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  1. girlfriend in room?
  2. Hugging another guy without making it awkward?
  3. My Friends
  4. Friend's new behavior.
  5. What kind of relationship do you have with your mum?
  6. Living away from the family home...
  7. my mum controls my religion and EVERYTHING!!
  8. Give up on them
  9. Help! Soo confused
  10. Chatting with my Best friend
  11. My dad and his hypocracy....
  12. i need a good advice
  13. Iz SPANKING YOUR KID legal in the states???
  14. Friends vs. Parents
  15. Your life isn't over...
  16. just sick of my family (tired)
  17. Hiding smell
  18. Help Needed....New Student
  19. Lies
  20. Nothing I do is EVER good enough.
  21. How to stop my mom and brother from fighting?
  22. Seriously Bad relationships with friends
  23. Should I go?
  24. I hate my family!!!!
  25. Friends That Come and Go
  26. Starting Over?
  27. parents and my interests
  28. How do I move forward?
  29. Why?
  30. I've got a Homophobic friend!
  31. me and my best freind had a fight...
  32. Pls help me to talk to my parents about this!
  33. Help? Anyone
  34. What should I do with this situation?
  35. Ugh, J is back!
  36. Damn Jealousy :/
  37. I live in a shithole
  38. My sister's birthday
  39. A Friend...
  40. Scared of meeting somebody (who should be) close to you..
  41. 3 things I really need opinions on!!
  42. Lack of friends=lack of life
  43. Insecure and Critical as a Result
  44. School and home problems 😣
  45. seeing dad more
  46. Help!!
  47. buying knives
  48. My friend acts different in front of her other friend? Why?
  49. any advice at all..
  50. Disowning my mum (kinda)
  51. I cant stand him any more
  52. Asking a few "school" friends favours?
  53. Getting Closer
  54. Friend got drunk at party
  55. WOW
  56. Friend on Vacation
  57. Best Friend
  58. Disowning my Parents
  59. Fucked up mothers day
  60. My Mother
  61. my adoption.. :/
  62. Fight with Mom
  63. So theres this guy...
  64. How to get hello and goodbye hugs from girl friends?
  65. My brother?
  66. Need advice
  67. My Grades.. And my Dad.. Please read & help. Please?
  68. How to start a facebook convo
  69. Is it wrong to not love your Parents?
  70. What does this mean?
  71. Problems with my best friend
  72. I'm taking a risk. Should I?
  73. I can't do this anymore..
  74. talked to my sis yesterday
  75. What am I doing wrong?
  76. Being overweight
  77. Spending time with a friend
  78. Giving up on a friendship?
  79. Work out buddies
  80. Finely done it but not sure if I should be happy
  81. Need a best friend
  82. My friends make plans in front of me but don't invite me.
  83. Best Friend Rant
  84. Strengthining bond with my cousin?
  85. My parents don't trust me
  86. My friend's GF is now his sister.
  87. What traits would a shy person display vs an outgoing person?
  88. I just want to go.....
  89. I Neverů
  90. A Letter to Dad
  91. am i rushing this newfound friendship?
  92. Best Friend, need an opinion guys.
  93. hugging
  94. Please help. Advice needed.
  95. I think my mom might be cheating on my dad
  96. Mom found out I'm bi; read Chat logs. Help?
  97. Lost a friend + inferiority complex
  98. sister being a bitch
  99. Too much change.
  100. well I've been replaced
  101. I think I may be hurting my parents' marriage...
  102. My friend...
  103. Friend problem
  104. Is depression a turn off?
  105. Parents smoking?
  106. My older brother
  107. I need help
  108. Mom's Death
  109. How would you raise your kids?
  110. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  111. What so you do in this situation?
  112. Hypothetical dad survey
  113. Friend
  114. Unfair treatment in my house
  115. Do you think a really "jock" girl could beat up a boy?
  116. what should you do if you have o friends?? (like me)
  117. Idk, I'm mad at my parents.
  118. Guys who Hang Out Girls More than Guys
  119. How can I show self confidence?
  120. In a bad situation :/ Need Help/Advice
  121. Unsupportive Parents
  122. What Do You Do For Fun :l
  123. We Agreed...
  124. Please help?! my friends hate me?!
  125. so I finally talked to my mom..
  126. How to tell him I enjoy being around him
  127. My friend who's a girl......
  128. Into family members
  129. anyone in your family treat you like dirt? post here.
  130. I forgave but I am not forgiven
  131. Fighting with indifferemce
  132. What's up man? - Trying to keep it under the radar
  133. NEED help with rules for my swimwear
  134. Is there something wrong with me?
  135. Aspergers social probs
  136. Mom's Yelling and Shouting
  137. Rant :/
  138. Silly Fight?
  139. Advice...
  140. Rant for my f*cking father...
  141. a computer in my room!
  142. Jealously.
  143. Gift for a guy friend advices needed.
  144. Who is in the wrong?
  145. I think my dad's cheating on my mom. What do i do?
  146. Quotes to live by
  147. Please help if u have a minute over
  148. Meeting people online/ parents don't know!
  149. Friends Leaving
  150. high school
  151. Is she avoiding me?
  152. Brother Attempted Suicide
  153. Worried for parents
  154. My 'Best Friend' Never Talks To Me Anymore
  155. Treated like shit.
  156. Confused with a friend leaving.
  157. Billy-no-mates.
  158. Do I Look Stupid to You?
  159. what's up with this girl?
  160. My dad
  161. My Family
  162. i didn't think i'd take it this hard.
  163. Is it weird to be friends with someone 2 grades younger?
  164. When not one person wants to hang out :(
  165. No close guy friends.
  166. Privacy
  167. Say "hi" is so hard.
  168. making amends
  169. Am I obsessed with my best friend?
  170. Girl problem
  171. best friend troubles
  172. Friends Dying Dreams
  173. Divorce
  174. Divorce. Need help with mom.
  175. It's about my mother
  176. Girl bully
  177. Lost friends :(
  178. Hanging out / Having friends over?
  179. Sisters anger..
  180. Cant get her out of my mind...
  181. a really good friend
  182. Having sexual interactions with a sibling
  183. Making friends
  184. i feel like i dont fit in...
  185. My mom
  186. friends judging you
  187. Best Friends
  188. Should I bring this up? How do I do it?
  189. hurt:'(
  190. Friends found my porn stash
  191. Buying in private
  192. Catholic college
  193. Personal revoloution! It would mean a lot to me if you could read this.
  194. My Friend Troubles...
  195. Lost friend?
  196. Losing a friend.
  197. school and friends
  198. your best friend
  199. My Mom getting on my nerves.
  200. Friends who are a lot Older than You