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  1. I can't handle this anymore
  2. Amount of stress driving me mad
  3. I can't do it
  4. Lost the will
  5. Sexually frustrated and I hate being alive
  6. I feel like I am about to break down
  7. Wish we could turn back time...
  8. Does anyone else feel this way?
  9. I Don't Care About Life Anymore. Wondering why I should even continue to live.
  10. Sliding
  11. I've got a big problem
  12. Thinking about suicide everyday
  13. Ugh I dont even know
  14. Suicide and Depression - Help
  15. I just.. i don't know
  16. You know you're depressed when...
  17. Just feel like crap.
  18. I have big size problem.. What i can't solve and i need help
  19. My friend
  20. I never know what to put for titles.
  21. I lost her
  22. I feel terrible
  23. I never make posts...
  24. What's the biggest problem/challenge/struggle you are currently facing in your life?
  25. Last Night...
  26. Have I got depression
  27. I cant do this anymore
  28. Staring into a mirror makes me depressed.
  29. Feel so down and depressed today....
  30. Depression linked to unreal feelings
  31. Im seriously Going to commit suicide.
  32. How do I deal with the fact that everything in my life has been a failure?
  33. I just dont know..
  34. One thing changing my whole mood
  35. Any advice?
  36. What makes you "un-depressed"
  37. How do I carry on?
  38. Is being tired of living the same as being suicidal?
  39. Depression caused by age and birthdays
  40. Am I depressed?
  41. just want to vent
  42. how should i go about telling my parents i didn't sign up for any classes?
  43. Lost motivation... again
  44. Lost all morals
  45. My OCD has gotten really bad
  46. Best Suicide Prevention Video I've ever Seen...
  47. If I disappeared
  48. Suicide by war.
  49. Signs are appearing again...
  50. need advice
  51. Do you want me to die?
  52. WHO video on depression
  53. Things People Shouldn't Say
  54. I'm Depressed Due to long term illness
  55. Loneliness
  56. Im losing myself
  57. Lonely Life
  58. My worst fear
  59. My mom passed away..
  60. Looking For a Friend (Intro)
  61. Therapy
  62. Going to a Pyschologist
  63. Bored or tired?
  64. A reason to live
  65. I think I've lost it
  66. When was the last time you cried?
  67. Strong self hatred
  68. Why I'm so empty??
  69. Not excited anymore
  70. Don't care....
  71. Not travelling too well
  72. Just fine when I buisy but on down time feel depressed
  73. On and off depression
  74. I today's feelings...
  75. Suicide [TRIGGER WARNING]
  76. How could I get over shame?
  77. The loss of my father
  78. is this depression?
  79. Brother coming home
  80. What's the purpose in life
  81. numb
  82. Relapse..
  83. Away Too Long
  84. My little life story
  85. Will I ever feel okay again
  86. I am nothing, but in the eyes of my dog, I am everything
  87. Sad
  88. Therapist
  89. Got Negative Friendzoned
  90. Empty
  91. My Grief and advice for grief
  92. I feel like I have nothing left..
  93. What's the point
  94. Just looking for some consolation
  95. Wasting away my life, Help
  96. confusion
  97. I was totally stupid to think this would never come back
  98. Im freaking out so bad
  99. Isolated
  100. I feel Empty
  101. How do you become happy if you're not 99th percentile in everything?
  102. I'm in hospital
  103. Alone....
  104. I'm so lost right now..
  105. Anti-depressants
  106. CRHT teams
  107. Boy coping with being beat up by girl
  108. Feeling terrible lately...
  109. I mess everything up...
  110. GAH!
  111. Self-Confidence
  112. It's always the same thing!
  113. How do I get out of depression?
  114. Can't get the most out of life?
  115. Seperation
  116. I want to die
  117. A story
  118. Again...
  119. How I'm doing right now
  120. Feeling worthless
  121. Life changer
  122. Missing "Home"
  123. No luck, and no one cares
  124. The one good thing in my life will soon be gone and I'll have nothing.
  125. Long time no see [TRIGGER(?) WARNING]
  126. Feeling depressed
  127. I can't trust anyone
  128. My mind is breaking.
  129. Something terrible happened, Need help for this
  130. My Dad died and I feel empty
  131. I feel so incredibly rotten.
  132. What point does someone intervene or seek professional help?
  133. Can I get someone to help me out?
  134. What was this?
  135. i dont know :/
  136. Depression and Dating
  137. Called a drug addict who stutters :/
  138. Worthless
  139. You are not alone...
  140. My Brother
  141. Will I always be unhappy?
  142. Emptiness
  143. Sick of my face
  144. Sister
  145. I feel like complete shit...
  146. My friend may be dying
  147. Goodbye mum
  148. Depressed, down, bad luck, unfair cruelty, sad, long distance relationship
  149. My best friend moved on
  150. I want to cry, but I can't cry
  151. Lost and hopeless
  152. My ongoing struggle.
  153. No one takes me seriously, no help.
  154. New here
  155. Life is so worthless to me now
  156. With my depression comes anger
  157. Depression Poem Feedback
  158. Homework & Depression
  159. I'm a mess
  160. Overwhelming emotional pain
  161. receiving help
  162. Suffered a great, Great loss
  163. She left me. ;~;
  164. I feel like crap
  165. Too much pressure and stress to handle.
  166. Bout to freak
  167. thoghts..
  168. Feeling worthless and hated
  169. I've destroyed my relationship with my BFF, what should I do?
  170. I Feel So Alone
  171. Coworker tried to commit suicide today
  172. I thought I could take everything
  173. What it's like to have depression
  174. Been over a week since my mum died from stroke
  175. Having homicidal and suicidal thoughts lately
  176. I'm so…tired
  177. No reason?
  178. First time
  179. Why does death and violence follow me?
  180. Need Advice.
  181. What is the key of happiness?
  182. N.e.e.t.
  183. Life is just getting worse and im starting to take suicide as an option
  184. I don't know how to be apart of society
  185. Tough Skin
  186. I don't know what to do anymore
  187. Side effect of mood stabilizer
  188. Idk where to put this but i'll put it here cause i'm worried as shit
  189. Fighting with Depression, BDD
  190. Depression :(
  191. Banish What Ales You
  192. My cat died
  193. Empty. Lonely. Miss them old golds..
  194. Need to get this of my chest.
  195. Downer, Depression
  196. There's nothing worth living for.
  197. Depression has lead to weight gain/beer gu
  198. the shithole that is my life
  199. Loss
  200. Depression.