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  1. Is this hopeless?
  2. Bad bad bad experience.
  3. Eugh.
  4. How to ask for help?
  5. oh god please help
  6. not even one hour
  7. a pain in nick
  8. My immigrated friend
  9. How can I meet people?
  10. Moving
  11. Guys,...
  12. how to same a friendship from getting destroyed
  13. Please help
  14. Friendships?
  15. Sick of being overshadowed by my younger brother
  16. Best friend issue
  17. How do i convince my parents?
  18. how do i deal with my step mom??
  19. i having trouble please help
  20. Brothers and Fighting
  21. Christma Present from ARGOS! ^^
  22. Brothers
  23. Is this unfair/rude,in your opinions?
  24. Grandparents
  25. Hating my friend
  26. Wishing I could take it all back
  27. Ignorant Parents
  28. Family Weirdness
  29. Divorced parents and custody issues
  30. Lost a really good friend and don't really know why?
  31. Parents problem
  32. My older brother and me got in a fight.. please help!
  33. Friend acting defensively
  34. What to do about brother
  35. Was this rude for my friend to say?
  36. Friend over my own brother?
  37. I have no friends and nothing
  38. Bad best friend
  39. still nothing
  40. My brother is an asshole and my parents don't care
  41. My best friend
  42. How much do your parents monitor you
  43. Guilt from the past
  44. The guy and girls
  45. Parents read my texts
  46. .........
  47. Breaking promises
  48. friend advice
  49. Is it normal to be intimidated by my peers?
  50. simple
  51. What should i do???
  52. making up with old friends
  53. All of my friends are girls - I hate it.
  54. friends and anger
  55. I need to rant...
  56. Was this weird of me to say on Facebook?
  57. Vent.
  58. Friends Sleeping arrangement
  59. I have had am epiphany...
  60. I can't make friends
  61. Friend problem
  62. not racist
  63. Family Life survey
  64. I need suggestions on what i should do!
  65. Friend thinks I'm annoying
  66. do i stay or do i go?
  67. Will it get better?
  68. My Father
  69. i got my friend back.. well sort of
  70. parent trobles
  71. Bedtime
  72. My best friend prefers someone else
  73. What The!?!?!?
  74. No idea why my friend is mad at me...
  75. Nicknames by your family and friends
  76. How to find a friend when not in school?
  77. Verbally abusive sister.
  78. the same name
  79. am i the only one
  80. What I can do with my dad?
  81. Parents fighting
  82. Do these people make it up?
  83. mom creeper me out?
  84. my moms drunk
  85. should I drop this friend out of my life....
  86. Is this normal?
  87. Home Alone Overnight
  88. help!!
  89. Is this a fair warning?
  90. im terrified...:(
  91. Constantly jealous of my best friend's new friend... :(
  92. Ugh
  93. I'm introverted
  94. Can I rant?
  95. how can I help my mom cope???
  96. its very often i post here but i really need your help
  97. My girl friends
  98. Unsure?
  99. Who knows you are on VT?
  100. Weird little siblings!!!!
  101. Sick of white
  102. What should i do?
  103. My struggles
  104. Can't keep friends.?
  105. I love polar bears
  106. Friends most overprotective parent (name what they did)
  107. Hanging out with this kid I talk to
  108. family member is moving away
  109. I'm the problem.
  110. I don't know what it is
  111. Rumours - what should i do?
  112. He was a BEST FRIEND now NOTHING
  113. Don't ever lend friends money...
  114. How do I start a conversation with another Guy?
  115. I will never be good enough at anything!!!
  116. Losing him was my death
  117. Parents
  118. Deadbeat Dad/ Sibling discovery story
  119. Help please i don't know what to do in this situation... Mother-son relationship
  120. My Friend's Death And His Girlfriend's Mentality
  121. Parent won't let me go anywhere without him
  122. Making new friends
  123. Should I ask my mom about my dad?
  124. Fixing the Friendship
  125. Bleeding Out; Breaking Down
  126. Parents reading VT messages?!!
  127. How do I deal with such annoying things
  128. Forgot something important...
  129. this friend of mine
  130. Shopping with Mom
  131. Father "Beating to a Different Drummer"
  132. Ian and Samantha . . .
  133. Who's wrong or are we even?
  134. My Big Mistake
  135. How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend
  136. Weird Situation with a Friend/Coworker
  137. my sister is going to jail, Should I be allowed to visit her
  138. On my own
  139. dont know what to do anymore :'(
  140. What would you name your children?
  141. Unreliable friend who makes no effort unless she's in need. WHat should i do?
  142. Gran has cancer, Friend laughs.
  143. Gay Parent
  144. Mom or Dad?
  145. My big brother...
  146. Creepy or...?
  147. im alone
  148. do people keep their friends after graduation?
  149. What best friend relationship was this?
  150. Mom calling constantly...
  151. Don't want dad to see me naked
  152. Worst fight ever...
  153. Never happy anymore
  154. Hate Family
  155. Volunteering at concession stand
  156. hurt his feelings
  157. when someone does not reciprocate you
  158. One year ago yesterday; the break up of my ex-best friend
  159. i hate this guy
  160. how to reach out and ask a friend for help?
  161. Sports Banquet
  162. sexting
  163. Help! No one to talk to
  164. Mom gets mad at me for no reason
  165. Help just please help guys
  166. i'm always complaining; never grateful
  167. bullied as a kid
  168. someone to talk to
  169. trying to be social
  170. Nothing to do on weekends
  171. really confused....
  172. How do you stop things with someone you shouldn't have started with
  173. Girls and Guys be Friends?
  174. How can I help my best friend?
  175. My little brother is a complete douchebag
  176. Broken Puzzle of Me: Family, Hurt, and Faith
  177. dreams and my friend
  178. Anyone here a multiple??
  179. Rejected by Mom
  180. nobody wants to talk to me
  181. How do I help amazing best friend?
  182. Anyone else like this?
  183. Dad Troubles
  184. I fear showing my birthday on Facebook because of this.
  185. i am jealous
  186. Is this horrible of me?
  187. My dad...
  188. my dad told me he loves me!
  189. Dad calling me spoiled?
  190. Okay... My parents have definitely screwed me over.
  191. Help with this girl
  192. Friend is moving to a foster home
  193. not including me
  194. I Hate My Brother
  195. Can't Talk To My Parents
  196. Children
  197. People who are like this:
  198. How do I stop being so jealous?
  199. best friend moving away
  200. How to develop inviting body language? How can I make a friend out of school?