  106. Friends I Regrettably Lost
  107. My Fucking Family
  108. Is this normal for a guy my age??
  109. Backed into Dad's new car...
  110. Soon to be uncle
  111. he won't leave me alone!
  112. My sister has been cutting and I didn't know about it..
  113. Website to find friends in same area?
  114. Fighting with my Friend
  115. What an idiot!
  116. Family
  117. Is it fine to hang out with girls more than with boys?
  118. Best Friend Closed Group
  119. Bromances
  120. Should I Try and Get Back in the Group?
  121. Parents making me feel depressed
  122. I have no friends?
  123. Obsessed with Guy Best Friend
  124. i feel broken inside from hearing my mother say this over the phone.. :'(
  125. treated like shit
  126. life is boring
  127. What do I tell him!!
  128. Social Anxiety and Teenage Awkwardness
  129. Parents always in a bad mood :l
  130. Getting Paddled or Grounded
  131. Children of Gay Parent - How Were You Affected Positively and Negatively?
  132. Awkward Texting
  133. i used to like this guy...
  134. Issues with Dad
  135. How come I don't care about my mom being in jail but if it were my dad I would care?
  136. Family...
  137. Friends.
  138. Meeting online friend
  139. Major problem
  140. How do u deal with a 5 yr old sister
  141. What would you say if I wanted to be your friend?
  142. Best friend suddenly ignoring me
  143. Feeling sad my best friend is leaving my school :(
  144. Potential sticky situation...
  145. my 11 year old cousin has started drawing on the walls
  146. Social Awkwardness and Friends
  147. Is it alright for a guy to ask a girl who your friends with to meet up one-on-one?
  148. I might never see my friend again.
  149. How do you survive fighting parents?
  150. How to tell a girl who your friends with to meet up without it looking like a date?
  151. Am i the only one that does this
  152. Over-protective, or Normal?
  153. How to become friends with a "closed off" person?
  154. I extremely hate my Dad!!!
  155. Friend very depressed.
  156. mom
  157. Social Loneliness
  158. hay need help
  159. What does a text ending with "xxx" mean from another boy?
  160. fun time
  161. Are we getting more distant?
  162. friend
  163. what do I do
  164. Is this logical?
  165. Dragged to church :(
  166. brother problems
  167. Do you think you're a good person?
  168. When is the right time to ask someone to hang out?
  169. Best Friend was in an accident.
  170. I dont know what to do...
  171. Anyone else...
  172. Help?
  173. new school, can't make friends
  174. Getting over broken friendship
  175. Is this rude?
  176. Should I ask her to hang out?
  177. Parents Once Again
  178. Mum and Dad
  179. Stop or Not ?
  180. Letters to a Cousin in Prison
  181. Service Dog
  182. Rant about this kid in my class
  183. Weird?
  184. I it alright to wish friends a happy valentines day?
  185. Should I stay friends with him?
  186. Family problems
  187. How to tell if a shy/akward person wants to be your friend?
  188. Dont understand
  189. I just want friends
  190. I need an argument...
  191. How did your Parents meet?
  192. Should i tell them
  193. I'm a horrible son...
  194. Gift ideas?
  195. Do you want Kids?
  196. Why is my dad such an arsehole
  197. Friend went missing
  198. I feel unnoticed at school
  199. I cannot get through one conversiation with them! Advice on parent, plz?
  200. Mum is making mine and my dad's lives a misery :(