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  1. This is by far the worst end to a year I've ever had
  2. Strange Feelings
  3. Losing a family member
  4. Please pick me up.
  5. brought back up by an amazing girl :)
  6. Not really sure how I 'feel'
  7. Broken vs. Shattered
  8. Being Alone Indefintely?
  9. Need Someone To Talk To
  10. He just killed himself
  11. I am so confused
  12. idk
  13. what's going on and what do i do?
  14. Feeling depressed recently.
  15. The Story of Success and Loss.
  16. Need Help?
  17. How many times is it going to take?!?!
  18. A different question
  19. Sad revelation?
  20. Mixed Feelings
  21. Has a friend ever commuted suicide?
  22. I just feel shit for no reason.
  23. Going back to my dark place...
  24. Do you ever freak out for no reason ?
  25. What's the point?
  26. A friend really let me down.
  27. My dad doesn't understand, What to do?
  28. Finally starting counselling!
  29. One Session Left
  30. Feeling like I won't be alive for too much longer?
  31. suicide
  32. People Keep Telling Me I'm Awkward
  33. You know that feeling
  34. Hating the World.
  35. It's over...
  36. :/
  37. I guess it's time I made one of these
  38. going to kill myself tonight
  39. Surgery of my father, and afraid of loss.
  40. Disregard, I'm Venting
  41. I dont even
  42. Why do I feel like all my friends dislike me?
  43. don't know what to do...
  44. I can't get over the loss of my friend
  45. ...
  46. Gay
  47. A Life Worth Living
  48. waste of time and space...
  49. doesn't mean anything??
  50. Depression is taking over
  51. My lack of Confidence, is now getting to be a problem
  52. for some reason
  53. How Many More Times?
  54. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
  55. Support Group Question (Please Help)
  56. Why..?
  57. Liars. Liars everywhere.
  58. A worthless life...
  59. Nutrition tips cum foods to beat depression effeciently
  60. I'm going to drink bleach and end it
  61. Does anyone even care?
  62. here goes..
  63. Just saw my Mom fucking a guy on the couch
  64. Well, I'm Alone.
  65. I feel so alone...I wish there was someone I could talk to
  66. What do i do :|
  67. Helping, but sad..
  68. I feel so drained
  69. I am so fucking lost...
  70. I need help!
  71. Depression meds?
  72. Not Felling Alive
  73. Everyone pretends to care...No one really does
  74. low self esteem :(
  75. my grans dying
  76. Depression kills....
  77. I want to die, but I can't.
  78. I think this girl ruined my life...
  79. depression disappearing
  80. Here we go again :(
  81. Everybody should see this!
  82. Bullied
  83. Family arguments making me feel sad and depressed
  84. Struggling to stay positive
  85. What's bugging me today is...
  86. just need to vent
  87. Feeling a bit depressed
  88. No friends, no happiness.
  89. Loner in College, questioning life
  90. something that came up to me
  91. getting bad again
  92. old memorys
  93. an awesome story
  94. Do I have depressison?
  95. Is it OK not to cry?
  96. I am really miserable:Why?
  97. I'm the old me again
  98. I get very upset at night
  99. Misreading Situations?
  100. Negative Relapse
  101. Suicide
  102. can't tell if i'm depressed, or just a big baby
  103. Too depressed to go to school
  104. anniversary is coming up and I feel like im losing it
  105. confused/sad rant
  106. I can't control myself
  107. My story of a shitty day
  108. i just dont know...
  109. Mood swings
  110. feeling really low! tw
  111. Contemplating Suicide:I can't do this anymore
  112. My friend is kind of depressed?
  113. Disney before I die
  114. Missing someone
  115. Late Night Depression...
  116. Not sure this is the right place...
  117. Telling my therapist about my Suicidal Thoughts
  118. depression perhaps?
  119. Your method to reduce stress
  120. Update
  121. it's still hard
  122. My Story
  123. Should be happy, but I'm not
  124. Last string cut
  125. Suicide or more insidious
  126. Irritating cousin?
  127. Lonely and considering
  128. Crying at school?
  129. Would people care if I was gone?
  130. Chose between Good and Bad?
  131. Is this possible?
  132. Bad news, not sure if it is my fault. Not sure where to go.
  133. Lately.....
  134. i cant get over it
  135. I'm different... in a bad way
  136. Well, I Attempted It.
  137. Loss
  138. depression signs
  139. PTSD after suicide attempt?
  140. I don't know how to feel.
  141. Suicidal Thoughts, or something like that?
  142. How do you know?
  143. Why do i want to kill myself?
  144. did you make your bed today?
  145. Nihilism, thoughts on it? and what do you believe in?
  146. My Story
  147. Happy Pills...
  148. My meds are making me ill
  149. How would I go about getting help?
  150. My sad story:/
  151. Everyone else is doing well... and i'm not
  152. I don't know why i'm typing this
  153. Ma life has turned to sh*t
  154. theres no point anymore
  155. Smile! Because why not? :)
  156. IDK what to do anymore :help:
  157. the time is 11:37PM, and i don't know what to do.
  158. My life
  159. I feel like an attention seeker sometimes.
  160. can i ask something
  161. kinda depressed
  162. no one.
  163. Alone
  164. I'm sorry
  165. Guess I might need help after all.
  166. Losing my Dad (Cancer's a bitch Part 2)
  167. i don't even have the energy to get out of bed..
  168. make the list before u consider suicide
  169. Anyone out there who is depressed without any reason?
  170. Trouble getting out of bed
  171. Physical appearance
  172. I feel like a liar
  173. Not sure.
  174. Weekly anti-depression page.
  175. I dont feel like I can cope anymore, no matter what.
  176. Can't accept the idea of love
  177. Depression and Anger
  178. Has Anyone Lost Their Parents?
  179. shyness and sadness
  180. I'm just over all depressed.
  181. If I Could Die
  182. Feel Horrible
  183. Lower than Low
  184. Please think before you act.
  185. Why I hate my life.
  186. Grandpa has cancer what happens
  187. Trouble being Optimistic
  188. could it be because of depression
  189. i feel tired
  190. Best friend was killed today.
  191. i'm falling apart
  192. Spontaneously getting told you shouldn't have been born.
  193. I just want to give up...
  194. I'm trying so hard
  195. life sucks
  196. Being a friend.
  197. I'm having a panic attack
  198. Hey guys
  199. Over it!
  200. anyone do weird things when upset