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  1. Losing Control
  2. I need your help.
  3. I guess I could bring it up
  4. I'm not coping too well.
  5. need cheering up
  6. Suicidal and scared
  7. My ex is a slut
  8. Need advice ASAP.
  9. Welcoming Death?
  10. Feeling alone
  11. My life in the past 2 months.
  12. Essay on depression and sorrow
  13. To many ups and downs?
  14. suffering really bad chronic depression
  15. How can i help?
  16. im ready to end my life
  17. Help me someone
  18. WHY?????
  19. goodbye
  20. Can't stand myself
  21. I'm not sure where to post this.
  22. My dad
  23. How to know if I suffer from depression?
  24. Always tired.
  25. I dont know what to do.
  26. Keeps Adding Up. Contemplating..
  27. Today's just like yesterday
  28. My Life has been nothing but CRAP lately...
  29. My life. Missing a girl.
  30. Feeling lonely on summer.
  31. Ugggggggghhhhhh.....
  32. Ugly suicide scene of my cousin
  33. Once Here, Now Gone
  34. why am I even typing this right now
  35. It gets worse at night
  36. Lost and Confused
  37. My friend died yesterday
  38. Nothing left. I want to end it but cant.
  39. the last 6 hours of my life (not literally)
  40. It can happen whenever....
  41. Hurt and despair.
  42. I don't see the point in living
  43. What is it like going to the psych ward?
  44. My grandpa...
  45. Lack of sex drive
  46. A Video About Depression
  47. Should I go Back on anti depressants?
  48. Everytime things go right...
  49. going crazy
  50. Relapsing and Just Stressed
  51. I feel useless. But I want love.
  52. Going nowhere
  53. Just a rant :(
  54. The merry-go-round
  55. Sinking into a really bad depression fast.
  56. Im Falling Again - My Story
  57. My life is crumbling down as of late
  58. Need help for a friend!
  59. Too depressed to get out of bed
  60. Hits me hard
  61. I'm sad because of my crush
  62. Mental health survey at doctors??
  63. Can't take the mental abuse anymore
  64. my thoughts scare me
  65. Does it ever get better?
  66. Smiling, but...
  67. Bored with life
  68. I'm Not Even Sure Who I Am Anymore
  69. Help
  70. unable to cry
  71. The world is caving in these days.
  72. Will you give me 3 minutes before you leave?
  73. Lost, No friends, No life.
  74. My life. A story of how I became solitude.
  75. Venting out / my story.
  76. What have I done?
  77. I'm so done.
  78. Family and School problems
  79. falling apart
  80. Telling my teacher about my depression?
  81. a way?
  82. At a dead end, Lost.
  83. I just lost my best friend.
  84. Life problems.
  85. Should I speak to my teacher?
  86. I can't just cope with this (Rant)
  87. What do I do?
  88. Do I have anyone left to talk to?
  89. Just My Story.
  90. feeling down lately
  91. coping methods and back up plans
  92. School Blues
  93. Thinking of suicide please help ?
  94. Depressed
  95. I don't know what to do
  96. My depression is really bad right now.
  97. Happy on school, sad/depressed at home
  98. Severe Depression
  99. I'm right on the edge.
  100. I'm Trapped.
  101. I see no future
  102. What the fuck is the point of being alive?
  103. I don't get it!!!
  104. Need help.
  105. I am going to kill myself tonight
  106. How Do I Feel Alive?
  107. The Secret Suicide Attempt [Trigger Warning]
  108. Me right now
  109. Why don't people understand!!!
  110. My life really sucks
  111. Sometimes I Just Want To Die
  112. how far past 'normal' am i (if suicidal dont read)
  113. The lows of the low
  114. going nowhere
  115. I want out.
  116. I am not good enough.
  117. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
  118. I'm always getting put down? Feel like I'm going to breakdown
  119. Finding New Friends
  120. Symbol
  121. How is it that I still have these feelings
  122. Must see
  123. Lonely, Sad, art-less, and hopeless
  124. Lack of interests
  125. Is this healthy?
  126. How to cry?
  127. No one
  128. Depressed...
  129. I'm not doing well
  130. I keep crying over things which people wouldn't normally cry about
  131. Who else suffered/is suffering from dysfunctional family relationships?
  132. I just want to die
  133. Music and Depression
  134. I think my friend is going to do something he'll regret.
  135. Why do i want to feel depressed?
  136. Anti-Depressants not working at all : vent
  137. I should be happy, but...
  138. A Bunch Of Shit
  139. Why do people try to stop others from committing suicide?
  140. Feel sad a lot but have a good life?
  141. Sleep help?
  142. I can't get over my mom's death.
  143. Can anyone relate? What helps?
  144. Well... My Dog Died
  145. i help everyone but myself
  146. It's endless
  147. Lost in life
  148. I'm on the Verge....
  149. How do you cope?
  150. My way
  151. Feeling sad today... </3
  152. Moving
  153. My mom makes me depressed
  154. My dog just died...
  155. Are we even Best friends?
  156. things are getting worse.
  157. My friend is suicidal and i don't know how to help him
  158. Existential and Moral Questioning
  159. What's the deal with bridges? [Only view when emotionally sound]
  160. Accepting that I need help, and I'm going to reach out for it.
  161. Why do you care if I'm dead?
  162. Conflicted between two countries.
  163. Conflicted
  164. i want to die
  165. My girlfriend was raped.
  166. My grandma just died
  167. Lost phone and cant find a job
  168. I just don't know.
  169. Don't want to live or what..
  170. I feel like I just shut down
  171. I can't go any further
  172. The feeling of know something you wish you didn't know?
  173. My Pointless Life
  174. Why is my life a big heap of misery...?
  175. Nobody loved me, nobody will.
  176. Not good enough?
  177. I'm a genuine screw-up...
  178. How to Let Go of the Need for Approval to Start Thriving?
  179. I feel like I have nothing to live for
  180. I'm an idiot.
  181. Confused and tired of it all
  182. I hate my mom so much!
  183. my granda died 2 months ago, still sorting draws
  184. Guys, why do you hate me? :'(
  185. Discouragement leads to slide
  186. Sundays are the worst
  187. I hate being a burden
  188. Post Here When You're Missing Someone
  189. empty
  190. Help?
  191. Christmas is the worst :(
  192. Is anyone else sad right now?
  193. Distraction from Studies
  194. Loneliness
  195. Struggling for years and now considering suicide
  196. Having a tough time
  197. Grandfather dying.
  198. I'm depressed because...
  199. Very depressed
  200. Not feeling good enough compared to famous guys.