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  1. Sexted him. Now he's threatening me.
  2. spank
  3. Making conversation with guys:
  4. my new shadow
  5. I don't like my dad?
  6. Boring facebook conversation
  7. Girl Friend??? How
  8. the most annoying guy i have ever met
  9. the world doesn't understand me
  10. taking the initiative
  11. what's it like to have a mom?
  12. Big brother
  13. Fighting with best friend....and I don't think he CARES!!!!
  14. bad experiences from beginning to end; don't want to dwell on it anymore
  15. Friend
  16. Good news!!
  17. My Dad
  18. Need Perspectives
  19. 14 year old boy
  20. I'm feeling jealous about my friend. Again.
  21. How to deal with a bully who doesn't know he's a bully
  22. How can I bring this up to my friends mom?
  23. Spanking...
  24. exiled from home by mom
  25. Friendship fiasco
  26. seriously who brags
  27. 2 of my friends slept with each other!!!!!!!!!
  28. Should I make an attempt to contact my cousin
  29. Friend issues
  30. My friend joined a cult...HELP!
  31. A little scared of myself now.
  32. My friend has become a pyromaniac
  33. I hate dates and I have two this week, Help!
  34. Help finding an old friend
  35. Night time
  36. My sister can't have kids...
  37. Mom just DOES NOT GET IT!
  38. Grade Expectations and my single mother
  39. Constantly surrounded by bad company of friends
  40. keeping friends after high school
  41. caught my freinds having sex!
  42. i still remember
  43. My 2 friends are breaking up... Do I take sides??
  44. How do you make more friends?
  45. Hanging Out
  46. Meanest thing you have ever said or done to somsone
  47. Things to talk about!?
  48. Trouble with friends
  49. Difference between only childs and people with bros/sis
  50. I need to say it cause I cant take anymore
  51. Hindered My Little Sister
  52. Trouble with Dad...
  53. What do I do next?
  54. My friends house is on fire!!
  55. I'm in need of a bit of help.
  56. Want to ask this guy if he wants to hang out.
  57. drunk stepmom problems
  58. How to Break Up a Couple?
  59. My Parents
  60. Extremely Unfair
  61. Friend Anti-Bi?
  62. Drifting apart
  63. Family breakdown!
  64. Walking by my old friends house brings sadness
  65. Moving
  66. Regaining a Friend
  67. Im ready to smash someone
  68. My Mum Hates Me Talking Online.
  69. Emancipation the answer?
  70. Family Strife
  71. Always jealous of my best friend's other friends!
  72. No wonder they don't like me.
  73. Should I follow his Advice??
  74. so i found out
  75. Was this really that wrong of me?
  76. Me and Dad disagreeing
  77. so what do you do on the weekends?
  78. Dilema
  79. How do I make sure I am not annoying my friend? She never calls to hangout!
  80. Teachers are such bitches
  81. Big problem with my sister
  82. Losing Track of Things...
  83. After 9 years
  84. How should i cheer up my friend
  85. Do you think strict parents = Kids becoming wild adults?
  86. letter-do it or not?
  87. Help and advice needed!!
  88. Helping my mate out
  89. Old friend...
  90. Friends
  91. My parents and my hair
  92. Friend ignoring me. Feel like I've done something
  93. Gay or lesbian parents
  94. Do you have both parents or absent parent(s)?
  95. Conflicted?
  96. My lil bro.
  97. Mothers Day without a mother anyone?
  98. Do you all have friends/family for different things?
  99. Friend turned weird and started rumours
  100. Female Friends
  101. Friends, rant, experiences...
  102. Friends
  103. Wearing two briefs punishment?
  104. Only Child?
  105. What do you do
  106. When would it be appropriate to text him?
  107. Parents Might Be Spliting Up
  108. Talking to someone who's always with their friends
  109. people are so rude sometimes
  110. Best Friend
  111. What should I say?
  112. my mom sucks
  113. Trouble
  114. 20 year old friend still gets grounded
  115. Potential Friend
  116. My Bestie's a Chick
  117. I'm afraid of my Best friend having sex? Huh?
  118. My sister is saying she will run away to avoid going to jail what to do?
  119. Being Around Religious Families...
  120. My antisocial problems
  121. friends
  122. Dislike the way my mum talks to me
  123. Father
  124. Don't know what to do
  125. Catastrophe
  126. Hanging with Guys
  127. Moms boyfriend.
  128. Popular
  129. 12 year old friend getting a nose peirceing
  130. Dealing with Bipolar
  131. I don't know how to help my friend.
  132. School friends and friends...
  133. My friends never invite me to hangout, I'm the one always asking. Is this a bad sign?
  134. My "best" friend didnt even act sad when I told her I'm leaving our school and city
  135. So I'm getting really tired of my sister not cleaning up
  136. Considering leaving
  137. How to ask?
  138. Ive f*cked up my brothers lives
  139. 'Friends'...
  140. The Truth About Families.
  141. How can I make friends when I'm incredibly upopular??
  142. My annoying douch friends ( I'm really pist and need help)
  143. The Real Me
  144. mom finally calls me
  145. Did I just screw myself over?
  146. I Feel Like I've Missed an Opportunity
  147. Losing a best friend?! HELP NOW
  148. I think i'm the disliked one of the group?
  149. Wanting a good friend back
  150. Brothers that should.....
  151. Dads -.-
  152. the "populars"(slags,man slags)
  153. people don't care
  154. I get a feeling this girl doesn't like me.
  155. Seriously Pushy Mum
  156. Nickname
  157. Something that happened today...
  158. Losing a close friend, reacting oddly?
  159. "Popular" girls
  160. Getting my Friend Back
  161. Parents' Relationship 'Legacy'
  162. kicked out
  163. My dad is in the hospital
  164. A Close Friend
  165. awkward
  166. My Friend is Being Disowned for Being in a Gay Relationship
  167. Becoming more friendly and open around people?
  168. I dont know what to do?!?!
  169. Forcing food down my throat
  170. He's Troubled
  171. I don't know what I should do...
  172. I barely have any friends and I don't know how to make more....
  173. Disappointment
  174. 2X Sweet 16
  175. excited but sad too
  176. Anxiety about a problem I caused
  177. I'm not sure what to do in this situation; Help?
  178. I don't like it when my mom and I get along, am I crazy?
  179. How many friends do your parents have?
  180. Really need some advice girls only please
  181. hi just have a Question for the girls/boys
  182. Like a night/dream come true
  183. How can I convince my parents to let me move into my brothers room?
  184. help
  185. I'm remembering old memories of people ill never see again
  186. Saw my friend
  187. my PAST BROKEN FRIENDSHIP needs fixing
  188. My Dad won't teach me to drive. I don't know what to do
  189. avice
  190. advice i mwant to say
  191. I don't want friends or family
  192. Follow up
  193. teen pregnancy
  194. How do I ask a girl if I am annoying her? Read more
  195. shes pregnant !
  196. Too f...ing far
  197. Friends
  198. How do I get my best friend back
  199. Strange Friend...
  200. Facebook