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July 23rd, 2015 until July 23rd, 2030
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Puberty 101 Forum Rules *READ BEFORE POSTING*

Welcome to the Puberty101 forums! As part of a help and advice site, we want to give teens a safe space to navigate the squeamish issues of puberty with other teens who are going through the same thing. However, this isn’t a sexual free-for-all we’ve got going here. For everyone’s safety and comfort, we need to draw a few lines, which I’ll describe here for your convenience.

Credit for most if not all of this goes to Donkey, who in turn gave credit to Malcolm Tucker and Patchy for writing this stuff in the first place. I’m just polishing. You can also find the general site rules by clicking here. If any of the terms I use to describe genders/sex confuse you, click here to see brief descriptions of the options for gender identity that we offer on VT.

If you see any rules broken, including the following, please report it by clicking on the “report” symbol at the bottom left corner of any post. It looks like this:

“You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.”
- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

And so, without further ado:

General P101 Rules
1. Bumping
One of the most oft-broken and least-known rules, “bumping” a thread is when you post in an old thread that’s sunk to the further reaches of the forum (i.e., it hasn’t been posted in for a while and so it’s no longer on the front page) to “bump” it back up so that everyone can see it. Generally, here is our limit on bumping in all Puberty 101 sections (as well as the rest of the site, for the most part):

Please do not bump a thread with more than two months of inactivity.

Let me make this very clear: if the most recent post in a thread was more than two months ago and you’re not the OP (original poster) of the thread, don’t post in it. The thread will be locked and/or your post deleted. Do it enough times and you’ll be warned. As alluded to, there is one exception for this: you may bump your own threads. Be reasonable about it, though. If it’s been less than 24 hours, we’ll likely treat it as a double post and merge it with the OP or delete it altogether. Which brings me to our next rule…

2. Multiple Posting
This is when you post multiple times consecutively. This rule’s simple enough: don’t do it. Your posts will either be merged or deleted. Use the “edit” button at the bottom right corner of your posts if you wish to add something, or click the “multi” button on any and all posts you wish to quote before hitting “Post Reply.” You can get warned for doing this too many times. There is, however, an exception to this one too. You may double post only when you’re responding to your own question. For example, if you post a survey, you can respond immediately after posting the thread to answer it.

3. “+1s”
These are posts that are made just to add to your post count. Please post legibly, comprehensively, and substantially. Use your common sense here. Post only if you have something to really contribute to the topic or else your post may be deleted. For example, if someone posts a thread asking “have you ever ____?” and all you have to say is “no, I haven’t”, what’s the point of posting anyway?

4. Posting Threads
Please try to avoid posting threads with topics that have already been addressed. It’s redundant and unnecessary clutter. We already have stickies for a lot of common topics; check those out first. Also, don’t hijack another person’s thread by asking your own question; that deviates from the topic and you could just as well post your own thread and get better responses. Pro-tip: when posting a question, including your age might help people answer.

Because we cannot control what questions are asked or what answers are inputted into an off-site survey, off-site surveys are prohibited. If you'd like to post a survey, please just write the questions out for users to answer in a post.

5. Puberty Related
Just because we have a section of the forums where you can talk about your genitals, that doesn’t automatically make it a place for erotica. This is supposed to be educational and informative, not over sexualized and perverted. With that in mind, try to only post things that are relevant to puberty - stuff you might’ve wanted to ask in a sex ed class at school, but never got the chance to. Some common things that we see that will, almost without fail, always be locked (or deleted, in some cases):
  • Discussion of sexual tips/techniques including things like sex positions, masturbation techniques, things used for sexual acts, etc.
  • Discussion of how to get someone else to do something sexual with you
  • Storytelling when not immediately pertinent to your question. If the detail isn’t required for your question to be answered fully, don’t include it. We might just edit it out for you.
  • Using VT as erotica, which means things like, “does anyone else get horny when they read these forums?” etc.
  • Discussion of sexual fetishes
There are also things that we may delete that warrant more severe warnings. For example (and this applies to the whole site):
  • Linking to sites or showing pictures containing inappropriate content which means naming or linking to porn sites, anything with nudity, etc.
  • Soliciting members, which means asking someone to do anything inappropriate with you. This includes a range of things from asking you to PM about something sexual to asking to webcam and/or trade pictures. If this stuff happens over PM or VM, please report it. Actions such as these will never go unpunished.
6. Questioning Moderators
Please don’t publicly question a moderator’s actions or judgment. If you’d like to discuss it with them, please PM them or a senior staff member (global moderators or administrators).

Gender Restrictive P101 Rules
As you may have noticed, this section branches off into two sections: Puberty for Girls and Puberty for Boys. These sections have a few additional regulations:
  • Only post in the section that corresponds to your gender identity. If you are female identifying, you may not post in Puberty for Boys and if you are male identifying, you may not post in Puberty for Girls. If you identify with a different gender, you may only post in the section you most closely identify with, if either. Regardless of your gender identity, you may not post in both sections. If you do, your posts will be deleted and you may incur a warning. If you have a question that you’d like to address to people that are not of the same gender as you, please post in Puberty for All. Posts in the incorrect sections will be moved or deleted and you may receive a warning. This includes staff members, with one exception…
  • Staff may only post in the section that does not correspond to their gender for moderation purposes.
The Sections
Puberty101 is broken down into four sections: Puberty for All, Puberty for Boys, Puberty for Girls, and the Puberty 101 Archive. Note that all content must adhere to the aforementioned rules. Here’s what goes into each section:

Puberty for All
For people of all genders and sexes to post in.
  • Questions for people of a different sex than you
  • Content posted by and/or for genderqueer/non-cisgender people (i.e., gender identity does not match assigned sex)
  • Surveys & polls; to elaborate, we see a lot of these and for organizational purposes, we like to keep them all in one section. Even if they’re only for people of a certain sex or certain gender(s) to answer, we’d prefer that they be kept here. Surveys posted in the other sections will be moved. Surveys posted from third party or outside sites are not allowed and will be deleted.
Puberty for Boys
For people who identify as male to post in only.
  • Questions regarding things such as circumcision, penis size, underwear, masturbation, body hair, growth, experimenting/sex, etc.
  • Your thread may be moved to a more appropriate section if staff deems it necessary. For example, “Am I gay?” might be moved to Teen Sexuality & Gender instead.
Puberty for Girls
For people who identify as female to post in only.
  • Questions regarding things such as breast/nipple sizes, bras, comparing, underwear, periods & associated hygiene products, experimenting/sex, etc.
  • Your thread may be moved to a more appropriate section if staff deems it necessary. For example, “Am I gay?” might be moved to Teen Sexuality & Gender instead.
Puberty 101 Archive
For nobody to post in. This is where locked threads are moved to reduce clutter in the other sections. You may find things here with answers to a question you have or examples of topics that we’ll lock.

The Moderators
The following staff members moderate the Puberty 101 sections as well as the other Help & Advice sections. If you have any issues or concerns with the goings-on in these sections, please feel free to click any of their names to go to their profile and drop them a PM and they’ll be happy to help you. These people have the right to lock, delete, or move anything they feel the need to.

Sectional Moderators
Moderate H&A only.

Global Moderators
Part of senior staff; moderate the whole site.
Sailor Mars

Thank you for reading! Please be considerate and respectful in observing these rules and interacting with your fellow VT members.

To get you started, take a look at the Girls’ Guide to Puberty and/or the Boys’ Guide to Puberty, both of which are stickied in their respective sections. They may answer a lot of questions you have.

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