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  1. Bestfriend trouble!!!
  2. Did she lie to me when she said her phone isn't working right?Has her opinion changd?
  3. How would you go about trying to take a pic with a friend and you together?
  4. Should I visit my mom in jail? Does she have the right to tell me what to do anymore?
  5. new member need advice already !!!
  6. NOOO!!! I am turning into a teenager!!! :0
  7. Step Brothers and New Room Arrangement
  8. Divorce worries
  9. Mom and Hypertention
  10. help!!!!
  11. People and I
  12. Nanny Cam found
  13. My best friend's apology
  14. Harassed because of friend
  15. Am I weird because I don't want to have friends?
  16. I've always had evil and twisted thoughts of situation
  17. Any Advice
  18. A girl has blocked me (facebook) and I have no idea why!
  19. The world is messed up
  20. My Dad cheated on my mom...again
  21. Please help soon im desperate
  22. Girl Problems:
  23. Seeing my friend for the first time in a year
  24. ONS with best friend
  25. no category for it so i'll put it here
  26. I don't know how to relationate myself with other boys
  27. I Guess I'm Just Like Everyone Else.
  28. Is it alright to add someone on Facebook who you have not spoken to but know from hig
  29. I need everyones help i can get!!!
  30. My parents think I'm going to kill my self???
  31. I dont know what else i should do.
  32. help please
  33. It seems my parents have something against white people.
  34. No real friends.
  35. Are We Really Friends?
  36. My dad caught watching porn...wth?
  37. I really need a friend
  38. I donít understand why this happens to me
  39. Are They Really My Friends?
  40. My best friend keeps backstabbing me?
  41. Get the feeling i'm not liked/loved
  42. Grandmother is dying?
  43. can't I make real friends anymore.....
  44. How do you make friends with native Canadian Asian girls?
  45. School mistake
  46. How do I talk to my mother?
  47. Horrible "Friend"
  48. Parent with a mental disorder
  49. Have you ever received corporal punishment?
  50. As Weird As Me?
  51. can we just talk?
  52. Can't Stand Foster Sister
  53. Anti Social in College (and other problems)
  54. Friends way older or way younger.
  55. Family issues
  56. Love my parents, hate my sister
  57. Smart phone = stupid me
  58. Why me?
  59. Girls and boys, I need your opinion!
  60. i think my dad's a pervert
  61. Should I feel worse than I do?
  62. Brother Uncomfortable Talking to Me
  63. We're broke :(
  64. Need some Advice for going back to school...
  65. Hitting guys in the nuts for fun or curiosity
  66. Is my dad enabling my mom who committed a crime? Are his actions here normal?
  67. How to convince my mother?
  68. What to do for upcoming school year
  69. Do you have family members with Autism/Aspergers?
  70. angry with the whole situation!!
  71. sister gets all the attention
  72. Popularity
  73. Feeling Forgotten
  74. Hard to make friends
  75. what does my dad mean about it being an educational experience to visit my jailed mom
  76. Ever happend to you?
  77. True friend!
  78. Over everything
  79. Absence of mom
  80. New People
  81. Trouble telling my friends
  82. I can't believe she said this
  83. Losing friends.
  84. Summer Changing Me
  85. Obsession With People
  86. Parents won't let me sleep
  87. Help!
  88. Trouble with a friend
  89. Religion and Family
  90. misunderstood
  91. Accidently deleted all photos from dad's iPhone
  92. Mom and Facebook
  93. Get the feeling everyone treats me like I'm some kind of monster
  94. My friend told me...
  95. Scared of betrayel
  96. Uncertainties
  97. Meeting up with old friends...
  98. How do you feel about atheists? And being atheist around friends and family
  99. Help, my friend thinks she's ugly :\
  100. Fake Friend?
  101. please answer girls
  102. Family's a joke
  103. It gets to the point where you just can't take it
  104. Screw up 'friendship'
  105. Finding out I'm an athiest
  106. Problems with friends
  107. Is it ok to feel this way about my mom who is going to jail?
  108. My Dad doesn't want me to see my foster Mom
  109. backing off from my best friend...
  110. Confirmation
  111. Teasing
  112. Complaining mom
  113. how to make a best friend?
  114. Feeling like losing my friends
  115. Changes
  116. what will my friends and family think....
  117. Violent?
  118. Difficulty getting friends and girlfriend
  119. Interesting
  120. He knows nothing about me except my name (sometimes).
  121. he's driving me crazy
  122. starting to hate my best friend
  123. It happens again!
  124. Wisdom about friendship
  125. Why are poeple so cruel?
  126. To move or not to move??? I am really stuck.
  127. My group of friends??
  128. Do you have a lot of friends?
  129. Need help with Parents
  130. Mom and Girlfriend
  131. might be going to homeschool....
  132. Friend swim
  133. Just Friends?
  134. Difficulty making new friends
  135. New friend group, Old grudges
  136. Doormat
  137. My 'friend' is ignoring me. Why?
  138. My friend totally backstabbed me?
  139. Other guys
  140. Brother
  141. Issues with my brother.
  142. What makes a good friendship?
  143. I hate my dad!
  144. How to make friends when extremely shy/insecure?
  145. No idea.
  146. My Parents are so strict...
  147. Worried for my mom
  148. I need a break! Help
  149. I'm really scared I might get in trouble for something I didn't do
  150. Late Night Walks
  151. Why do I and everyone I love treat us like we are nothing?
  152. How old is too old to go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween?
  153. is it OK to send a birthday card to someone incarcerated? Also is this feeling weird?
  154. no longer friends
  155. Roommates
  156. trying to help out 2 bestfriends
  157. Mom and Facebook
  158. Am i right or wrong for letting this one go?
  159. My older bros are a pain!
  160. Curfew
  161. Over-possessive Parents
  162. I dont know if this belongs here, but i need to tell someone
  163. My friend, his father..
  164. Please help
  165. Family troubles and stuff
  166. What should I do?
  167. What does this mean?
  168. Is there something wrong with me?
  169. Jellosy
  170. Do guys hug?
  171. HI, Need a Little Advice or Someone to Talk to
  172. ...
  173. Help!!(
  174. Am I a third wheel?
  175. I hate getting in arguments
  176. Turncoat Friend?
  177. How come I feel more comfortable talking to my mom in jail?
  178. Uncomfortable with babysitting my stepbrother
  179. Should I tell them
  180. social life
  181. Uncle being weird?!
  182. "The circle"
  183. My Guy "Bestfriend"
  184. Lame Group
  185. should i forgive him?
  186. Miserable Dad
  187. Would it be weird if.....
  188. Is it bad I talk more to therapist than my parents
  189. My Dad Makes me Feel Worthless
  190. fake friend
  191. My friend and parents.
  192. My awkward brothers.
  193. How to ask a girl that you need a lift home?
  194. Family talks bad about you behind your back?
  195. Home is a Jail Cell
  196. Relationship with your dad
  197. Sleeplessness, divorce, and awful things
  198. Helping My Dad....
  199. this friend I want to make
  200. can i still make friends?