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  1. An Insomniacs thoughts
  2. My entire life is a dilemna. I don't understand.
  3. Telling my story: part 1
  4. Telling my story: part 2
  5. Telling my story:part 3
  6. Rant
  7. abuse at the age of 5
  8. How to deal with BULLIES
  9. is this emotional abuse?
  10. Almost raped... three times.
  11. how did u overcomr abuse?
  12. Was I raped?
  13. what do i do?
  14. Almost raped when I was six
  15. I myself have never been abused but...
  16. Is it considered molestation if you were both underaged
  17. is it bullyin
  18. Molestation Dream
  19. Uncomfortable arround men?
  20. The past 14 months
  21. New - sorry sorry I have not contributed yet - is this abuse
  22. Latest Amanda Todd's bully news???
  23. Is it rape?
  24. Psychological Abuse
  25. my half sister is being abused
  26. why dont i hate him?
  27. Helping my Brother
  28. My Best Female Friend
  29. Should we take it
  30. My Friend Needs Help!!!
  31. girls in sweat pants
  32. Dealing with anger, need advice
  33. I was a bully
  34. Is child abuse justified if the parent spoils the child?
  35. Have you ever been sexually abused?
  36. looks like im leaving home
  37. my story and questions about sexual abuse
  38. Girls only need help....
  39. Bullied? Read My Story!
  40. bullying! make it stop!!!
  41. Abusive stepada
  42. Slap
  43. Is this sexual abuse? Is this illegal? What can I do?
  44. No options.
  45. sexually abused
  46. Are my memories real? (Please help) TW
  47. Can abuse change your sexuality?
  48. my dad
  49. Lads can you help me?
  50. Abusive people in my life!! Could i get help
  51. I Am Abused :'(
  52. abused
  53. why do I feel like this?
  54. Why Im Mad
  55. my fault?
  56. Experiences: probably triggering
  57. Friend 'stalking' me
  58. Trying to Figure This out
  59. A guy wants to beat the **** out of me
  60. ..........I honestly don't know
  61. bullied friend
  62. a safehouse
  63. What is this..?
  64. why
  65. Why are people so evil and horrible?
  66. "Get over it"
  67. Dad threatened me with his gun
  68. Dad and mum
  69. is it wrong
  70. sick of it
  71. How do you feel about your abuser?
  72. Sick of the Bullying
  73. my dad
  74. Issue I have.
  75. Opening up about your abuse?
  76. Coming out about my rape... please don't judge (trigger warning)
  77. raped
  78. My parents
  79. Why is this happening?
  80. I feel helpless, exposed and stupid
  81. because of him...
  82. Who should i tell?
  83. Is this abuse
  84. do you feel numb to it all?
  85. What happens
  86. kinda personal rape questin
  87. Was this abuse...?
  88. Do you think I was taked advantage of?
  89. He's beating me up again and I can't do nothing.
  90. Venting, Kind Of
  91. Is this kidnap and torture?
  92. Should I? Help for..
  93. Is this normal?
  94. I'm a bad person but so are they
  95. bully told me to do something I dont want to do
  96. Flashbacks
  97. I just need to share this
  98. How much can you take?
  99. scared of boyfriends brother :(
  100. Is this mental abuse or am i just overly sensitive?
  101. Sexual Harrassment i think
  102. Should I tell my boyfriend that I was abused?
  103. Emotionally/sexually abusive ex
  104. I don't know if this goes here but I need to get this out
  105. Abuse, depression, and self harm..
  106. Abusive ex still friends with my friends
  107. My brother is being abusive. </3
  108. my friend was RAPED and im trying to get evidence of the offender, is this illegal?
  109. Can abuse lead to attraction to anger?
  110. Was I raped?
  111. is this bullying?
  112. Repressed memories and issues caused by abuse?
  113. Cyberbullying: What Do I Do?
  114. Broken
  115. Threatened to be raped.
  116. was this rape?
  117. was this sexual abuse?
  118. Baby neglect
  119. Boyfriend Knows About My Cousin...
  120. dad
  121. My Friend told me she was raped....please help
  122. "...despite how he abused me..."
  123. Random Number...
  124. I finally spoken
  125. dad
  126. a new hope hibiscus house
  127. My GF gets raped by my best friend
  128. My dad pretends like nothing happened.
  129. Help for a friend
  130. Teenage boy
  131. weird thoughts and a male councealar
  132. write one sentence u would like to say to the ones who abused u
  133. i want
  134. Emotionally abusive relationship.
  135. when memories fade
  136. I met my abuser's Mom
  137. My Mom
  138. Assaulted by a older man 2x as big as me.
  139. What happens next
  140. I need a friend .... please help me
  141. What Would You Want?
  142. Sexually abused. Again.
  143. Abused all my life and need some help
  144. I'm really upset
  145. I'm afraid of intimacy… am I the only one?
  146. My father
  147. Worried about kids at school?
  148. People don't like me..
  149. Lack of Title
  150. My mother...
  151. Question about family
  152. My life is on the edge of falling apart
  153. would this be punishment or abuse?
  154. Intelligence
  155. How can you know if a relationship is abusive?
  156. can this be call abuse?
  157. Abuse at School // Want advice
  158. Bullying problem at school please read
  159. Is this sexual assault?
  160. Did my boyfriend rape me?
  161. I did it, guys.
  162. Stalking is ok if you don't get caught.
  163. To embarrassed to say this to anyone.
  164. Molested by a teen girl
  165. Hiding it only hurts
  166. Ptsd.
  167. Emotional Abuse. TW
  168. Children unkind when at school
  169. How my Life Went to Hell
  170. Is this normal?
  171. Bullying; am I a "pussy"?
  172. It's sexual abuse?
  173. Why my dad does such things?
  174. Abuse articles
  175. i can't tell anymore
  176. Was this rape??
  177. is this child abuse
  178. I can't deal with it
  179. I don't know what to do anymore
  180. Child Abuse. Yes or no?
  181. Oh yay...school's back
  182. am I gay or just a victim of abuse?
  183. I was bullied till my bullies saw me in the dark
  184. Hacked this account from my bf Preston
  185. Emotional Abuse or Am I In The Wrong?
  186. Should I contact Child Services about this?
  187. Was I sexually assaulted? Is it my fault?
  188. Was this abuse or..?
  189. is this considered bullying?
  190. Telling the Teacher
  191. How to beat the bully.
  192. Knowing about domestic abuse, and not doing anything.
  193. Is my dad's emotional abuse as relevant?
  194. Was I taken advantage of?
  195. Are you still a virgin if you are raped?
  196. Am I being abused by my girlfriend?
  197. My Story
  198. Would this count as abuse..?
  199. Creepy comments and messages on VT
  200. Sexual abuse from father