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  1. I guess this is abuse..
  2. Nearly molested by sex crazed 5-year-old.
  3. Should I tell?
  4. A one off and he and his gf say it was my fault
  5. Rape
  6. my cousin rape
  7. What constitutes abuse?
  8. When I Was Ten
  9. *sigh*... is this technically rape?
  10. Just having a total freak out
  11. Im stuck and I dont know what to do!
  12. Why Bullying Is Good
  13. I don't know what to do anymore!
  14. So that's make the fact you bullied me go away?
  15. I'm losing it
  16. Your Definition of Bullying?
  17. why me
  18. Is this consdered abuse?
  19. Broken rose project
  20. I was raped last year
  21. Self Respect and Anti Bullying Tattoo
  22. moving on
  23. My friend has been raped??
  24. About to Snap
  25. mom finally had enough
  26. shes afraid of him, we're trapped
  27. I'm sorry, I just need to get this off my chest...
  28. PTSD or Depression after rape?
  29. is this considered abuse?
  30. I can't take it anymore, I lashed out
  31. Has anyone noticed this?
  32. I still love you daddy!
  33. Abuse?
  34. I'm afraid of older men
  35. Alcohol Abuse
  36. It can only get better from here...
  37. help!!
  38. verbal abuse
  39. My sister is the reason I tried to kill myself
  40. I hate it all
  41. What is with my mind...
  42. the way they deal with it
  43. Remembering sexual abuse at a young age?
  44. question
  45. Recent incident
  46. Remembering...
  47. Not abuse, right?
  48. hesitating
  49. How can I deal with this insecure stupid bully
  50. I need a little help
  51. My Story
  52. Flashback Dreams?
  53. Validation
  54. Being hurt
  55. dfklsdfs;dlf
  56. Called gay
  57. Dreams
  58. My Older Brothers Raped My Sister (Advice?)
  59. Beat Up
  60. Feel Like It's My Fault
  61. What to do?
  62. school
  63. What's happening now
  64. Abuse effecting your career choice
  65. Will I ever get over it?
  66. Is it normal?
  67. cat question regarding abuse
  68. My Mom emotionally abuses me, what do I do?
  69. My mothers boyfriend
  70. after a year..... im finally gonna open up
  71. trying to move on....
  72. i am an abusive unstable wreck
  73. This boy is f*cking with my mind!!
  74. My bro being bullied
  75. sexual Abuse
  76. i need to talk about it *sexual abuse*
  77. I hurt people
  78. Please somebody help this is urgent!
  79. I'm not sure if it's abuse, but I'm not happy.
  80. I'm close to the edge...
  81. i'm so confused
  82. Dreading new year..
  83. I told someone about my secret.
  84. My complicated bullying story
  85. What they called you
  86. I get bullied
  87. Have you ever felt like YOU were the bully?
  88. I'd like some help..
  89. What would be defined as phsyical or emotional abuse?
  90. Coping with my past
  91. i dont know if i should tell
  92. "gay" "faggot" "qweer" abouse
  93. Bullying poll
  94. All the names
  95. My brother touch me...
  96. My neighbor...
  97. I'll never be over it *trigger warning*
  98. abusive mom ._.
  99. Man-Boobs
  100. What my dad was like.
  101. How to get help?
  102. Bullying: My story
  103. Raising Awareness
  104. Brother-sister love?
  105. Depressing problem
  106. I'm an idiot
  107. Odd emotions..
  108. Pregnancy
  109. Haunting Memory
  110. I believe this goes here...
  111. Beaten, bullied and feels humiliated
  112. Bullied so bad...
  113. Sexual abuse
  114. What should I do?
  115. Please!! :(
  116. I Hate their breathing.
  117. Abuse- my story
  118. flashbacks of bullying
  119. Wtf...
  120. Just have to get something off my chest...
  121. Bullying
  122. Just a tiny problem
  123. Bullying Survey
  124. Bullying Survey
  125. Spanking
  126. My Struggle With Bullying
  127. What is this? I don't even know.
  128. is this considered abuse?
  129. What is this considered?
  130. My bullying story...
  131. Just leave me alone
  132. Stories of when you told someone/called cops about abuse
  133. Potty Training
  134. I just need to tell someone
  135. I can't belive they said that...
  136. Scream
  137. Suppressed Memory?
  138. one day of friendship can save a life
  139. My grandma
  140. What Is This?
  141. Can abuse cause this?
  142. Bully police...kinda
  143. Any tips?
  144. Fiance's dad tried having sex with me...
  145. Recurring dreams
  146. Molestation?
  147. I don't feel comfortable around guys anymore...
  148. How do you guys come to terms with it?
  149. Sexually Assaulted
  150. I got the footage!
  151. Everything is so confusing..
  152. had fuck?
  153. emotional and verbal abuse for 7 years! i cant take it!
  154. Is this abuse?
  155. Help me help another?
  156. Have to get this out.
  157. Bullied girl bullies me??
  158. Anger, anger, and guess what?? More anger
  159. Starting to realize it's true. I'm alone..
  160. I just need to rant
  161. Tricky.
  162. Is it best to stay quiet?
  163. Learning to face it
  164. Did I abuse my classmates?
  165. Please Help me...I'm a verbally abused child!
  166. What should I do?
  167. I'm done with it...
  168. Hurt and Confused
  169. Just Getting It Off My Chest...
  170. Welcome to my Life
  171. Grandma
  172. Anyone been abused / molested?
  173. I don't know how to talk about this
  174. I would watch them burn with a smile on my face
  175. I Just Need To Tell Someone
  176. I'm sick of repressing it
  177. Oops!.. I did it again
  178. Is this abuse?
  179. was i/am i being abused?
  180. Bully help
  181. Physical/Emotional Abuse
  182. Normal to be unsure whether or not it happened?
  183. Psychological Abuse
  184. abuse leading to my memory loss?
  185. Can people report abuse if it's been years since the abuse?
  186. bullying part... my bf
  187. Any tips on dealing with Emotional abuse and apathy?
  188. Is it time to come out of the dark?
  189. Cold...
  190. im really scared, sexually assaulted. :(
  191. Check out this link
  192. Am i wrong to be bothered by this?
  193. My abuse, My life, My nightmare.
  194. Parents saying bad things to me and then denying it
  195. who should i talk to?
  196. Rape?!?!
  197. I think I'm being stalked/harassed again.
  198. Is this bullying?
  199. i might have been abused?
  200. Just want to get this off my chest.